stages of operations, price of services

The arrival of winter is associated with one big problem - cleaning the snow, which is covered with a thick layer of roads, grounds, parking lots, roofs and other structures. The fight begins as soon as the first snow falls. But the topic of this article is narrowed down to one design - the roof. Therefore, there will be a talk about cleaning the roof: how it is carried out, by what means, what is the price of the service, and who is allowed to do it.

stages of operations, price of services

Cleaning the roof of snow - the main operation in the winter

Why do you need to clean the roofs

There are three criteria which determine the need for cleaning the roofs:

  1. A large layer of snow is a high mass of sufficiently dense material that is dangerous on pitched roofs. Under the influence of its weight, the snow flooring begins to slowly roll down, forming a multi-ton avalanche. Under it can get pedestrians or cars standing near the building.

  2. In the process of air warming , the lower layers of snow begin to slowly sink. And if the quality of roofing leaves much to be desired, then the likelihood that the water from the melted snow falls under the roofing structure is very high. This is a guarantee that mold will appear in the interior, in the attic and attic.

  3. Of all the building structures, the roof is the weakest. And if a large amount of snow falls on it, then there is a probability of damage to the roof , plus its wear increases.

stages of operations, price of services

The roof broke under the pressure of snow

Who should clean the roofs

When it’s time concerns a single-story private building, then the owner of the house should deal with this. This is easy to do if the roof construction is flat. With pitched roofs, everything is much more difficult, because it is simply impossible to hold onto it without having a solid foundation under your feet. Especially when you are standing on slippery snow cover. Therefore, the optimal solution is not to take risks, but to use the services of professional companies that are engaged in these types of work.

Especially when it comes to multi-storey private houses or buildings of enormous height: residential high-rise buildings, production buildings, shopping centers, and others, such companies are indispensable. And since the cleaning of the roof in the winter is a dangerous process, then we must turn to those organizations that have a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES). If there is no such authorization document, it means that there are no professionals in the company. And as they are usually climbers.

stages of operations, price of services

Professional roof cleaning from snow and ice
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How this process is carried out

The process of cleaning the roof structure is based on four stages:

  1. At the first stage, experts inspect the roof . That is, it is determined by what kind of roofing material it is covered, what is the thickness of the snow covering, is there frost, and how thick is it. This makes it possible to correctly formulate the strategy of the operations and to choose the right tool.

  2. The second stage is preparatory . Here, workers first clear the area adjacent to the house. That is, clean cars, clearing debris. Then this territory is fenced. Be sure to be at the bottom will be one or two employees of the company who will ensure that someone does not go beyond the protective tape.

  3. This is the main stage, during which the roof cleaning is carried out. That is, the icicles are removed, the snow is dropped down, and the ice is scraped off. It is important to choose the right tools in order not to damage the roofing material.

  4. And the last stage - cleaning of the adjacent territory and removal of discarded snow and ice.

The video shows how professional climbers clean the roof of a private house:

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For the seeming simplicity of the process, this is in fact a complicated and unsafe operation. Requirements for employees are the most stringent, especially to their health and professionalism. Be sure that those who work on the roof should be aware of the danger of the situation. Therefore, all employees are trained and instructed on safety, where first of all they learn how to behave on a snow-covered roof, what means should be used to ensure their safety.

Cost of services offered

Let's consider the prices of cleaning roofs from snow in Moscow offered by companies. Immediately make a reservation that the indicators are averaged.

It should be noted that companies engaged in cleaning roof structures from snow rarely offer an integrated approach. More often in the estimates, cleaning snow from the roof is separate, and is the main point. All the rest are additional services that are most often paid at contractual rates.

stages of operations, price of services

The price is set at the rate of 1 m² of roofing
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So, cleaning the roof in Moscow costs 28-35 rubles per 1 m² of roofing, given that the roof is equipped with protective structures. If there are no such structures on the roof, then the price rises to 38-40 rubles. / m² Rising pay for risks. Remove icicles will cost in the range of 30-50 rubles per linear meter of eaves. To clean the drains - 80-100 rubles per linear meter of gutters and pipe risers.

But it should be noted that the rates are indicative indicative. In each case, set its own price, which depends on the complexity of the design of the roof, the thickness of the snow cover and other small factors. They are determined by a company specialist who visits the site to determine the scope of work. It is he who determines the final cost of the services offered. We add that many management companies utilities acquire the so-called monthly fee. It gives you the opportunity to save up to 20 rubles. / m²

stages of operations, price of services

The cost of cleaning flat roofs is more expensive than pitched ones

Now, as regards the additional services offered. Basically, it takes into account the cleaning of the territory adjacent to the house from the snow dropped and its removal, that is, transportation costs to disposal sites. The cost of additional services is influenced by the amount of snow dropped and the distance to landfills. For example, some companies offer to organize cleaning for 40-50 rubles. / m²

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Conclusion on the topic

Cleaning the roof in winter is an important and necessary process. It is worth taking care of the roofing structure not only periodically carried out repairs, but also cleaning it from snow and ice. Doing this by resorting to unknown people is not worth it. This should be handled by professionals who have permission from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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