how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

The construction of a country cottage from a timber begins with laying the foundation and building walls. They are followed by not less important stages, from one of which, finishing the house, depends not only aesthetics, but also the durability of the building. Most homeowners prefer to preserve the natural beauty of the tree inside the house, without closing the walls with finishing materials. The finishing of the living room is preceded by the grinding of the timber inside the house, an obligatory procedure with its own technological rules and subtleties.

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

The natural beauty of the log walls in the interior of a country house

When sanding the walls

is done grinding is called a wooden treatment process surfaces before finishing, painting or varnishing. Grinding removes defects and gives smoothness to wood, allowing you to achieve a smooth paint layer; it is used in the following cases:

  • When building a new house . Grinding of walls from a bar is performed, after waiting for the bar to dry, after the building has shrunk. In the process of work, the irregularities that appeared after the wood has dried are eliminated; Work can be carried out at any time of the year.

  • With the restoration of the old house . This polishing updates the color of the log walls, after which they are repainted with a paint and varnish composition.

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

Grinding of walls is carried out during the construction of the house and periodically during operation

Why grind the inner walls of the bar

Grinding lumber walls inside a house solves several problems:

  • Prepares the surface for painting . Any wooden material before construction is treated with antiseptic and flame retardant. Since most antiseptics are water based, after wetting and drying, the wooden wall is covered with a nap. Grinding removes lint and simultaneously aligns the wall, some of which crowns can protrude above the surface (sometimes 1-2 mm). Smooth walls mean easier painting and savings on materials, which can be a noticeable amount if the house is large and the paint quality.

  • Emphasizes the beauty of the tree . During operation, the coatings become obsolete, so the wooden walls need periodic treatment. Grinding removes the old paint layer and reveals the texture of natural wood.

  • Prolongs the life of the house . Protective impregnations are absorbed deeper into the newly polished wooden surface. This is especially true for buildings with irregular winter heating.

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

Walls from a bar often need equalization of the tone
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Grinding: tools and equipment

Choosing how to grind and how to grind before painting, pay attention to the speed and quality of the process, which depends on the choice of method and tools. If you grind the walls of the profiled bar manually using emery paper, you will have to spend several weeks at work, surrounded by a cloud of wood dust. It is much more convenient to process all surfaces with a grinding machine, and use sandpaper only in places that are difficult to access. Grinding is carried out in the presence of the following components:

  • Grinding machine with sandpaper of various grit. Some models are connected to a vacuum cleaner, which significantly reduces the amount of dust. The abrasive wheel is selected depending on the type of wood.

  • Angle Grinder (angle grinder, grinders ). A set of abrasive discs with different parameters is attached to it, for coarse and finish grinding.

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

Professional tools provide high-quality leveling of the surface
  • Sandpaper with varying concentrations of abrasive. It is selected depending on the condition of the walls. At the initial stage, irregularities are removed with paper with numbers 40-60, the old paintwork is removed with 100-140 emery paper. Removing the pile will require the use of numbers 160-220. At the final stage (polishing) use grain 90-120.

  • Protection . So that the small, ubiquitous dust does not penetrate into the respiratory organs and does not damage the eyes, you should wear a respirator and goggles.

  • Construction Vacuum Cleaner . Without thorough cleaning of dust, you can forget about high-quality processing and painting.

  • Auxiliary devices . You will need a stepladder (or its substitute), extension, chisel and sponge for grinding with cut corners (for better access to the corners).

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

A respirator and goggles are an essential component of the equipment
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Profiled and glued laminated timber: differences in the process

Grinding allows to improve the appearance of the walls and prepare them for high-quality painting, waxing or varnishing. For profiled and glued material, the process goes on differently:

  • Profiled beam . Usually processed in two steps. The first time is ground with a rough abrasive (in terms of grain from No. 40), even at the construction stage. The second treatment (final polishing) of the walls is carried out after the completion of the shrinkage process.

  • Glued laminated timber . This building material is carefully processed at the production stage, does not give a strong shrinkage and therefore does not need preliminary deep grinding as a profiled equivalent. For processing walls of laminated veneer lumber used nozzles with a circle, starting from number 80. Grinding should be carried out with caution - excessive force can damage the outer lamella.

About the secrets of grinding a bar in the following video:

Process Steps

Grinding a House from a Bar when a dry surface is subjected to treatment, including the ends, it is performed in two stages:

  • Coarse grinding . The walls are aligned with a belt grinder or grinder with an abrasive wheel with numbers 40-60. At this stage, all significant defects are removed, and the surface is prepared for subsequent, more subtle processing. The nozzle on the grinder is quickly clogged with wood dust and needs frequent replacement.

  • Fine grinding and polishing . To perfectly align the surface, carry out the processing of a vibration or orbital grinder using fine-grained abrasive (up to 100). For fine grinding apply hand sanding with sandpaper (numbers 120-180). Alignment of corner joints is carried out manually, using a narrow chisel. Nonprofessional processing can leave scratches and grooves, which will have to be corrected by additional polishing. After fine grinding, the surface of the walls becomes smooth, pleasant to the touch and ready for subsequent painting.

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

Fine grinding of the timber inside the house using a vacuum cleaner
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Useful recommendations

Grinding lumber walls is a laborious and painstaking process. To ensure that the result is of high quality and long-term, the following rules are followed in the work:

  • Timing . Grinding is carried out after the completion of the drying process (for profiled timber), before the installation of windows and doors, and before the installation of a clean floor and ceiling. Restriction due to the dustiness of work.

  • Preparing walls . Before sanding the timber inside the house, remove the resin that has appeared on the surface. The work is completely manual: the resin is removed with a scraper or other suitable tool, and the resin pockets are treated with a solvent. This moment is an important stage in the preparation of walls for grinding - the resin is capable of very quickly ruining the abrasive, clogging its structure, besides, the remains of the resin will not allow the paint to lie flat on the wall.

  • Technique parameters . The grinder used in the treatment of log walls must have a capacity of not less than 1 kW. The operator, working on a weaker machine and trying to speed up the process involuntarily, can increase the pressure. As a result, furrows remain on the surface, which are not easy to remove.

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

An industrial dryer drains resin residue from a resin pocket
  • Work practices . In order for the grinding to go smoothly and give a quality result, the grinding machine has to move in the same direction as the wood fibers.

  • Work Planning . Polished wood quickly loses freshness and darkens, which can affect the quality of the future paintwork. So that the polishing does not have to be repeated (and to spend extra time and money), the paint should be stocked up in advance.

What determines the cost of polishing services

Sanding walls from a bar inside a house is a crucial step, the implementation of which is logical to entrust to professionals. The cost of services varies depending on several parameters, including:

  • Scope of work (surface area of ​​the walls). Some construction companies offer discounts on grinding, if the building is large. Works can last 1-2 weeks.

  • Wood type . The harder the wood, the harder it is to process and work will cost a large amount.

On the correction of wall defects before polishing in the following video:

  • State walls . If the walls of the profiled bar are covered with paints and varnishes, you will have to additionally pay for cleaning the old coating. Also more expensive will be the treatment of walls with a large number of defects (chipping, irregularities and resin).

  • Expected Result . It depends on the customer how many aisles will be made before covering the walls with wax, varnish or oil.

  • Height of the house . If you need to use scaffolding to do the work, the cost of working at height will be higher.

  • Integrated Services . If you order the grinding of the walls of the profbrus along with the painting, the work will be cheaper than separately.

The cost of polishing the internal walls from a planed timber (profiled or glued) is:

  • Grinding of walls . Standard processing includes two passes (first large, then fine sandpaper) and costs from 200 to 350 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Polishing of walls . From 170 to 250 rubles. / m 2 . The surface is treated once.

  • Finishing . Carried out after applying wax or varnish. From 320 rub. / m 2 .

how and what to grind the walls before painting, tools, photos

The customer determines the degree of processing of internal walls
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Sanding walls made of profiled or glued material gives the interior space of a country cottage a presentable look and completeness. Along the way, other tasks affecting the operational characteristics of housing are being solved: the surface is leveled, wood flaws and resin accumulations are removed. The best solution for this work will be to invite professional craftsmen with experience and a suitable tool.

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