Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Practical owners acquire inexpensive, but fully functional door structures for arranging the opening of the utility room. The article describes the selection and ordering of the door to the shed or hozblok. You will learn what are the requirements for input products, get acquainted with the qualities of an inexpensive and reliable design, as well as the features of metal and wooden models.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Door as the basis of security

About the requirements for doors

Anyone who lives outside the city, It is cluttered with a solid amount of things - it is garden tools, construction tools, and everything that helps to maintain order on the site. This entire arsenal is stored differently, often in a house or garage. But the most common method of storage is a shed or hozblok (which in its capabilities often exceeds any barn).

In such outbuildings, it is not customary to install expensive products equipped with an Italian or Israeli castle. With isolation of the room from the street a wooden door can cope. If the building is brick and is designed to store something more valuable (not only lawn mowers, but also, for example, an ATV), the practical owner will think about metal protection. Whatever the door to a hopper or shed, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Reliability . The security feature is the primary default. Reliability depends on the level of burglary, and it depends on the material and design of the door leaf, as well as on the quality of the lock.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Decorative and protective door function
  • Practicality . Cost and ease of operation play an important role in choosing a particular model.

  • Dimensions . The size is set on the basis of specific conditions. It is worth considering the width of the opening, if you intend to keep a walk-behind tractor or a garden wheelbarrow in a barn.

  • Lifetime . The door construction should exhibit wear resistance; special requirements are imposed on the metal fabric, which should not corrode.

  • Appearance . In many cases, the owners want the door to fit into the design concept of the site, and will consider the finishing of the canvas in terms of aesthetics.

Types of structures

Properly equipped outbuildings cannot do without a modern, high-quality and convenient door. The simplest classification of the door structure is based on the material of manufacture, and there is little choice: the barn (or the building block) will most likely be decorated with a door leaf made of metal or wood. For its production, you need a sufficiently high qualification; you can make it yourself only if you have the relevant skills and experience.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Bicuspid protection of the power block if for some reason you need a non-standard option. The structure of the door structure includes a box and door leafs; the number of paintings distinguish models:
  • Single-field (single-leaf hinges). The classic version that protects the contents of the building from prying eyes. Both metal and wood versions are common.

  • Double-ended (double-wing hinged). Two canvases of the same width.

  • One and a half . Cloths have a different width.

  • Sliding . The advantage of the sliding model is space saving, which is sometimes very convenient. The second plus is that you do not need a doorframe to install it. Sliding doors can also have one or two leaves.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Hozblok with French doors
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As a rule, the door for an outbuilding is made deaf (solid), which is fully justified by its protective function. Sometimes there are glazed designs that increase the natural lighting of the room (often from above it is complemented by a transom). Some metal models related to technical, are available with glass.

Features of metal doors for household outlets

Metal doors for a shed or a utility block have the following features:

  • Design . The release of all entrance doors is regulated by GOST 31173-2003. For economy-class products, this means that the door leaf consists of one sheet of cold-rolled steel and is mounted on a welded or solid-bent frame.For the manufacture of low-cost models used steel sheet thickness of 1.2-1.5 mm; sometimes there are stiffeners, characteristic of more expensive options.

About sliding doors in a loft style in the following video:

  • Lock . For the protection of outbuildings, locks of the second or third class of burglary resistance are chosen, which is quite enough to protect the contents of the shed from unprofessional burglary (the fourth class lock will not save the professional).

  • Loopback system . Loops are selected according to size; they must be durable: do not deform and firmly hold the weight of the canvas. Depending on the weight of the leaf, it is designed from two to four loops.

  • Warming . Most of the doors for outbuildings do not have a thermal insulation layer or sealing contours, which allows to reduce the cost of the input unit. If it is important for the owners to maintain an acceptable temperature in the hozblok in winter time, the foam will help increase the level of insulation of the product. If you want a soundproofing effect, the door leaf on the inside is complemented with a layer of mineral wool, polyurethane foam or basalt slabs.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Metal door
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  • Appearance . Door leaf is painted with primer or polymer (which is somewhat more expensive) paint. Powder-coated doors are also produced. Any coating plays a protective and decorative role and increases the service life of the product, protecting it from corrosion and mechanical stress.

  • Details . The closer and the ergonomic handle will make the operation of the doors more comfortable. Additional options include a peephole, insulating and (or) sealing contours; you may consider it necessary to install armored plates on the locks.

Features of wooden doors for household outlets

Despite the solid characteristics of metal doors for a barn, wooden models can boast several advantages:

  • Versatility . The classical wooden surface organically looks on any facade, in any architectural style.

  • Long service life . Properly and timely treated wood significantly increases the period of operation of the door. For protection, you can use an additional layer of varnish.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Wooden swing door
  • Performance characteristics . Wood does not freeze during severe frosts; it has excellent heat and sound insulation. Installation in a heated room of a three-layer wooden door or two (50 mm thick) will solve the problem of heat preservation in winter. The room will not cool and you will save money on heating.

  • Breaking resistance . The door of solid wood, reinforced reliable hinges and lock, the level of resistance is comparable to the metal counterpart.

  • Environmental friendliness . Wood is a natural material, of which no one has long doubted its ecological compatibility.

  • Variety . In the construction market there is a wide choice of doors made of different wood (pine, oak, larch); the tree is treated with antifungal solution. In the manufacture of custom-made decoration possible metal (forged) parts.

About mounting a wooden door in the following video:

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Choice of street doors for hozblok or shed

The model is selected depending on the type of outbuilding; she must guarantee security, both at night and during the absence of hosts. If you are going to purchase (or order) doors, the right decision would be to contact the relevant organization; Such cooperation has many advantages:

  • High quality . A company with a narrow specialization ensures the strength and durability of the product thanks to the detailed study and experience of the masters who have been working in this field for a long time.

  • Careful selection of material . For the production of high-quality metal and durable wood, selected the best fittings, making the product is reliable and functional.

  • The price corresponds to the quality and is formed depending on the size, shape, material, and the presence of insulation.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Non-standard option
  • Standards .Products are manufactured according to GOST (with obligatory quality control), safe for health, which is confirmed by a certificate.

  • Custom-made construction . Finished doors are made for a specific opening. Perhaps the opening of your shed is designed for large items and has non-standard dimensions. In this case, the optimal output will be the order of a half or double design. You cannot do without an individual performance if you want all the doors to be in the same style and the design makes a pleasant impression.

  • Changes . The complete set, at desire of the customer, can be modified. Replacement concerns not only fittings; the door can be provided with a ventilation grille, an additional lock can be installed, and a double-glazed window can be installed on the metal structure.

  • Installation . She is engaged in experienced professionals. They perform the whole complex of works: they prepare the opening, install the frame, assemble the canvas, close up the gaps. On average, work takes two to three hours.

Doors for barn wood and metal, a variety of options and subtleties of choice

Two-door door with a ramp
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Technical doors designed to protect the contents of the shed or hozblok, located in an inexpensive price segment. Cheaper cost does not mean lower quality. Typically, for metal structures, the budget price is formed through the use of slightly thinner steel, an inexpensive facade coating (powder paint, nitro enamel, varnish), simple but reliable hinges, handles and locks. If insulation - an optional thing, the installation of rubber seals wizard recommend in any case. The compactor prolongs the service life: softens shocks, improves heat and sound insulation, does not let in smells.

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