Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

The article will discuss what functions the butterfly flower bed can perform, how it can be done, what materials can be useful for its execution. Dana tips on choosing plants for the care of curly arabesque. Photos and videos of finished flower gardens will prompt ways to create the described landscape element.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

The flower bed-butterfly - the beginning

In landscape design, flower beds and flower beds are not the main design elements. But they can not do without. With the help of flower compositions, you can make the main accents, form a zonality, mask small defects of the site.

There are different types of flowerbeds, experts distinguish them by functionality. Landscape-forming compositions are used to create a heterogeneous environment and visual elevation difference. Accent flowerbeds draw attention to themselves and distract it from other less attractive places. Decorative flower beds adorn the separate corners of the garden.

Well revives a boring smooth lawn landscape arabesque - carpet flowerbed. Admire it reminds admiration of the picturesque picture painted by nature itself. Arabesques can have a different shape, but more often landscape designers create flower beds, the outlines of which resemble the shape of an insect. The easiest way to break the flower beds in the form of a butterfly. For this you can use different technologies.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

Unusual design of the butterfly bed

Possible options for creating

The easiest way to draw an outline of an insect on the ground using any bulk material (sand, for example). On it, dig a trench and plant some flowers in it, the buds of which, when flowering, will create the image of a moth. It is better to choose low-growing plants for the indicated purposes.

If you want to do something more complicated, you need to try to form a voluminous butterfly. For this:

  • on the base with the help of sand the contour of the insect ;

  • is indicated inside the future calf, head and wings are formed tubercles from the soil ;

  • around them shallow trenches ;

  • in them one-color flowers are planted;

  • inside the contour on a small elevation plants are planted, which during flowering form dense and very fluffy buds .

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

Beautiful volumetric butterfly

In order for the butterfly to look beautiful, and the drawing had a clear outline, it is important to make The planting pattern for plants and the formation of the flower garden strictly follow it. Such a butterfly itself will become an original decoration of the garden, but it can be additionally decorated: to form a frame around it. Then the flower bed will be even more spectacular.

There are many ways to create arabesques. Gardeners amateurs take their first steps on the path of mastering technologies of landscape design using the simplest options. One of them is the use of multi-colored plastic bottles. Capacity of one and a half liters is painted with acrylic paint, designed for finishing the outer facade.

Then they are filled with sand, closed with a lid, and are dug neck down into the ground exactly half along the contour of the butterfly. The head of an insect is made of a five-liter eggplant. After creating the base, all its internal space is planted with low-growing flowers.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

A butterfly floating above the ground

A similar principle of execution has a flowerbed in the shape of a butterfly made of stone. It differs from the previous version in that the base of the contour is formed not by plastic bottles, but by fragments of stones or stone tiles. Such execution becomes justified when the stone is actively used to decorate the garden and there is a need to link together the individual elements of landscape design.

You can make the basis for a butterfly using a concrete solution. This preparation will help make a mobile flower garden, which, if necessary, will be easily transferred from place to place. But the most decorative is the flower butterfly floating above the ground. The technique of its manufacture is difficult, but every beginner amateur gardener can master it.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

A bed of plastic bottles

To do this, you need to find an old metal trough (it will allow you to make a little butterfly body), if it isn’t handy, fit any such capacity. In its absence, the body of the butterfly can be made from a sheet of thin metal. A small strip is pre-cut from it. It is bolted at the edges. The main thing is to make an oblong oval, the inner space of which will then be filled with fertile soil. Whatever serves as the basis for the manufacture of the body of an insect, several holes must be made at the bottom of the container. They are needed to remove excess water after irrigation.

For the manufacture of the wings, metal mesh is best suited for which the cells have very small dimensions. A pre-prepared pattern, then the base is made on it, its edges are bent and the sides are made. To give strength to the wings, experts recommend to make metal crossbars inside them, and then use opposite ends to connect them. Such a wire construction will be easy to attach to an oblong base with wire and metal bolts.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

A flower bed a butterfly collected using sheet metal
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Any perforated metal sheets can be used instead of a mesh. With the help of patterns, wings are cut from them. In order for them to be filled with fertile soil, high sides are bent on the sides, as is the case with a fine mesh.

The assembly of a butterfly flower bed begins with the installation of an insect body. Its base is first filled with soil and only then installed on the ground. It is important to make it so that the design is very stable. After that, you can fill the wings with soil and plant plants in it. In the center under them will have to make a selection of suitable height. They will support the design and will not allow metal parts to sink.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

Butterfly made by the hand of an experienced welder
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Plant selection

You can create a beautiful arabesque using certain plants. Planting together those that grow, have different heights, it is impossible: a bed visually will look sloppy. Arabesques are usually broken down on even green lawns filled with sunlight. Shade-loving cultures in such conditions grow very poorly. It is not necessary to plant light-loving flowers in the shade. This is the basic principle of the selection of plants. The appearance of the flowerbed will depend on the health of the gardening.

Carpet plants (coleus, festoka, sedum, stakhis) are best suited for these purposes. When they grow, their growth does not exceed 15 cm. Beautiful patterns are formed thanks to their textured leaves. If you want to make a butterfly completely out of blossoming flowers, you should give preference to ageratum, fuchsia, begonia.

Flowerbed butterfly - possible options

Divine beauty from flowers

Plants are planted in parts, strictly following the preliminary scheme. To make the result pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to carefully care for the arabesque: water in time, weed, weed, cut, remove faded buds and inflorescences.

It is possible to combine different types of plants, alternate planting annuals and perennials. The main thing is that they coincide in terms of flowering, height, color. The size of the arabesque can also be different. It all depends on personal preferences and the size of the site.

The video shows which elegant flower gardens can be made using the described technology:

This could be interesting! In the article on the following link read the full review of the existing types of flower beds and flower beds.

Generalization on the topic

It is pleasant, looking at the greenery around, to watch the soaring moths. But they do not always arrive at the garden plots. You can solve the problem by making a beautiful arabesque on the open lawn. Even a plain curly butterfly flower bed made of scrap materials will look great if you choose the right plants and make a neat outline. To do this, you just need to turn on the fantasy and make some effort. You should not buy expensive materials, on any site you can easily find something that can be useful for the implementation of the task.

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