Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

In the design of suburban areas are increasingly using not only plants, but also stylish decor items. This article tells about a decorative garden mill, its varieties and practical applications. Criteria for selecting a design and optimal location are offered to your attention. After reviewing the proposed material, you will know exactly which mill will look most appropriate in a particular style.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Garden highlight

Types and sizes

For centuries the mills were practically the only mechanisms widely used in the economy. Before turning into a decor element, they brought tangible benefits: they ground the flour, worked at the sawmill, pumped out water, squeezed the oil out of the seeds. Having lost their economic importance, wind turbines gained a new profession; One of the most popular ways to decorate a country plot was the installation of a decorative mill. For the garden, this decision becomes the starting point for creating a comfortable resting place and decorating it in the chosen style. Whatever the design of the site, the mill of one of two types can be found:

  • Windmill . Such designs are made in a variety of styles and therefore fit perfectly into various landscape solutions. Most models have no moving parts, and their size ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. At the suburban area you can find miniature, the size of a garden gnome, windmills, making out flower beds, ponds and alpine slides. Larger constructions (sometimes up to two floors high) perform, as a rule, not only a decorative, but also a utilitarian role.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Design with moving wings
  • Water . The design is suitable for the area where there is a stream or pond. On the shore of the reservoir mounted wheel with blades, mounted on the axis. The water falling on the blade drives the wheel. It does not matter if there is no running water in the decorative pond; help install a small water pump. Simple mechanization will create a complete illusion of movement, and the mill will look more spectacular than a fountain or waterfall.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Making an artificial pond

Decoration and not only

For most people, the view mills, nestled among flowerbeds and fruit trees, gives rise to pleasant associations with fairy tales and childhood. For this reason, the owners are increasingly making it the central ornament of their site. Skillful combination of the old design with the rest of the decor elements (from the well and garden sculptures to the bridge and decorative carts) will give the site a unique, memorable look. In addition to the decorative role, the garden decorative mill successfully copes with several practical functions:

  • Disguise . Sewer, water or drainage hatch - not the most successful element of the decor, especially if the area is small. The windmill will hide the details of communications, retaining, importantly, access to the object.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Masking the technical hatch
  • Protection . It is important to protect the well or borehole from dust, sand and freezing.

  • Warehouse . In the depths of the mill, there can be a conveniently located hozblok with buckets, garden tools and other utensils, or a crane for watering flower beds and beds.

  • Game . The windmill can be turned into a fabulous detail of the playground - children will be grateful for their own, albeit tiny, living space.

  • Styling . The charming design with wide wings can have various style decisions and to be at the same time an ornament of constructions: arbors, barbecue zones, a multilevel flower bed or the doghouse.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Elegant solution for multi-level flower bed

How to choose and where to place

Windmills , with increasing interest in history, are becoming increasingly important decoration of the backyard territory. Companies offer a large selection of mills to the country. Some of them are equipped with a bearing mechanism, so that the blades begin to spin under the action of the weakest wind. Many organizations, thanks to their own production, are ready to execute an individual order by photo, sketch or drawing. When choosing a suitable model, you should rely on both personal preferences and the following considerations:

  • Size of the structure . If the future role of the purchase is purely decorative, the exact size is not so important, and you can choose according to your taste. If the building has additional functions, its size must be determined in advance. In any case, the product, located under the open sky, is covered with an antiseptic, protecting the wood from moisture, mold and insect pests.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Composition with colors
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  • Land area . In a small garden, a model of appropriate proportions will look organically. If space permits, you can think of a large-sized mill construction. Under appropriate conditions, it can bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also tangible benefits as a wind generator of electrical energy.

In order for the mill not to look like a ridiculous, alien element, it is necessary to decide exactly where it will be located. Choosing a suitable place, it is worth remembering that:

  • You should not install it under a large tree .

  • A windmill does not have a place in the center of the site, but you shouldn’t hide it in the backyards .

  • A windmill for a dacha will have a harmonious look surrounded by other , objects supporting the chosen style : a wooden bench, barrels or cart wheels.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Combined model
  • For installation, it is advisable to choose open space on a small hill (you can make a mound).

  • One of the most successful location options is near the pond .

  • The design with rotating wings will look most impressive. The final touch that marks the wind turbine will be lighting spotlights or neon lights.

About modern mills in the following video:

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Relevant styles

Before decorating the backyard territory with such a colorful structure, consider its correspondence to those elements and structures that are already in place or planned. Material production and style of the mill should not conflict with previous and future design decisions. For example, if the property is decorated in an impeccable classic style, the stone water mill will look natural, and the log one will be alien. Decorative mills are most appropriate, surrounded by the following landscape styles:

  • Traditional Russian style . It is also called rustic or retro. Required elements are wood products; The garden is decorated with garden furniture and figures of characters from Russian folk tales. The windmill (both wind and water) will harmoniously fit into the ensemble next to the gazebo, stylized as a hut, surrounded by daisies and sunflowers, apple trees and lilac bushes and raspberries. The windmill in the Russian style is often decorated with carvings and forging elements (lanterns, a grating on the window).

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Composition in Russian style
  • Medieval style . At the same time romantic and harsh design option, rarely found in our latitudes. The mill is usually located at the intersection of paths, surrounded by fruit trees and beds of medicinal herbs. The design of a decorative mill in the country can be made of both rough stone and artificially aged wood; Forged parts are welcome.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Medieval motifs
  • Dutch style . Original species with similar features to previous directions. Mill in the Dutch style has a recognizable look, so that it can be turned into a key part of the landscape. It is made either entirely of wood or with a stone base; surrounded by wooden flowers and a composition of stones. Nearby it would be appropriate to look well, an old cart-flowerbed or hedge from living plants.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Dutch style courtyard
  • Country . Also applies to village styles; in such a garden a wooden gazebo, carved benches and a wooden bridge look organic. And still here the water mill will perfectly fit. A simple wooden wheel is not the most attractive decoration. Therefore, near it, on the bank of a stream or pond, a decorative house with a front garden, carved platbands and a weather vane is installed. A place next to such a mill, equipped with a shed, benches and a brazier, will be an excellent recreation area.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

Country Style
  • Landscape (English style). The vegetation in the garden looks somewhat abandoned, all decorative elements are arranged as freely and naturally as possible. Against such a background, a wooden mill for country houses with artificially aged walls, roof and wings will look relevant.Any model - both light and tracery wooden, and cumbersome, with a stone foundation, will become an unsurpassed decor for photo shoots.

  • Oriental (Japanese) style . The noble simplicity of decorating a garden in Japanese is becoming more and more sought after each year; Japanese motifs are in perfect harmony with the houses in modern and industrial styles (hi-tech, loft). In such a landscape, only a water mill will look organic; the movement of the blades and the murmur of water will help to penetrate the pacifying spirit of Japanese life philosophy. Next to the mill, you can build a house, decorative garden furniture or hiding behind stone walls; will have a pagoda in the form of a gazebo. Graceful benches, conifers (fir and larch), fluffy coves, irises and ferns will help to emphasize the beauty of the recreation area.

Decorative mill for a garden - production of a mill for a garden (+ photo)

The charm of the water mill
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Often the mill is not used as the main but rather an auxiliary element of the decor. Such products have small (no more than one meter), and often miniature sizes, and are made of wood, fiberglass or polyresin (artificial stone). One or more of these windmills, made in ethnic style (Dutch, Spanish, Italian), will be the perfect complement to a flower bed or an open terrace.

If it seems to you that the appearance of your suburban area is missing a finishing touch, think - perhaps a pretty decorative (and not only) mill will help to change the situation.

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