How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Today we will talk about how to cover the roof of the garage. Consider what roofing materials are used to cover the roof, and what technologies are used for laying the coating. Having understood the topic, you can easily control what the masters are doing, as well as actively participate in the choice of roofing material.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

It’s necessary to choose a roof for a garage no less carefully than for a house

Types of garage roofs

Most often for the garage use two types of roofing structures: flat and lean-to. Today, with the advent of new tendencies in private construction, where more often unusual and non-standard forms the basis, the roof of the garage is both gable and single-pitch. But since they have ramps, the materials are used exactly the same as on single-pitch roofs.

Therefore, we divide garage roofs into flat and sloping roofs. Accordingly, we will analyze the materials for them.

Materials for flat roofs

First of all, we denote what a flat roof is. This design with a slope of not more than 5 °. Usually the garage is covered with floor slabs, which are set on the horizon, and the screed is poured from above. It was she who poured under the slope, which creates water flow from the rain and melting snow.

In order to cover the roof of the garage with roofing material, it is necessary that the latter be somehow attached to the base. It is problematic to do this with a concrete base, therefore special materials are used to cover flat roofs: roll (soft roof) and liquid (liquid roof).

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Soft roofing in the garage

Soft roofing

A clear representative of this category of roofing materials is roofing material. Its service life does not exceed 5 years, because it uses ordinary bitumen, which under the action of the sun softens to a semi-liquid state, and at low temperatures hardens and cracks. The basis of the roofing material - cardboard with low strength characteristics.

Today, better roll coatings came to replace them:

  • Bituminous . Used modified bitumen, the base foil. This group includes folgoizol, metalloizol and others.

  • Bituminous-Polymer . They received their name due to the polymer base, which is fiberglass or polyester. This group includes such brands as bikrost, glass, hydroglass and others.

  • Materials that use bitumen with special additives : elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers and crumb rubber should be withdrawn as a separate group. The modern market today offers a fairly extensive range of these roofing materials: bicroplast, mastoplast, lovers and much more.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Bicrost is sold in standard rolls
  • Single-layer membranes . They are made of petroleum resins or rubber. They differ from all previous ones in that they can be laid on the roof of the garage in one layer. Surprisingly, they do not lose their elasticity even at sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, they can be laid at any time of the year. This is a modern material for covering the roofs of a garage, which can be produced up to 15 m wide. That is, a seamless and flat strip coating is quietly created on the roof. And this is a guarantee of complete tightness of the flat roof.

As for the service life, bitumen-polymer materials will last up to 10 years, products from the third group up to 20, membranes up to 25 years. It should be noted that all the designated materials are 2-3 times more expensive than roofing material. But this is offset by an increased lifetime, plus ease of installation.

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Liquid roof

So, we continue to understand the question of how to cover the garage. And go to the amazing roofing material, which is called "liquid rubber". In fact, it is a mastic that is applied in liquid form on a flat roof, and it polymerizes in air. The covering turns out very strong, but elastic, that is reminds rubber, from here and the name.

Liquid roofing is divided into two groups:

  • bitumen;

  • polymer-bitumen.

The first one will last 15 years, the second 25. The application technology is the same with a spray gun. The first group includes mastics of the following brands: Elomast, Gekopren, BLEM-20 and others. To the second "Polikrov" with different content, for example, butyl rubber mastic or chlorosulfapolyethylene.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Liquid roof application

Materials for pitched roofs

Go to the most extensive category, where all varieties are present roofing materials.Immediately make a reservation that soft roofs can be laid on pitched structures.

Consider the most popular today roofing, which can be used for garage roofs. We will only denote one moment that there are certain requirements that relate to the angle of inclination of the slopes. That is, not every material from the list can be used on those or other roofs. Therefore, we denote the ratio of the angle of inclination of the slope and the type of roofing material.

  1. Decking: the minimum angle of inclination is 12 °. If the profiled sheets are laid solid, that is, without joints, then the angle can be any. Even flat roofs can be covered with profiled flooring, the main thing is to find a way to fasten it to concrete.

  2. Metal tile, ceramic tile, bituminous and other - 22 °.

  3. Asbestos-cement slate - 22 °.

  4. Ondulin - 6 °.

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Folding roof

These are galvanized sheets of metal that are laid on the roof of a house with fastening between each other. Hence the name. The fold is a special tight connection of two metal sheets. The latter are made of rolled steel with a thickness of 0.45-0.7 mm, the length of the cards (the so-called sheets on the roof) is unlimited. Therefore, on the roof of the garage you will not find transverse joints. The fold itself is a reliable and 100% hermetic connection.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

The folding roof on the garage

Usually the folding roof is painted, so it serves forever. It is clear that it is necessary to tint the roof with a certain frequency, depending on the life of the paint. But this is the minimum cost compared to repair or complete replacement of roofing material. Add that among the metal roofing seam construction is the cheapest.

And one more remark - you can mount a folded roof only on a continuous crate.


The profiled sheets of gray nondescript material have become popular and very popular products that are painted in any color. Today, manufacturers offer not only painted professional sheets, but also coated with a polymer layer. This made it possible to increase the service life of roof sheeting up to 50 years.

In essence, this material differs from the previous one only in that it has a profiled shape and uses one-wave overlap as the junction of adjacent sheets. Otherwise, they are identical materials with the same technical characteristics.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Double-sided garage roof made of corrugated
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Metal tile

This product is made from the same galvanized steel sheet, which is molded by stamping in the form of small elements similar to ordinary ceramic tile. This piece material, which has certain dimensions of length and width. Therefore, under the metal roofing sheathing must be laid with an exact installation step, corresponding to the size of the roof covering.

Manufacturers today offer a fairly wide range, the upper plane of the material is either painted or processed with polymer. The service life is not inferior to decking, if properly carry out installation on the roof of the garage. But, comparing the metal tile with profiled sheets, we must pay tribute to the second. Their installation is much simpler. If used to cover the roof of a solid sheet, then this is the absence of transverse joints. With a metal tile this can not be. She - material piece, which means that the joints will be between the elements required. And this is an increase in the likelihood of leakage.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Garage with metal tiles

Asbestos cement slate

This is an old time-tested roofing material. As life has shown, it has served for centuries. Unpretentious, does not burn, durable and inexpensive. Talk about a presentable appearance here is not necessary. But often this is not the most important thing in the roof for the garage. And if the question is raised to the owner of the property than to cover the roof of the garage cheaply and efficiently, then this is the very option.

The only thing that should be noted is that asbestos-cement slate is a heavy material, so a reliable roof system will have to be built under it.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

Slate roof for the garage
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The material is modern, durable, with a wavy structure that resembles ordinary asbestos slate. But it is a completely different product, based on cellulose fibers, pressed and impregnated with modifiable bitumen.

We add that ondulin is lighter than slate. For durability it is not inferior. For the price more expensive. Some roof owners complain about color loss. This only happens if you purchased ondulin, which was not manufactured using standard technology. That is, not at the factory, but in some workshop. The term of guaranteed operation is 20 years. For the roof of the garage - the best choice.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

The roof of the ondulin garage

Flexible tiles

There are a lot of epithets of bituminous tiles - practical, cheap, light , with an attractive appearance. In fact, this is a soft roof, but not a roll, but a piece. It is based on fiberglass or fiberglass, which are impregnated with modified bitumen. Top material sprinkled with stone powder, which protects the coating from the negative effects of sunlight.

In addition, we can say that shingles have exceptional waterproofing properties. It does not pass and does not absorb moisture. Service life up to 50 years. The only negative - requires a solid solid foundation. Therefore, under this roofing material stack continuous crate of moisture-resistant plywood or OSB plates.

We add that under-shingles must be laid under the roofing carpet of polymer film, which evens out minor base errors. Attach it to the crate with special roofing nails.

How to cover the roof of the garage - choose the roofing material

The roof of the garage of shingles
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Conclusion on the topic

So, we tried to answer the question of how to cover the roof of the garage. In fact, the topic is interesting, because there are a lot of popular roofing materials on the market. The article listed the most requested to date. Each garage owner chooses which one is better. It is difficult to give clear advice here. The only thing to note is that if a garage is built near the house, then its roof should be covered with the same material as the main building.


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