Houses on technology TISE: Features of construction

Currently gaining popularity regarding new construction technology - TISE . The technology has a large number of advantages, which are often said builders and owners of houses, built by TISE. But there are skeptics who argue that this is not an appropriate option for suburban construction, pointing out many shortcomings. Let's try to figure out whether such a way of building buildings is really suitable for any situation, as its creators position.

Houses on technology TISE: Features of construction

One-storey house according to TISE technology with finishing.

What is TISE technology?

The abbreviation TISE stands for "individual construction technology and ecology". At its core, this is a method of constructing private housing with a special set of tools.

The author of the technology is Yakovlev Rashid Nikolaevich. He considered building materials and equipment that, without requiring large financial expenditures, made it possible to build a house on their own.

A set of tools for construction using TISE technology

According to the author’s point of view, it is possible to significantly reduce construction costs if you do not use heavy construction equipment. At the same time, for the construction of a high-quality structure, it is far from always possible to manage with the existing manual equipment.

For example, to install a foundation on sandy or clay soil, you have to dig a pit, and it is very difficult to do this without specialized equipment. That is why Yakovlev developed a special drill, with which you can install TISE piles - the technology allows not only to simplify the process of building the foundation, but also to apply it even on sandy or clay soil. In addition, to simplify the process of building walls, he designed a special removable formwork (a form for casting concrete blocks).

According to the author, such tools:

  1. Allow you to build a house yourself, even without special building knowledge and skills.
  2. Accelerate, simplify and reduce the cost of the entire construction process due to the complete rejection of expensive specialized equipment.

Houses on technology TISE: Features of construction

Construction of a house using TISE technology.

Since the main goals of developing technology for individual construction and ecology are to simplify the construction process and reduce the cost of construction, Yakovlev Rashid Nikolayevich proposed the following equipment:

  1. Special drill for drilling wells under the piles . Technology TISE foundation involves pile type. The principle of its creation is simple - wells are drilled in the ground with the help of a drill, the main feature of which is that the end of the well is wider than the beginning. After preparation of wells, reinforcement is installed in the ground and a concrete solution is poured, for which high-strength cement is used. It is a large, in comparison with traditional piles, support base that allows the use of piles under the foundation using TISE technology in any soil. Drills are produced by manufacturers in several versions, which differ in the diameter of the finished wells.
  2. Movable formwork is used to make wall material. It can be of three types (TISE-1, TISE-2, TISE-3) depending on the required thickness of the wall elements. Thus, TISE-3 formwork allows you to make blocks of 38 cm wide, of which bearing walls are built, and with the help of TISE-1, you can prepare the material for the internal partitions of the house.

In addition to the basic tools, additional materials were developed for TISE technology, to simplify construction work and improve the quality of housing built in accordance with it - insulation, fittings, fiberglass nets, compactors cement mortar, concrete mixers and more.

According to Yakovlev, it is these tools and equipment that will allow building quality houses with maximum budget savings.

Today, many construction firms use TISE technology, as well, equipment is available for purchase by individuals who wish to build independently.

Houses on technology TISE: Features of construction

Foundations made using TISE equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of TISE technology

As with any method of erection of buildings, the technology of individual construction and ecology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main positive aspect of using this construction method is cost-effectiveness. The tools needed for construction are inexpensive, the main building materials are sand and cement, which can be easily purchased at any hardware store.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the following advantages:

  • Due to the fact that the object is being built using hand-held equipment there is no need to conduct electricity to the construction site. This, by the way, also reduces the total price of the building.
  • Possibility of self-construction. In principle, it is possible to build a house without special knowledge and skills to work with complex specialized equipment.
  • There is no need to search and organize a place to store a large amount of materials.
  • Possibility of combining with other construction technologies. For example, the TISE foundation is perfect for the construction of house building from any non-heavy building materials (log, bar, polystyrene concrete blocks, etc.).

Houses on technology TISE: Features of construction

One-storey house with TISE technology.

Among the shortcomings are the following points:

  1. Despite the fact that the creators talk about the possibility of using the foundation by TISE in any soil, some opponents of the technology claim that it is impossible apply at high soil moisture and with a large height difference of the opposite walls of the building.
  2. Also, the foundation of this type does not allow building a basement or underground floor;
  3. Low construction speed and high labor costs. This is explained by the fact that all work is done manually and there is no possibility to mechanize the construction process.
  4. Some features of masonry walls determine the complexity of building a house with walls that are not a multiple of the length of the blocks. For the same reason, there are problems with laying out the door and window openings. However, this disadvantage is compensated by contacting qualified specialists - in reliable construction companies using TISE, construction methods have been developed taking into account such nuances.
  5. Another very controversial point is the assertion of the creators of the technology about the possibility of a smoothly stopping construction. Concrete does not like freezing and thawing, so to say that according to TISE, a house can be built for years incorrectly. And then any long-term construction increases construction costs.
  6. Also, the statement about the environmental friendliness of this method of erecting buildings is also controversial, since cement production and cement works have always been considered harmful and dangerous.

Houses on technology TISE: Features of construction

TISE-house according to the original project.

Cost of construction of TISE-house

If we talk about the cost of the house on TISE-technology, here you can highlight the following points:

  1. Cost of equipment. The price of borax starts from 10 thousand rubles, and depends on the diameter of the well being prepared. Formwork TISE will cost from 8 thousand rubles per section, this amount depends on the thickness of the resulting blocks. The price of fittings starts from 50 rubles per item, the grid costs about 100 rubles per linear meter.
  2. The cost of building a foundation starts from 10 thousand rubles per linear meter. It all depends on the thickness and width of the concrete grillage (the frame, which from above unites the piles into a single structure).
  3. The cost of a turnkey TISE-house depends on the number of floors, the area, the selected finishing materials and many other aspects. For example, for a one-story house with a living area of ​​about 75m2, about 2 million rubles will have to be paid. However, the final price for construction can only be determined after contacting the construction company and determining all the conditions for cooperation.

You can see clearly about the TISE technology in the following video:

By itself, "technology of individual construction and ecology" does not require large amounts of money cost - so says the official website of technology TISE. But it all depends on whether you use the services of professional builders. In principle, a TIS house can be built with your own hands, like any other . But keep in mind that after all this is a house, and it is being built for more than a decade, so without building knowledge and skills, it is better not to start an independent construction project and rely on knowledgeable specialists.

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