30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Finishing works will have a lasting effect, provided that the materials for the walls, the floor and the ceiling are properly selected. The information provided below will acquaint you with the main factors affecting the quality of the interior decoration of a country house with periodic and permanent residence. The article describes all types of finishing materials: plastering, paintwork, roll, tile and rail; as well as the main styles of living room design.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

The interior of the living room of a country house

Interior decoration: where to start

Most of the owners of country houses strive to create comfortable, relaxing atmosphere in your home. Will the house please with comfort, is largely determined by the choice of the method of finishing the walls. A few decades ago, interior decoration consisted of plastering walls; then the walls were painted or covered with wallpaper. Today, the construction market is filled with a variety of finishing materials, and you have all the opportunities to create an original design.

When comparing finishing options, it is important not to forget about the type of walls of your house, since what they are made of determines the choice of finishing material. The decoration of the country house inside is also carried out taking into account some additional factors, including:

  • Seasonality factor . If you visit the summer cottage in summer or on weekends, most likely there is no constant heating in the house. In this case, for finishing it is worth choosing materials that tolerate high humidity and low temperatures.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Rustic Living Room
  • Style Factor . For different interior styles, certain materials and colors are preferred.

  • Time factor . If you do not like frequent repairs, it is better to stay on high-quality finish in natural shades. If you like change and start repairs every few years, think about the budget materials that allow you to do it quickly (plaster, drywall, wallpaper).

  • Preparation Factor . It is necessary to carefully calculate (and not estimate) the amount of material required. This simple rule will save you from unexpected stops at work and additional expenses (which is very unpleasant).

  • Order factor . Finishing of internal surfaces is considered finishing work. To do it, you should wait until the completion of the installation of electrical wiring and plumbing communications.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

How often are you ready to do repairs

The choice of material for a house with periodical living

The dacha interior decoration is performed taking into account the type of walls, the seasonality factor and the personal preferences of the owners. If the house is operated periodically, the following options will become preferable:

  • Brick walls . It is not prohibited to use any kind of finish. The classic way to make a brick wall look spectacular is to use wet plaster. It should be remembered that without constant heating condensate forms on the brick surface; In this case, choose moisture-resistant cement-based plaster.

  • Walls of foam concrete blocks . Foam concrete is known for its high level of water absorption. This feature cannot be ignored, therefore a deep penetration primer is applied to the walls in several layers, which strengthens the porous base and reduces paint consumption. The next step will be gypsum plaster, and painting with vapor-proof paint.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Installation of drywall sheet on foam concrete
  • Aerated concrete walls . For their finishing lining, gypsum plaster, drywall are preferable. In areas with long winters will not interfere with a layer of insulation.

  • Frame walls . The surface is sutured with OSB (multilayer oriented strand boards). This will help to increase the strength of the wall and improve heat and moisture resistance. Finishing of the cottage inside is done with paint, wallpaper can be used instead.

  • Walls from profiled or glued laminated timber . If you want to improve sound and heat insulation, wall panels, batten materials and drywall will do. Natural wooden walls usually tend to leave in its original form, covering with wax or varnish, if only the design does not require another solution. You should also remember about the shrinkage of the wooden structure, and do not rush to finish finishing until the end of this natural process.

  • Log walls, round timber . Also do not need special decoration.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Log walls are gorgeous in kind

Wall decoration in a country house with permanent residence

If the family plans to live in a country house all-the-year-round, then the possibilities of interior design greatly expand. In this case, the finish is chosen based on the type of construction (wall material), the purpose of the room and the allocated budget. For finishing the walls of the premises, you can use the materials of the following groups:

Plastering materials

Plaster can perform two functions: protective and decorative. There are two types of plaster, different execution technology. The first is wet (monolithic) plaster, a plastic water solution of several components. The second type is dry plaster, produced in the form of plasterboard (wall covering), wall and ceiling.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Applying decorative plaster

Using wet plaster has several advantages. It allows you to properly align the wall surface, correcting minor defects. Thanks to coloring, you can easily get the necessary shade of coating, which (another plus) will be very durable. The disadvantage can be considered the very process of plastering - long, requiring the maintenance of special conditions in the room until the end of drying. Water-based mixtures are divided into two types:

  • Plain plaster . Depending on the composition, there is cement, lime and gypsum plaster. All of them are used to level the surface, after which the selected finishing finish is applied on the prepared substrate. Depending on the specifics of the design, it can be wallpaper, tile, paint or another layer of plaster, this time decorative.

  • Decorative plaster . Finishing coating that creates on any surface the effect of natural texture - marble, velvet or leather. Popular acrylic varieties designed for protective and decorative processing in rooms with a high content of water vapor.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Varieties of decorative plaster
  • Liquid wallpaper . Are a kind of decorative plaster, used for walls and ceilings in any dry rooms. The mixture includes natural fibers (cellulose, cotton or silk), high quality dyes, additives (quartz chips, glitter).

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Paintwork materials

Paintwork finishing materials are the most extensive and sought-after group for finishing the cottage inside, they are usually divided into the following groups:

  • Water based paints . Safe for humans and the environment, they are great for interior work; They also have other indisputable advantages: they dry quickly and have no odor.

  • Water dispersion paints . The composition contains synthetic polymers, which does not interfere with diluting them to the desired consistency with ordinary water. Due to the wide range (as with water-based paint) are the most popular in construction.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Water-based paints are ideal for wooden walls
  • Oil paints . Although the budget, but not the best option for finishing. The composition includes linseed oil, which means a sharp smell, long-term drying and relative fragility: over time, the paint fades, begins to crack and peel.

  • Enamels s paint and . They are rarely used for wall decoration in the country because of the persistent strong odor and peculiarities of the composition - high toxicity and fire hazard.

  • Varnish . The lacquer coating is valued because of its spectacular appearance and sufficient wear resistance, therefore, it is often used for finishing wooden surfaces. However, lacquer is toxic and flammable; When painting the walls should take care of good ventilation.

About choosing paintwork materials for the interior in the following video:

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Tiled materials

This category includes a wide range of building materials. All of them, despite the differences in composition, quality and performance, are widely used for finishing. The impressive list allows you to choose the option for every taste and budget; the tile group includes:

  • Chipboard . Used as a basis for wall finishing and for the manufacture of subfloor.The plates have limited moisture resistance, which is why they are used mainly in dry rooms (or additionally protected from moisture). Plates are mounted on the crate or directly on the wall, if it is made of timber.

  • OSB plates (oriented strand). Compared with chipboard benefit in strength and moisture resistance; They are used in the device floor and for the foundation for any types of coatings.

  • Plywood . Budget material with decent sound insulation and moisture resistance, which allows it to be used for facing the kitchen and bathroom. If you are not enthusiastic about the natural look of plywood (although, with proper use, it can look very stylish), the finish includes painting or wallpapering.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

OSB tiles in the interior of the room
  • Polymer tile . Proven material known for its durability and excellent steam and water resistance; the only limitation is that the tile does not tolerate heat.

  • Ceramic tile . Well proven material, durable, waterproof, non-flammable and aesthetic. The convenience of ceramics is that it can be clad with any surface, from plaster to chipboard and OSB plates. You only need to pick the appropriate glue.

  • Natural stone . Ideal, suitable for both the floor and walls (usually partial). A natural stone, whether it is slate, granite or marble, has a common significant drawback - they can not be called a budget option.

  • Artificial stone . A worthy replacement for natural analogue. In the construction market, you can pick up material of any texture and natural color. The tile imitating a stone can have a different basis - cement, acrylic, plaster or quartz.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Combined finishing using artificial stone

Roll materials

Pasting rolls materials, among which the most popular are wallpaper, is considered the most inexpensive way to interior decoration. The main thing that should be done before putting up is to level the walls. Despite the staggering variety of colors and textures, roll materials can be divided into several types:

  • Paper wallpaper . They are used for pasting walls and ceilings in all rooms, except for wet ones. On sale are thin single-layer wallpaper (the most budget option) and multi-layer non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven base thickens the material and helps to hide minor surface defects.

About the types of decorative plaster in the following video:

  • Washable (moisture-proof ) wallpaper . The top layer provides strength and durability of wallpaper to water and detergents. Such a protective and decorative coating is made of vinyl, fiberglass or acrylic; There are wallpapers with a cork top layer coated with wax. Washable wallpapers serve as a practical way to finish; They are often used as an alternative to tile. With such material they paste over the walls of the kitchen and dining room, hallway and corridors; allowed to use in the bathroom.

  • Cork wallpaper . Textured and environmentally friendly cork wallpaper refers to the elite finishing materials; They are most often used for decoration of living rooms and guest rooms. Wall cork made of natural bark of balsa wood improves sound insulation; It can be installed on surfaces with a complex shape (convex). On sale found panel and roll material.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Cork wallpaper in the interior of a country house
  • Wallpaper from other plant materials . This wonderful decor with a natural base is able to completely transform the interior. Vegetable wallpaper, in addition to cork, made of bamboo, cane, jute. In veneered wallpaper, the base is non-woven or cellulose, and the top (decorative) layer is a thin section of precious woods. Environmental friendliness and design capabilities are somewhat offset by high cost.

  • Film roll materials . Two-layer finishing films with a paper base and top PVC-coating, which may have a texture (isoplen and foam). High-quality, but completely airtight option, which limits its use of technical facilities (pantries), corridors, bathroom.

About choosing wall panels in the following video:

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Rack materials

Most dachas are used during the warm season, and in winter they are heated periodically, which adversely affects wallpaper and plaster.The best solution for interior design will be lath materials, which include:

  • Wooden paneling . The surface covered with clapboard made of natural wood is aesthetic in appearance; The material is environmentally friendly, durable and has many options for colors and textures. Before finishing, the wall paneling is treated with an antiseptic, upon completion of work, if style requires, the walls are varnished or painted.

  • PVC panels (plastic lining). Budget replacement of wooden counterpart, practical and unpretentious finish option, not afraid of high humidity and easy to clean. Despite all the advantages, PVC panels are mainly used to finish the ceiling of small rooms - they can be seen in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway.

  • MDF Panels . Inexpensive material for which you do not have to pre-level the surface of the walls. You can choose flat or embossed panels, with the front side decorated with wooden veneer or colored polymer film.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Wall paneling in a modern interior

Finishing the ceiling and floor in a country house

The popular methods for ceiling trimming include the following methods:

  • Natural array . Ceiling finishing is performed with clapboard, block-house or imitation of timber; suitable wood both softwood and hardwood.

  • Drywall . With this material, you can perfectly align the ceiling or create a complex multi-tiered structure.

  • Stretch ceiling . The ceilings in the country are increasingly made out in this way, which has a lot of advantages: it is installed quickly, has an ideal smooth surface, moisture resistance and allows you to hide irregularities and communication.

About the interior of the wooden house in the following video:

Floor finishing is performed using the following materials:

  • Wood . Eco-friendly, heat-retaining and therefore a common way of finishing, indispensable for some interior styles. The budget option is plain and tongue-and-groove boards, a more refined and expensive - parquet.

  • Ceramic (tiled) tile . A practical choice for use in rooms with high humidity - in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as in the hallway or hallway.

  • Laminate, carpet . Common in country housing with year-round living. A variety of colors and textures on the construction market allows you to choose the material for any style.

  • Linoleum . Practical and inexpensive flooring, which has one limitation - it can not be laid on the heated floor.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Tiled floor in the kitchen

Decorating the living room in a country house

Interior design houses are often determined by this, the largest area of ​​the room. Here the family spends evenings, and on holidays they invite guests; Therefore, the design of the living room is chosen very carefully - after all, it sets the tone for other rooms. For the living room of a country house, predominantly choose one of the following styles:

  • Classic . This finish is designed to emphasize both the status and excellent taste of the owners. The walls and floor of the classic living room are sheathed with natural wood, which gives the room a luxurious, aristocratic look.

  • Country . Destinations such as country and chalets are united by the possibility of using textured plaster, dark and light lining in the walls. Provence style makes it possible to decorate the walls with wallpapers of delicate shades with floral motifs or to cover a wooden surface with light (even white) paint. A large living room can be zoned using several styles for visual separation.

30 best ideas of interior decoration of a country house in the photo

Living room in Provence style
  • Eclectic . You can mix various materials, from brick and stone, to bamboo wallpaper or panels from wood and plastic. In this way, you can combine a variety of styles, for example, loft and oriental, or Provence and modern.

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The choice of materials for interior decoration should be approached carefully; This affects the life of the country house and the frequency of repairs. To achieve a quality result, saving a lot of time and resources, it is better to choose materials and methods of plating, providing not only a decorative, but also a heat-saving effect. The reception of the combined decoration can help with this when different materials and textures are combined in the design of one room.


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