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There are several technologies of wooden housing construction, including the new Austrian method Naturi. For the construction of the box used vertical bar. Wooden elements are made on special equipment. The complex geometric shape provides for the presence of special cuts located on four sides, comb-groove connections, and holes for pins. Such buildings are different from the classic bar-shaped versions of the assembly technique, performance and appearance.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Cottage built using the vertical beam technology

Construction technology

Several layers of waterproofing are laid on the finished foundation, to prevent moisture from entering the wooden elements. Racks are mounted in a vertical position to the bottom and top trim. The bottom row consists of a baseboard laid in 2 rows. Holes for 25 mm round or square wooden pins are drilled in it. The top trim of the boards with holes is fixed on the beam supports, located at some distance from each other. Installed vertical racks interconnected by means of such dowels, which are located along the length and on both sides - 2 fasteners in the upper part and 2 in the lower.

The docking places are closed from the inside and outside of the figured planks, which are made of different wood species. Moisture-resistant and non-decaying larch is used for exterior plating; cedar with useful properties is suitable for inner plating Finishing elements are fastened using a comb-groove connection. In the end, it turns out a massive and extremely durable wooden box, resistant to wind and vertical loads.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Arrangement of details in the wall from a vertical bar
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses from timber companies represented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

Features of houses from a vertical bar

Increasingly, vertical timber is used to assemble wooden houses. The new technology of wooden housing construction has a number of features:

  • Assembly of vertical posts is performed similarly to the Lego constructor. The high precision of the manufactured elements guarantees the speed of erection and the correct geometry of the wooden building.

  • Naturi technology is based on the use of environmentally friendly materials - in the construction of the box and for finishing, no adhesives or artificial insulation are used.

  • The tree gives off not only heat, but forms air inside the room, which is saturated with essential oils that favorably affect the human respiratory organs.

  • The increased insulating characteristics of the building are achieved by air gaps formed inside the vertical elements. Due to the complex shape of the profile and the tight connection of all elements, cold bridges are excluded.

  • A vertically located timber has a low shrinkage rate - 80% less compared to other types of materials. This feature of the wall material of wood is due to the fact that the size changes occur along, and not across the fibers. Walls are not subject to deformation even with seasonal fluctuations in temperature.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

The minimum shrinkage of the vertical bar allows you to start finishing work almost immediately after installation
  • There is no need to create additional insulation, finishing inside and outside, thereby reducing overall construction costs.

  • It is possible to move into a house from a vertical bar immediately after finishing the finishing works.

The durability of a house from a vertical bar depends on the quality of the wooden elements. The main thing is not only the absence of defects and knots, but also full compliance with the drying process. First, the timber is attached to the natural drying under the influence of the natural environment, after which it enters a special chamber, where the moisture content of the wood is brought to 14% (not higher). Material is delivered to the construction site in thermally insulated packaging. After installation, the bars collect moisture from the air, swell and adhere to each other tightly, so that they can not be separated. Naturi wooden houses cannot be dismantled.

Obviously about Naturi technology - houses from a vertical bar, see the following video:

There is a large selection of house projects and prices

on the construction market

Buildings are built according to Austrian technology not higher than 3 floors, more often they build a two-story house from a bar. Designers offer a variety of forms of the house of the vertical beam. Projects and prices are so diverse that they can satisfy the needs of both large and small families of two people.The best option for a house can be chosen from the proposed finished projects, taking into account the peculiarities of the landscape and the size of a particular territory. We offer to view several options for a house from a bar: projects, photos taken from the sites of construction companies.

A two-storey house with a mansard

A two-storey house of 9х15 m with a mansard floor under the roof is made of a vertical bar according to the Naturi technology. The base is a strip foundation. Exterior trim elements from larch size 200x50 mm. Bearing walls and internal partitions with a section of 200x200 mm are made of coniferous species. Interior decoration is made of cedar planks. Roof - metal. The building is warm and roomy, suitable for a large family of 5-6 people.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Two-storeyed house of 9х15 m with an attic
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House with a balcony

The project of a two-story house of 8x12 m with a balcony from a vertical bar is made according to Austrian technology. Foundation monolithic plate. Lining board made of larch section 200x50 mm laid on the perimeter of the 1st floor. The material of external walls and internal bearing partitions consists of conifers. Colons vertical size 200x200 mm. The humidity of the timber is not less than 12-14%. Overlapping beams 100x200 mm with a pitch of 600 mm in the axes. Roofing material metal. Designed home for a family of 3-4 people. Such a project, for example, offers IC "White Crane" - at home from a bar is its specialization. Project price of 20 000 rubles, if you order a turnkey construction, then the design is done for free.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Two-storeyed house of 8х12 m with a balcony

Cottage with a covered terrace

The original project of the house is an ideal solution for plot with a slight bias. Number of floors - 2, total area - 329 sq. M. m., the area of ​​the terraces - 102 square meters. m. All external walls are made according to Naturi technology from a bar with a thickness of 200 mm. Internal walls - frame execution. The project provides 3 bathrooms, garage, carport. The building is bright and spacious. It can comfortably live in a family with 2-3 children and members of the family of the older generation.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

A two-storey house with a covered terrace on the slope
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Cottage with a combined roof: flat and lean-to

Modern residential building for turnkey permanent living with large windows of 245 square meters. m. Terraces occupy an area of ​​82 square meters. m. Ecological and functional housing stands out for its original architecture. Residential building can be used for permanent residence or as a summer residence. Suitable for a family of 2-3 people.

The price for a wall set is from 3 560 000 rubles.

projects, technology, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Modern cottage with a lean-to roof

For more information about houses from a vertical bar, see the following video:

Even on our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of wooden houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition “Low-Rise Country”.


Residential buildings from a vertical beam are light, of increased strength and comfortable for both seasonal and permanent residence. Building the walls is completed in a few weeks. The technology is economical and profitable, which was the main reason for the popularity among developers.

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