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The history of the use of pile foundations dates back long before the beginning of our era. Archaeologists have found traces of their use in excavations carried out in a number of countries, in layers of soil dated 500-700 BC. er But the real flourishing of this technology began in 1828, when Russian military engineer Maslov designed a mechanical pile driver for driving piles. A few years later - in 1833 - English engineer Alexander Mitchell patented screw piles.

Initially, this type of foundation was used only for regions with difficult climatic conditions or mobile soils. However, the relative simplicity of installation and prices for a pile foundation made this technology popular in private country construction, especially in the construction of frame and similar light houses. The pile foundation is more accessible than a traditional tape base, it guarantees the same indicator of strength and reliability, and in some cases even surpasses it.

calculation, materials, stages of installation, prices, photos and video

A house on piles can be installed even on a slope, without additional excavation work

Using a pile foundation

Foundation from screw piles is used primarily in the construction of houses on weak moving soils. These include swampy and peaty soils. Such a base is advisable to use at high levels of groundwater.

Thus, the pile foundation is recommended to be used in such cases:

  • difficult terrain;

  • weak soil;

  • the proximity of lakes, rivers and other large bodies of water;

  • the need to build a foundation in a short time;

  • possibility budget savings for construction.

The use of a pile foundation is also recommended in those areas where there is no convenient equipment access for excavation work. In addition, it can be erected even in the absence of electricity, which is necessary for the work on pouring the classic foundation of concrete.

To install bored piles, you can even use hand tools, and manually knead the concrete in small portions. And the installation of screw piles does not require concreting at all.

Advantages and disadvantages

The foundation is the most important element of any capital construction. Therefore, when choosing its type, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

calculation, materials, stages of installation, prices, photos and video

Why choose a pile foundation for building a house

The advantages of a pile foundation:

  1. Easy installation . When installing the pile foundation, there are no labor-intensive processes that are associated with soil work or pouring of reinforced concrete structures.

  2. No preliminary work required. Before installing the piles, special site preparation is not required, for example, to tamp or level the ground.

  3. Low cost . The construction of such a base will cost significantly cheaper than a classic concrete base.

  4. Versatility . Can be used on any type of soil, flooded soil and in regions with a difficult climate.

  5. Fast installation in all conditions . You can install piles at any time of the year, regardless of air temperature and the presence of precipitation. Installation takes a minimum of time, after which you can immediately begin to build a house.

  6. Excellent performance . At competent calculations and observance of technology of installation, the pile base differs in durability, long service life and reliability.

Despite the obvious advantages of such a foundation, it also has some drawbacks. These include:

  • Inability to use for rocks. In addition, a large number of stones in the soil can also complicate pile driving.

calculation, materials, stages of installation, prices, photos and video

It is very difficult to install piles on rocky terrain, even for a small house

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  • Suitable for light houses of small number of floors. That is why this basis has gained popularity in frame construction.

  • Metal corrosion. When driving, piles can be damaged, which reduces the life of the foundation.

Thus, a pile foundation can be an excellent solution in difficult climatic conditions and moving soils, however, in the case of a large weight of a house or rock, the use of such a foundation is impossible.

Obviously about the pros, cons and features of the pile foundation installation, see the video:

Finishing work

Finishing of the pile foundation is possible use stone, brick, siding, wooden or plastic panels. The choice of material depends on personal preferences, style of the house as a whole and financial possibilities. Without finishing the building will look sloppy. In addition, the decoration not only improves the appearance of the house, but also serves as additional warming.

calculation, materials, stages of installation, prices, photos and video

Finishing the foundation “under the stone” will add a certain highlight to the exterior of the house

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The pile foundation is one of the simplest, affordable, reliable and durable base types. The simplicity of its construction and the possibility of installation, regardless of weather conditions and the type of soil, made this effective and technological solution popular. In any case, do not forget that the pile foundations reveal all their advantages only when thorough calculations have been made.


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