Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

In the list of reliable and practical roofing materials, aluminum roofs rightfully occupy one of the first places. The article describes the use of aluminum in roofing, the advantages and disadvantages of the material. You will find out what types of aluminum roofs exist, learn some subtleties of mounting an aluminum structure.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Aluminum hip roofs

About the use of aluminum

Although aluminum is the most common metal in the earth's crust, it was first received only in 1825. Until industrial methods for producing aluminum were developed, the metal cost more than gold; jewelry and rattles for royal children were made of it. By the middle of the last century, magnificent properties turned aluminum into the main raw material for the aviation and then the aerospace industry; the national economy has not been forgotten either. Despite the undoubted success, the use of silver metal as a roofing material in our country is not widespread.

In European countries, aluminum roofs adorn not only industrial and public buildings. Thanks to the reputation of reliable and durable structures, they are happy to choose for private buildings. In Russia, the attitude to the aluminum roof gradually begins to change, and today it is becoming more and more firmly established in the market of private housing.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Structure of aluminum roofing sheet

Benefits of aluminum roof

Having become familiar with different types of roofing, customers are all more often stop on the roof of aluminum. The selection is supported by impressive metal properties, among which the following qualities are particularly appreciated:

  • Lightness . One square meter of roofing aluminum weighs about 2 kg (with a thickness of 0.7 mm).

  • Anticorrosion resistance . Aluminum does not interact with water, so rust is excluded. Under normal conditions, the metal is covered with an oxide film that protects against oxygen corrosion.

  • Plasticity . A property that is highly regarded by roofers. Roofing can be given any shape, which does not require special tools and special efforts.

A roof made of aluminum has the following advantages:

  • Durability . With a thickness of 0.7 mm aluminum construction will serve you at least 70 years.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Practical and reliable
  • Roof shape reliability . Aluminum is not deformed by temperature changes and solar radiation. Reliability is more determined by the skill of the performers.

  • Good value for money . The cost per square meter of aluminum sheet is comparable to the price of good galvanized steel. However, in terms of performance, the roof made of aluminum is close to zinc-titanium and copper structures.

  • Economical construction of . The low weight of aluminum sheets reduces the cost of work and eases installation.

  • Aesthetic look . Achieved due to smooth surface and corrosion resistance.

Master roofers note the following positive qualities:

  • Reliability of the design . The main method of joining aluminum sheets is folding, belonging to one of the strongest and most durable.

  • Ease of processing . The property is determined by plasticity, allows you to build a roof of any complexity.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Double-fold construction
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  • Design capabilities . Roofing aluminum is covered with a protective-decorative layer of polymer in a wide range of colors. You can choose the roof for any architectural project.

  • Accessories . On sale there is a wide choice of doborny elements and fixture; Additionally, you can choose the system of drains and snow retention from aluminum.

  • Quality . Aluminum patterns made on modern equipment (sheets for a folded roof) during operation avoid the appearance of waviness and other defects.

About mounting a folded roof in the following video:


Aluminum roof has disadvantages characteristic of all metal structures. When making a choice in favor of a roof made of aluminum, it is necessary to consider the following features:

  • Low noise insulation . Any metal roofing sounds in the rain.The problem is solved by selecting the correct angle of inclination of the slopes and using the soundproofing (part-time insulating) layer in the roofing cake.

  • High thermal conductivity (the second after copper). Possible heat loss is also eliminated with a layer of insulation.

  • Plasticity . Valuable installation quality plays against the aluminum roof during operation - it is prone to the formation of dents.

  • Smooth surface . The snow comes down from such a roof, without thinking, therefore snow holders will be not a superfluous detail.

  • Thermal Expansion . In order to properly compensate for it, it is necessary to use special fasteners during installation and to avoid rigid fixation. Otherwise, the deformation is not excluded, sometimes damage to the material.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Snow catchers are an important part of the metal roof

Types of aluminum structures

Roofs from aluminum are carried out in the following options:

  • Fold . Pictures of the necessary length are cut from a roll of aluminum; to connect them using a strong seam seam. The material does not slip during installation, and its plasticity makes it easy and accurate to bypass any obstacles (for example, a chimney). The result is a reliable roof structure in any style, from classic to high-tech.

  • Tiling . Metal tile is produced by stamping blank sheets. This imitation of natural tile is less reliable than the fold, which, however, is compensated by an interesting appearance. Installation of aluminum metal tile is carried out by folding method (without through holes). Often, the roof is made of a combination: a flatter upper part is formed by a fold; on the facade (with a large slope) lay tile.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Variety of polymer coatings
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  • Decking (aluminum slate) . The appearance is very similar to wavy construction sheets of other materials, supplemented by stiffeners. Laying is carried out using the faltsevogo method. So that the folded joint is not weakened, and the sheets do not bend, the step in the crate is made small (no more than 25 cm). Manufacturers offer aluminum slate not only in the form of sheets, but also in rolls; The coating can be paint or polymeric. There are stylization of copper, natural tile, the originals will appreciate the coating under the tree.

About the aluminum facade tiles in the following video:

  • Shingle . Piece (ordinary) material, has a special, rhombic form tested by centuries and looks effectively both on houses in classical style, and on buildings with modern design. Reliability and tightness is provided by the method of installation (3/4 longitudinal) and the creation of seam seams along the edges of the shingle. Installation and repair of a scaly surface should be trusted by qualified professionals.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Aluminum shingles
  • Other piece materials . Some companies produce aluminum piece materials, for example, in the form of elements with a rounded shape or a panel (an elongated rectangle or a classic diamond). The roof surface gets an unusual look; on it, thanks to the play of light and shadow, the effect of volume arises. This is achieved by using a special stamped recess on each element.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Claddings with
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Subtleties of mounting a roof from aluminum

Of all aluminum roofing materials, professional flooring is most often chosen (sheets with corrugation). The choice is explained by the good performance characteristics of corrugated sheets and relatively simple installation technology. The arrangement of the corrugated aluminum roof is carried out in compliance with the following rules:

  • Before the start of work the crate is prepared: it should be dry, clean and level. It is highly desirable to pretreat the wood with an antiseptic.

  • Features of the batten . It is preferable to lay a solid. Alternatively, use and sparse, with a small step; at the same time in the joints of the slopes it is still made solid.

  • Sheets are joined by the folding method using a special folding machine that forms a particularly reliable double folded seam.

  • At installation a compensating gap is formed, taking into account the thermal expansion of the metal (usually 5-7 mm).

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

Installing a fold on a batten
  • Sheets are fixed in a hidden way : with the help of clamps, which are placed inside the fold, and then fixed to the crate with screws or nails. The method allows to obtain a solid, without holes, the surface.

  • All hardware must be of the same metal with a folded roof.

  • The use of any roofing material made of aluminum (whether it is slate or tile), requires a ventilated roof device . Without a constant air flow, the performance of the structure is reduced.

The use of shingles has some limitations. This is due to the configuration of the roof, its angle and the need for professional skills among roofers. But the metal, depending on the shape of the piece, creates on the surface a variety of patterns. There are many variations of the traditional “beaver tail” masonry, as well as imitating masonry on wooden and slate roofs.

Aluminum roof, features, advantages and types of roofing material

The appearance of the aluminum roof can be very different
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Among the metals used for the arrangement of roofs, the most common is steel, the most expensive is copper. Aluminum roof occupies an advantageous position, successfully combining their properties. The firm view that aluminum roofing is only suitable for non-residential industrial facilities is gradually replaced by an understanding of its advantages. The development of technologies and the emergence of aluminum roofing materials with various polymer coatings played a major role in this shift. Aluminum roof has a particularly important quality - it allows you to implement any creative ideas, without limiting the flight of imagination of designers.

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