Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Laminated shinglas Shinglas Jazz will be a practical and attractive finish for any country house. The article tells about the soft tile of the Shinglas Jazz collection, its composition, usage, pros and cons. You will get acquainted with the model range of the collection, technical characteristics, sizes and prices.

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Flexible Tiles Jazz in Home Design

About Shinglas Soft Roofs Jazz

Shinglas Flexible Tiles - Modern Roofing material that allows both to transform the appearance of an already erected structure, and to implement a new project of a roof of complex shape. The roof covering was developed by Russian (TechnoNicol) and Spanish (Chova) specialists and is intended for use in difficult climatic conditions. Innovative technologies used in its production, modern equipment and high-quality materials turn tile into the preferred arrangement of the roof arrangement.

The Shinglas flexible roof range includes 8 roof collections with different specifications and a warranty period. Customers are offered a wide range of materials, from the budget Shinglas Finnish tile with a 10-year warranty, to Shinglas Continent premium, which is guaranteed to last 60 years. Soft roof Shinglas Jazz belongs to the premium materials, it can be described by the following facts:

  • The guaranteed service life is 50 years.

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Soft roof layers
  • Composition . The two-layer laminated material, the basis of which is fiberglass insensitive to rotting. A modified bitumen-polymer layer is applied on the front side of the base. On top of the bitumen is a layer of coarse-grained basalt crumb. The mineral granulate is colored in different shades; it not only gives the coating an aesthetic look, but also improves performance.

  • Usage . Shinglas Jazz is suitable for laying on the pitched roofs of residential and farm buildings with an angle of slopes not exceeding 30 °. The basis for the coating can be a wooden flooring or a concrete base. The bottom layer of tile is a self-adhesive polymer film with a protective layer that facilitates roofing work (the protective layer is removed before installation).

Advantages and disadvantages of a soft roof Shinglas Jazz

The advantages of the roll material include the following characteristics:

  • Quality . Production is fully automated (has an international ISO 9001 certificate), at each stage quality control is carried out, which conforms to the European standard EN 544.

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Tiling Shinglas on the roof of a complex form
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  • Physical parameters . In accordance with the standards Shinglas Jazz is durable, resistant to corrosion and 100% waterproof. The material does not reduce its qualities in all weather conditions; double monolithic layer is not afraid of frost, hail, precipitation and strong wind.

  • Strength . Due to the increased strength it is almost impossible to pierce or pierce the coating.

  • Tightness . Material of which the flexible roof is made, allows not to be afraid of leakages (on condition of competent installation). The roof will have good sound and heat insulation.

  • Environmental friendliness . Roof components do not emit substances hazardous to health and the environment.

  • Fire resistance . The coating is not afraid of open fire, it is not afraid of fireworks flying onto the roof, an ember from a chimney or a lightning strike.

  • Flexibility . The property that allows you to create a roof of any shape (within a suitable slope ramps).

  • Easy installation . Laminated material has a low weight and self-adhesive bottom layer, which greatly simplifies the process. You can drastically transform the roof in a few days by laying a soft tile over the old roofing.

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Valuable property - flexibility
  • Performance characteristics . The flexible tile Shinglas the Jazz does not need special (regular) leaving. During rain, the material absorbs noise; its rough surface does not allow the snow to slide off the whole layer.

  • Aesthetic qualities . The rolled material has several color solutions, is pleasant in appearance and is able to harmoniously fit into any architectural style. Mineral paint, which is part of the tile, is resistant to UV rays, so that the color retains its saturation.

The disadvantage is the price of a roll roof, which cannot be considered as a budget, but reflects the high performance qualities of tiles. Another feature is that the material needs competent installation; unprofessional work is fraught with defects that will cause loss of tightness.

About jigsaw jig indigo from a bird's eye view in the following video:

Parameters, colors and prices

Specifications soft The roofs of Shinglas Jazz are as follows:

  • Roll size . 100x33.5 cm (length, width), tolerance ± 3mm.

  • Thickness of the material. 6 ± 0.4 mm.

  • Area of the shingle in the roll. Two m 2 finished roofing.

  • Weight of the roll. 27 kg.

  • The shape of the gont . Dragon tooth.

  • Softening point . Not below 125 ° C.

  • Loss of dressing . Not more than 1.2 g / sample.

The Shinglas Jazz roll cover is attractive in appearance and is available in the following colors (the names of Spanish cities were used for the models in the collection):

  • Alicante . The pleasant coffee shade of shingle personifies the energy of the invigorating drink; tile looks elegant and noble.

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Tile Jazz Alicante
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  • Barcelona . The color of the laminated tile is greyish-brown, interspersed with green and red-brown; recalls the traditional rooftops and central quarters of the seaside Barcelona, ​​where the works of the great Gaudi are located.

  • Indigo . Gray-brown tiles with a deep blue tint of individual elements of the shingle, especially clearly manifested under the rays of the sun.

  • Castilla . A shingle consists of gray elements with varying degrees of saturation and resembles natural stone. Roof Castilla Jazz gives the house a classic look and blends well with a variety of finishing materials.

  • Bullfighting . The combination of rich brown, sand and red shades, typical of Spanish traditions, gives the shingle a particularly expressive look. The country house under such a roof looks particularly impressive.

  • Seville . Successful imitation of a traditional ceramic tile with its elements differing on color. Seville Jazz is a mix of gray, brown and copper-red shades, giving the building a respectable appearance.

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Tile Jazz Indigo
  • Sicily . The uniform brown-brown color recalls traditions and family values, and gives the building a good and hospitable look.

  • Terra . The soft roof is sustained in the colors of the fertile land - brown, reddish and sandy shades; combined with houses in a traditional style.

  • Tuscany . The combination of gray and greenish-blue shades, characteristic of the roof of slate or antique copper, covered with a patina. Such a roof looks especially elegantly surrounded by coniferous plants and fits into any design.

The combination of several shades characteristic of the collection adds additional volume to the material. A similar technique was used in the manufacture of all models of Shinglas Jazz tiles, which can be bought at a price of 490-560 rubles . (price is indicated for m 2 ); during the promotional offers, the price is reduced to 410-455 rubles .

Shinglas flexible tile Jazz, dignity collection, options and prices

Tile Jazz Corrida
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Tile Shinglas Jazz attracts buyers with excellent performance and a fair price-performance ratio. Work with this professional roofing covering is thought out to the smallest detail, from comfortable installation techniques to high-quality components. Warranty on the material is issued under several conditions: the installation should use original components and plums TechnoNIKOL; TechnoNicol instructions, building codes and regulations must also be followed.

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