technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

The times when houses were built only from logs have sunk into oblivion. Wood was the only material available that no one thought about processing. The rotten bathhouse was easy to reassemble, as there were enough trees around.

Today, not every budget will master a house from a log or a bar, and not everyone wants to wait for the final shrinkage, which can last for 2 years. But thanks to modern technology, natural materials are used sparingly, and housing is built quickly and has improved characteristics. One of these technological methods is the construction of houses from double timber.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

House built using double-beam technology

Double-timber construction: competitiveness of Finnish technology

The construction technology of the double timber was invented by the Finns and was originally intended for use in regions with harsh winter conditions. This method is suitable not only for building a house, it is applicable for a bath or a veranda.

Comparison of prices for materials used in different technologies (compared to a double bar):

  • A double beam with insulation (thickness 150 mm) - 5500 rubles. / m²

  • Profiled bar (thickness 150 mm) - 3500 rub. / m²

  • Rounded timber - from 5 thousand rubles. / m²

  • Frame-shield technology - from 3.5 thousand rubles. / m²

The comparison shows that the technology of double timber is more expensive than the others, but the price of insulation has already been included in it. Warming other options equalize prices.

Causes of insufficient distribution of houses from a double timber in Russia

The above comparison clearly shows one of the reasons - the customer allocates a certain construction budget, which is not ready to exceed.

A double-timber house project can have a complex layout and an original facade. Production of some parts (joints, profiles) is possible only on high-precision woodworking machines with computer control. Without having specialized equipment, the company will not undertake the work.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

The four-sided lock groove (wind lock) provides high rigidity

Finnish double-bar production technology

The double timber using the Finnish technology “warm home” should be distinguished from the profiled counterpart. If the profiled bar is made of single-layer solid wood, then double is a construction of two wall elements (boards), connected into a spike due to a special profile. The technological gap formed between them is filled with insulation with heat, vapor and sound insulation properties. Such a multi-layer prevents the formation of condensate and retains heat.

Fir and pine wood is used for making boards, as it is light, inexpensive and easy to process. Before use, the preforms are dried in convection chambers. This procedure increases the strength of wood and protects it from rotting. Timber has high consumer characteristics: it becomes lighter and more durable, it is not subject to cracking and deformation.

The prepared boards are machined, acquiring the shape and profile specified by the project, as well as a smooth surface. The products are cut spikes and grooves, fastening the beam on the system of thorn-groove. In such a system, an interlayer insulation, necessary for log log cabins or timber buildings, is not needed. For the domokomplekt of the double timber also made angular connections (bowls), excluding the freezing of the corners and through-blowing.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

The corner of the house is made of double timber (wind lock) with ecowool filling


Ecowool (backfill option) or mineral wool is used as a warming material, the first one being preferable for a number of signs:

  • Appearance. Light grayish material with a fibrous structure and good insulating properties (heat preservation).

  • Composition. The basis (about 80%) is cellulose (waste paper). Additional components - boric acid and borax, giving the cotton antiseptic and non-combustible properties.

  • Properties. Allows air to circulate without retaining moisture (the house does not need a vapor barrier, which can not be said when using mineral wool). Protects wood from rotting. Sound insulation is 1.5-2 times higher than that of mineral wool.

Thermal insulation characteristics are similar for walls:

  • from a double beam, 190–200 mm thick;

  • log, 400 mm;

  • foam concrete, 880 mm;

  • brick, 900-1000 mm.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

Only qualified builders who have received special training
are involved in installing the walls On our site you can get acquainted with the most popular projects of houses from a double timber from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

Advantages and disadvantages of the double bar technology

The gain in choosing a house from a double bar is determined by the advantages of the technology:

  • Factory quality. Modern equipment provides high precision parts, which is unattainable in artisanal conditions.

  • Timing. Wall kits are made 2 weeks. Building walls, depending on the type of project, takes 10-15 days.

  • Savings during construction and operation. Construction of houses from a double timber will cost 30% cheaper than similar housing from laminated profiled timber (thickness 200 mm). Energy saving is more efficient by 2 times.

  • Construction. It is year-round. For the construction of the frame special equipment is not needed.

  • Saving on the foundation. Because of the ease of construction, you can use a pile-screw foundation, which is cheaper than a tape analogue or a monolithic slab.

  • Wall Properties. High heat, steam and sound protection characteristics. The front surface does not require finishing; it is treated with impregnation and optionally painted in the color you like.

  • Internal work. Engineering communications are located in the wall. Hermetic seams (locking connections) do not require additional caulks. The ground surface of the walls is ready for painting or painting.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

Aesthetics of natural wood; internal work coming to an end
  • Shrinkage. Due to the use of chamber drying material, the shrinkage does not exceed 2-3%. You can settle without spending a year waiting for shrinkage (for example, compared to a log house).

  • Environmentally friendly and stylish look. The natural tree, without glue structures and impregnations is used.

The construction technology "double bar" has its drawbacks:

  • Requirements for the quality of the material. For the manufacture of wall elements require special equipment and staff skills. Poorly dried material can cause uneven shrinkage, cracking and noticeable skew walls.

  • Possible shrinkage of insulation. It can happen in violation of technology or the use of poor quality insulation.

  • The complexity of the repair. If it becomes necessary to replace one of the boards, it will be almost impossible to do this without the involvement of specialists.

How a house is built in Finland on video:

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses from double timber. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

House from a double beam: from project to implementation

No matter how simple the “double beam” technology might seem, it’s logical to entrust projects of houses and their installation to organizations that have completed projects in their assets (which will portfolio). The customer can count on:

  • Typical project. This option will reduce construction costs, as it is usually adapted to local conditions; it is permissible to make small edits.

  • Project by order (individual). It is an order of magnitude higher, as it may include engineering-geological surveys, complex technical solutions and elements (for example, a roof of a complex shape or a veranda).

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

Individual project with a terrace

In addition to developing the project in the construction package The company includes the preparation of the sketch, documents and estimates, the manufacture of a set of parts, the assembly of the structure. Installation of the house takes place according to the standard assembly scheme of a wooden house:

  • It is equipped and the foundation is being insulated.

  • It is mounted and aligned with the level of the fixing crown (the lower layer adjoining the foundation).

  • Walls are built, then the roof.

  • Engineering communications are mounted.

  • Final (internal) finishing is carried out.

  • All work is warranted.

Structural strength is ensured by the method of laying wall boards and floor beams (they are cut into walls). Another secret is absolutely dry lumber, which retains 11-15% moisture after drying.

On the features of the double beam technology in the video:

There is a variety of material - a double mini bar, giving thinner walls. With construction of a house from a double bar the construction crew with the corresponding experience will cope with skill. Independent, without skills, installation will inevitably lead to a series of errors.Their correction by specialists will require unplanned expenses, which is always unpleasant.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

A small house according to the standard project
It might be interesting! B article on the following link read about the interior of the house from a bar.

Prices of houses from a turnkey double beam

The advantages of a house from a turnkey double beam are visible to the naked eye. After the approval of the project and the signing of the contract, the customer can only enjoy the process, not bothering to purchase materials, search for builders and monitor their work. Experts will take care of everything.

Companies offer double-beam houses, projects and prices of which can be changed. You can reduce the upcoming expenses by choosing cheaper mineral instead of ecowool. Wall thickness is also chosen by customers.

On the market there are houses from a double timber of various sizes and for any budget. For comparison, it is convenient to divide them into categories depending on the area (Moscow region):

  • Areas up to 100 m². Price domokomplekta starts from 335-500 thousand rubles.

  • From 100 to 200 m². From 680-900 thousand rubles.

  • From 200 m². Starting from 1.2-1.8 million rubles.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

Garden decoration - a gazebo, built using Finnish technology

What you can build from a double timber

According to the double timber technology, not only houses are built. In this way, you can decorate the backyard plot by building:

  • a gazebo and a shed;

  • a garden, guest and children's house;

  • bath;

  • utility room (house for tools).

Since the wall elements have a high-quality finished surface, they do not need additional finishing and give the buildings an impeccable eco-friendly style.

About the double-timber construction weatherization on the video:

A bit about the bath: a view from different sides

Construction of the bath - not the cheapest pleasure, because a durable result requires high-quality materials and special construction methods. The double bar technology is capable of speeding up the process with ensuring the desired result.

Bath walls are under constant influence of high temperature and humidity and inevitably absorb moisture. In an effort to protect the structure, some owners insist on the use of a windproof membrane in the wall, between the insulation and the internal element of the double beam. The task of such a vapor barrier is to keep steam out of the interior into the insulation. If the protection is not set, the wet insulation prevents the air from circulating, ceases to save heat and starts the destruction of the wood.

technology warm home, projects and price range in Moscow

Bath from a double bar on the shore of the lake

Construction companies insist that the construction provides sufficient steam exchange, and an additional layer violates the "breathing" properties of wood. When using a waterproofing layer, steam will condense on it; the insulation will remain dry and the log will begin to rot. According to the technology, the film is enough to use in the ceiling.

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The double beam technology developed and tested by Finnish builders is confidently gaining popularity among Russian customers. Most are attracted by the possibility of fast construction without losing the quality so valuable in the conditions of the short summer season and the frosty winter. Incorrect installation can destroy the most resistant wood. So that the house from the double timber does not become a disappointment, and did not have to pay for improvements, the turnkey house order may be the best solution.


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