How to find the owner of the land: search options

A situation where in a well-maintained holiday village one of the plots is abandoned is common. And many neighbors would like to live out more weave land. Although situations are different, for example, a neighbor of abandoned land wants to privatize his plot, and this requires the consent of neighbors. Therefore, gardeners begin to look for a neighbor. From here and today's topic - how to find the owner of the land.

How to find the owner of the land: search options

Abandoned land

Neighborhood search options

There are quite a lot of options here. And as the simplest - is to appeal to the chairman of the gardening partnership. Usually he has all the information about land plots and their owners, which he enters in a special accounting book.

But there is one specific nuance. Not always when selling land, donating and other legal manipulations, information about new owners is recorded in this book. That is, the information in it may be outdated and unreliable. Therefore, it is recommended to go in other ways.

The most reliable way is to find the cadastral number of a parcel. But besides this, the territory has an address, a passport and a plan of land surveying. And in all these documents it is clearly indicated who is the owner. All these documents are collected separately, but they constitute a package that forms the basis for obtaining a certificate of title to property. That is, without them, the certificate will not be issued.

It turns out that the owner of the land plot is lit up in many instances where information about him is stored. By contacting each of them, you can get information about his main place of residence, passport data and so on.

How to find the owner of the land: search options

The cadastral passport of the land plot

It should be noted that information about the owner of the land plot is not freely available. You can get them only on request. And in some cases, they will have to pay a state duty in the range of 200-1500 rubles. And one moment. Registration in the Base of Rosreestr is conducted since 1997. So, some lands did not fall under the registration. And if after 1997 there were no manipulations with the plots, then they certainly are not in the Base. And there may be problems. But they can be solved if the right approach to the search.

Here are three options for how they can be solved:

  • contact the local authorities where they register and record all the issued land;

  • in PIBy district;

  • central archive of the Federal Register of Registrars, sometimes they have information, but not always.

How to find the owner of the land: search options

Central Register of the Federal Register of Registrars
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So, if the land plot was registered after 1997, here are some options for finding the owner of the plot:

  1. Contact the cadastral chamber, which stores all information about plot and its owner, listed in the cadastral passport. This service is free, you need to make a request with the cadastral number of the land area.

  2. You can contact the Federal Registration Service, which also stores information about the allotment and its owner. To do this, also need to make a request, which indicates the address of the site. A copy of the applicant's passport and a receipt for payment of the state duty must be attached to the application. Within five days the answer will be given.

  3. Although the cadastral engineer performs the land survey process, information about this procedure must be submitted to the local government administration.

  4. Surveying is an expensive procedure. Therefore, rarely does anyone seek the service of establishing exact boundaries if he does not have plans to privatize the plot. So, there is always information in the Land Accounting Office.

  5. In the tax office, because this organization collects taxes for real estate and for the use of the land itself.

How to find the owner of the land: search options

Land survey of

If it suddenly turns out that the land is not attached to anyone, it remains go to the village or city administration. Here can give an extract from the archive. It is issued for free. If it turns out that a legal entity owns the land, then all information about it can be obtained from the tax inspectorate.

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Fraud schemes

Land fraud is not uncommon. Many on it got burned. Therefore, lawyers always warn that any transactions should be carried out with the participation of specialists.But if there is no such possibility, then in carrying out the transaction the following documents should be requested from the seller:

  • certificate (certificate) on the right to land ownership;

  • an extract from the Unified State Register of Consumers (USRR);

  • act confirming that the land was privatized;

  • information from the housing department;

  • the same from the tax inspectorate;

  • agreement confirming the sale or purchase, or if the land plot fell into the owner’s hands by inheritance or donation method.

In all of this there is one subtle point related to the new Cadastral Code. It is written in it that can belong to several real estate investors for one land plot. For example, members of the same family. Therefore, acquiring a plot of land, you need to ask about it in advance. And if it turned out that the owner is not one, then it will be necessary to demand from the seller certified by a notary for sale permission from all shareholders.

How to find the owner of the land: search options

The land has always attracted fraudsters

You can find out how many people own the land in different ways:

  • in the tax inspectorate, which annually sends out references to property tax payment to all owners;

  • if the land plot is privatized, then information about the number of equity holders is in the privatization act, which stored by each of the owners of the allotment;

  • if the land plot is sold together with a house built on its territory, then information about shareholders is in the BTI.

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The Internet is an assistant in finding land owners

With the advent of the Internet, many bureaucratic obstacles have become easily surmountable. For example, Rosreestr has created a website where all the land plots of Russia are uploaded. Full information about them and their owners is stored here. To find out who owns this or that allotment, it is necessary to drive the cadastral number of the land plot into the search box. And then information about its owner will be highlighted.

But often there are situations when no one knows this cadastral number. The problem is solved simply. To do this, go to the section - "Public Map". Here is a map of Russia, which shows all the sites. You just need to find your region, the area where the necessary allotment is located. Click on it, and the screen will display information about the earth itself. That is, its area, boundaries and, of course, the cadastral number. After that, the resulting code must be driven into the search engine site. The end result is information about the owner of the land plot.

How to find the owner of the land: search options

Cadastral public map

What does the law say about abandoned plots

If you don’t find the owner of the abandoned land plot succeeded, it does not mean that the land is a draw. If it does not belong to the category of private ownership, then the territory belongs to the state. Therefore, the advice is to grab the seemingly no-man’s land, contact local government authorities. They decide who will transfer land to their possession.

As practice shows, such plots today are sold through auctions. Therefore, it is not a fact that your application will be considered on an individual basis. You will simply be invited to the auction, in which you can participate along with everyone.

The video tells you how to use the Rosreestr website:

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Conclusion - briefly about the main

Abandoned land is never ownerless. She always has an owner. Before you find the owner of the land, you must select one of the above methods. But it is better to go on a simpler path. And one of them is the Rosreestr website. Quickly, reliably and with complete information.

A little more attention

Abandoned land plots are rare today. They are quickly acquired in various ways and often illegal. I would like to hear from users in the comments your thoughts about such plots.

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