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The ideal garden arbor, which every owner wants to buy, must meet many requirements - from durability and reliability to an aesthetic appearance. This article describes the criteria by which it is convenient to choose an archery design. You will get acquainted with the review of popular models of timber, logs, metal profiles and other materials, models with barbecue and barbecue. The material contains information about the average prices of the turnkey order in Moscow and the region.

large selection - photos and prices

The recreation area should be comfortable

    Garden arbor: a choice for every taste

On most modern suburban areas, a recreation area is an essential element of the landscape. To make the rest truly comfortable, many ways have been invented, and the gazebo is one of the most popular. Therefore at registration of the homestead territory considerable attention is paid to the choice of an arbor. It should be not only a functional structure, but also a bright element of decor, decoration of your garden, where you can spend a lot of pleasant hours, and, if necessary, to shelter from a sudden rain.

The variety of garden pavilions is so large that it is both easy and difficult to choose the right structure at the same time. Construction companies offer a wide range of turnkey arbors; Thanks to today's technologies, various architectural projects are implemented using any materials.

large selection - photos and prices

High-tech: metal frame and glass

To make your choice easier, it is convenient to classify arbors; This can be done in different ways. By way of installation : there are detached or adjacent to any construction structure, as well as stationary or portable. By type country pavilions can be divided into two large groups:

  • Open . This is a real pleasure - to have lunch or to arrange a family holiday in the open air. Therefore, in the summer cottage most often you can find light open buildings (often wooden, pine, spruce or larch).

  • Closed and glazed . Intermediate option between the usual gazebo and garden house, designed for year-round use. In this design, equipped with heating, insulated walls and windows.

large selection - photos and prices

Here you can relax at any time of the year

Miniature and large, gazebos can have a variety of form . In addition to standard, square, rectangular and round, there are six - and octahedral, arched and oval pavilions. Less common is a corner or two-story construction.

Construction of the building is done at the request of the customer. As a rule, all designs are equipped with a table and benches, some - with a mosquito net or a double-glazed window. Modern gazebo is difficult to imagine without any brazier, which allows cooking meat delicacies on open fires and coals. The choice of accessories is great - from the traditional stove and fireplace, to various grills, grills and barbecues.

large selection - photos and prices

Finnish bbq grill with barbecue

    Garden gazebo: selection by material

The material from which your arbor will be made is determined by your preferences (and sometimes by the structure of the building). Pavilions made from the following materials can be found on the garden and suburban areas:


Classical material for garden construction, attractive for its environmental friendliness, operational properties and natural appearance. Wooden pavilions easily fit into any landscape, the choice of material for their construction depends on what effect you want to achieve:

  • Construction in rustic (country, chalet) style . A gazebo made of a planed log, a carriage or a bar (profiled, glued or rounded) always looks stylish and beautiful.

  • Construction in the forest (ethno, fabulous) style . Often it is - a blockhouse of massive logs with a solid roof, decorated with elaborate carvings.

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Modern interpretation of the chalet style

      Rectangular gazebos from the tree

A popular option for giving is an open-type construction with pergolas, which has the following parameters:

  • Dimensions : 2x4 m, height 2, 8 m, designed for 8 people.

  • Material . It is made of wood chamber drying, in the budget version - of spruce or pine.

  • Cost . Having a simple form, a rectangular gazebo, the price of which starts from 62-64 thousand rubles. , there is a place on the most modest in size area.

large selection - photos and prices

Summer version with pergolas

A more spacious rectangular design has the following characteristics:

  • Size : 4x6 m.

  • Table and benches can be made of any shape and size, painting in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

  • Lighting . Mounted wall cartridge, switch and socket; paid separately, from 3 thousand rubles.

  • Cost . From 150-155 thousand rubles. , with delivery and installation - from 160-165 thousand rubles.

  • It is possible to arrange terraces (takeaways) for barbecue.

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A pleasant place for evening gatherings

      Chopped arbors from the tree

Arbors from a log will organically look in a traditional garden, surrounded by fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. To extend the period of use, all wooden elements are treated with an antiseptic solution and finished with a paint and varnish coating. The open construction of 4x6 m has the following parameters:

  • Capacity . 12-16 people.

  • Material . Garden gazebo for giving cheap to buy, choosing it on the material of manufacture. Standard (and most budget) material - pine. The roof is made of soft tiles, the ceiling is finished with clapboard, the floor - with deck boards.

  • Color . You can choose from the catalog.

  • Production time : 8-15 days.

  • Cost . From 340-360 thousand rubles.

  • Shipping and installation costs . Within Moscow - 5 thousand rubles. , deliver a gazebo in the area (outside the Moscow Ring Road) will cost 8-9 thousand rubles.

large selection - photos and prices

Log buildings are in great demand
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer Design and construction service for gazebos and grill houses . You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

      For hospitable hosts

Evening in the gazebo equipped with a fireplace, barbecue or barbecue oven is a favorite way to relax. Practical and multifunctional construction allows you to carry out gastronomic experiments for the joy of family and friends; its characteristics are as follows:

  • Size . Open gazebo 4x4 m.

  • Capacity . 10 people.

  • Production material . Glued pine timber, roof of soft tiles.

  • Foundation . The choice of base depends on the soil and the weight of the structure. As a rule, a monolithic slab, strip or pile foundation is laid.

About the interior of the Finnish grill house in the following video:

  • Deadline manufacturing . 8-20 days.

  • Price . From 225-238 thousand rubles. (without barbecue cost)

A closed type gazebo is also prepared for a barbecue installation: the walls and the floor around the hearth are insulated with metal, and wooden elements are impregnated with a fire retardant. A 4x6 building m will provide an opportunity to comfortably accommodate 10-12 guests. Cost starts from 400-430 thousand rubles.

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Project with a stove

large selection - photos and prices

A glazed gazebo with a brazier
It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the varieties of country arbors .

      In various styles

Pavilions in oriental colors (Japanese, Chinese) have a refined appearance, they are especially advantageous look on the waterfront. A characteristic feature of such buildings is a complex multi-tiered roof. An old pavilion made of laminated veneer lumber for up to 10 people costs from 250 to 380 thousand rubles.

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Japanese charm

Many owners of country plots like solidity and restrained beauty German-style arbors (or close to him chalet or half-timbered houses). At the heart of all such structures is a massive wooden frame of bars. For construction use glued sawn softwood, the foundation is laid powerful and strong, designed for long operation. As a roofing material, shingles are usually used; natural (as more expensive and heavy) - in individual projects. Cost gazebos with a capacity of 8-10 people starts from 280-400 thousand rubles.

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German style

Arbors in the English style conquer with elegance and simplicity. They often have a round or hexagonal shape, simple and clear lines. The building is painted in calm pastel colors or left unpainted; as a roofing material, preference is given to soft tile. The cost of a hexagonal arbor with a size of 3x4 m starts from 240-270 thousand rubles. , round - from 225-240 thousand rubles.

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English style

      Metal and plastic

If you need both a budget and elegant gazebo to give, you can cheaply buy metal construction . Use in different combinations of pipes, polycarbonate and profile steel allows you to get an inexpensive, durable and easy construction. A frame (including the base of the roof) is made of the rolling profile, which allows the structure to withstand considerable static and dynamic loads. Pavilions made of metal profiles with walls and polycarbonate roofs are widespread. A method of making the frame, the size of the building and the type of roof are reflected in cost , which starts from 160-245 thousand rubles. and can reach 430-520 thousand rubles.

About metal arbors in the following video:

The original version is arbors, decorated with artistic forging . Such pavilions are distinguished by durability and individuality; they give the surrounding landscape a romantic and mysterious look. The cost of the forged structure will depend on the number and complexity of the forged elements, everything is calculated individually. The minimum cost starts from 320-470 thousand rubles.

large selection - photos and prices

Pavilion with hand-forged decorative elements

large selection - photos and prices

Many like the Gothic style
It can be interesting! In the article, the following link read about the styles and features of the decoration of arbors .

      Of brick and stone

A high-quality, capital construction is the dream of any owner of a country site. Brick arbors are distinguished by their solid appearance (especially in combination with wooden roofing); They will reliably serve you for many years without requiring repair. Brick and stone structures are equipped with a stove or barbecue, the owners often opt for closed structures.

A peculiarity of such capital pavilions is their weight, therefore, construction begins with the laying of a solid foundation. Combined building size 3x3 m (brick, pine) is designed for 12-15 people; its cost starts from 300-320 thousand rubles. Brick gazebo size 4x6 m will cost in 640-670 thousand rubles. Stone arbors are in the same price category.

large selection - photos and prices

Combined arbor

large selection - photos and prices

Closed pavilion of stone

    Turnkey Order

In order to decorate your own summer cottage with a beautiful garden gazebo, it is not necessary to spend time thinking about various options, drawing up a project and its implementation. Many companies are engaged in the development and construction of pavilions; Their catalogs offer a wide range of aesthetic and practical garden buildings. If you need a turnkey gazebo, the price of which should fit into a certain budget, contact manufacturers with extensive experience. A turnkey construction order has many advantages:

  • You can stop at a ready-made solution or order an individual project that includes all the parts you need.

About the projects of wooden arbors in the following video:

  • The construction organization has own production base ; it is always more profitable and more reliable to order services from her than from intermediaries.

  • A quality control of materials and accessories is carried out, a list of recommendations for materials, manufacturers and suppliers is drawn up.

  • A contract is concluded , each decision is approved by the customer.

large selection - photos and prices

A good alternative to the veranda
  • When ordering a finished project, is allowed free make some amendments : change the location of the entrance or add an additional one, select the color of the roof or surfaces (according to the catalog).

  • It is possible stage payment .

  • For all types of work warranty is provided.

It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the design features of wooden arbors .


After completing the period specified in the contract, you can enjoy an equipped recreation area. And no matter which version of the gazebo you chose - open or closed, installed in the garden or attached to the bath, with a stove or barbecue. Profile company completed turnkey construction in compliance with all technological standards; the arbor will differ in a practicality, durability and faultless esthetic qualities. Now, having a party in the courtyard, you will be sure that the rest will be comfortable and safe for everyone, from young to old.


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