Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The choice of the shape and design of the roof to cover the roofing material is an important factor in the study of architectural projects of private buildings. One of the traditional options - houses with a gable roof, is the most popular.

Such a roof construction provides reliable protection of the structure against any extreme weather conditions, assumes a variety of forms, relatively simple and inexpensive installation work. In this compilation a brief information is offered on the predominant features of gable roofs, ready-made versions of projects are presented.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

A house with a gable roof is the most popular format

The basic principles for choosing a roof

Giving preference to one or the other option, consider the following characteristics:

  • stability in the presence of wind loads and precipitation ;

  • duration of service and safety ;

  • simplicity (or complexity) of installation work;

  • price characteristics, laying a model configuration in the project can spend up to 25-30% of the total cost of construction;

  • external aesthetics a general view and compliance with the intended style.

The proven reliability of the gable construction allows its use both in capital construction structures and in small architecture formats - baths, gazebos, camping facilities.

The device and structural elements of the gable roof

The roof, consisting of two slopes, represents rectangular planes above the bearing walls of the building, connected at the top at a certain (very different) angle.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The rafter truss of the gable roof

The trusses of the construction are the trusses with functional purpose:

  • forming the frame framework of the roof required for a level surface of the slopes;

  • holding the outer and inner coatings;

  • uniform distribution of loads on wall panels.

Even this simplest knowledge of the basics will help you better navigate the cash calculations when designing a roof.

Simple gable roof

Gable roof houses usually involve the construction of rectangular shapes. In the regions of Russia, such houses have a number of significant advantages compared to other constructive solutions.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

A simple gable roof

The main advantages of this profile solution include:

  • accuracy and attractiveness of appearance;

  • is enough a simple device and a plain truss system;

  • a wide choice of roofing material due to the considerable reliability of fastening;

  • high-quality ventilation attic spaces;

  • easy release of the roof surfaces from any kind of precipitation due to the height of the angular slope, which is also significant makes the service life of roofing.

Depending on the type of roofing material, the slope and height of the ridge support is determined.

A small one-story house with a gable roof

A wide field of activity for the provision of projects of a one-story house with a gable roof are building partnerships of gardens. For temporary residence does not require a large area of ​​living space and relatively inexpensive projects of these houses are in well-deserved demand, as the best solution to the problem.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

One-storey house with a gable roof

The presented model variant has a minimal amount of additional space, but is very cozy. The one-story building is designed on a monolithic strip foundation:

  • with large attic space;

  • with external and internal bearing walls of cellular-concrete blocks and warming mineral wool ;

  • partitions of hollow ceramic brick;

  • with roofing floors made of wooden beams , designed for tile roofing.

A country house with a simple roof and a terrace

A short enough summer in the regions of Russia is best enjoyed in the comfort of covered additional extensions of your home. Variants of projects of a single-story house with a gable roof and a terrace offer very comfortable layouts with an original architectural solution.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

One-story house with a terrace and a gable roof

Overwhelmingly, the design of a one-story house with an adjoining terrace includes a second exit from the kitchen room, which creates additional amenities. The location of the terrace of the one-story building is usually planned from the "deaf" side of the house, opposite the main entrance.

Frame house using Canadian technologies

The use of frame houses with two roofs in suburban buildings gives not only a beautiful appearance, but also ensures reliability with very short construction times. Material costs for such housing are significantly lower than the level of costs for a typical building of other material.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The frame small one-story house with an attic

High-quality raw materials included in the constituent materials and the use of modern technology saves energy and reduces construction time even in the most difficult projects.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

Another frame house project

The duration of the installation work on the construction of a gable roof is also short-term, and on the choice of roofing material you can significantly to save.

Broken mansard roof

Such an option as a broken mansard structure causes some divergence of opinions on the expediency of its use.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The broken structure of the gable roof of the attic floor

It is quite difficult to design and construct, however, with proper engineering and construction solution , the advantages of such a structure are beyond doubt:

  • education additional floor space with living rooms;

  • reduced load on the structure during winter snowfalls;

  • possibility of creative solutions with the creation of terrace platforms and small loggias or balconies that will give the house some kind of indie idualnost.

The assembly version of work is carried out in stages, part of which is carried out on the ground. The order and choice of roofing materials occurs at the request of the customer and is almost unlimited.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

Ease of construction and versatility in operation - the reason for the popularity of the gable roof
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses - two-storey with an attic (1.5 storey) - from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country". A wide selection of 47 projects of modern and classic one-and-half houses for as low as 215,000, among which you probably have yours.

Two-storey houses with beautiful gable roofs

The roof of a two-story house should proportionally correspond to the whole building and not represent a massive “cap” of the mushroom giant. Beautiful roofs of a 2-storeyed house with two slopes have the additional name gable, and are the simplest version of the pitched structure. Simplicity of installation works significantly reduces the cost of construction.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

A two-story house with a spectacular gable roof

The advantages of installing a gable roof include:

  • impressiveness attic space, where you can place storage rooms, items of technological equipment, or simply equip a residential floor option;

  • high-quality thermal insulation lower residential premises.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

A variant of the gable roof of a two-story house

The minus variant includes a significant fundamental area of ​​the structure, which naturally increase the roofing area.

A hut house with a gable roof to the ground

The option of a country household with a gable roof that rests on the base of the fundamental fill is the optimal solution for living in climatic conditions with high humidity. The project of a house with a gable roof to the ground represents the shortest period of construction work due to the lack of masonry work on the construction of walls and pouring the foundation under them. Accordingly, the prices of such houses are relatively not high.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

Incredibly attractive and cozy home-hut

The main advantage of this project is reliable protection of the foundation and other structures of home ownership against moisture in abundance rain and snow fallout. A variety of design solutions allows you to blend in quite harmoniously with any kind of country landscape - pine and deciduous forests, ordinary countryside, open steppe or mountain slopes.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of turnkey design and construction of country houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Western emigrant - the roof of the "chalet"

A constructive solution to this version of the roof finds an advantage in the north of our country. Projects of such a roof are used in the cold regions of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and France is considered the birthplace of such roofs.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The exquisite houses of the chalet

The design of the two slopes is characterized by a wide offset, which was necessary to shelter the herds from the snow drifts.Nowadays, this configuration is often used as a deck over a terrace area and protection from strong winds.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

House with large wide and sloping slopes

In any case, this roofing device with large, sloping slopes and wide eaves is good has established itself in regions with heavy snowfall and wind loads. But at the same time, building a house with a non-standard format decision will require the mandatory development of a project that is distinguished by a certain complexity and price decision.

Video project of a house with a gable roof and attic space:

Choice of a roof covering for a gable roof

Green houses with

a gable roof A green lawn on the roof is an innovative technology that allows you to transform the most ordinary-looking building and increase the effect of any engineering solution.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

A lawn on a gable roof
It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the technology of construction of the gable roof and its rafter system under the corrugated flooring.

The Russian masters borrowed the technology of warming, reconstruction and decoration of the roof from Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish specialists. The advantages of gabled houses with a “sod roof” include:

  • Reinforced construction and long service life. The density of vegetation cover creates reliable protection of the roof against any mechanical damage, temperature drops and other anomalies of atmospheric phenomena. Green roofing can last without any problems for 20-25 years.

  • The efficiency of using rainfall . Soil litter (with overgrown plant roots) retains about 25-30% of moisture, which prevents the probability of spontaneous stormwater flow and increases " crop yield " green cover.

  • Significant noise and temperature insulation of the interior. Layers of turf soil on the sloping slopes of the eco-roof serve as an excellent heat conductor and help to maintain comfortable temperature conditions inside the house and beat the outside noise.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The eco-roof still looks like a miracle building

The disadvantages of this wonder-structure include:

  • heaviness of roofing - about 50 kg per m2;

  • high cost due to the use of expensive environmental materials;

  • complexity in carrying out installation work - creating an eco-miracle requires additional preparation of the project, taking into account the load on the supporting elements base roof.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

House with an emerald lawn on the roof

According to the recommendations of experts, you should not convert a finished gable roof into an emerald lawn, old foundation and roof trusses simply will not bear the weight of additional coverage.

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The most optimal and low-cost solutions

To give preference to one or another roofing material is a difficult and very important step for the construction customer. His choice determines the service life and ease of operation of the roof. The most popular, relatively inexpensive types of coating are ondulinovye sheets with a rough surface type slate

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

The recognized leader is ondulin

or profile flooring with galvanized coated wave-shaped section.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

Another popular roofing material - galvanized corrugated wave

Ondulin roofs are lightweight, standard color choices and trouble-free, quick , easy styling. The galvanized profile is slightly cheaper than the "rubber" coating, but can corrode within 2-3 years. Any choice does not preclude the use of metal tiles, as the most beautiful, reliable and durable roofing flooring.

Photo cottages with a 2 sloping roof, price

Metal tile in the range

Overview of the gable roof of a one-story house in a Finnish style:

It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about two mini-cottages, as ancillary extensions to a house on the mountainside in Mill Valley, California .

Summary of the topic

In any case, the choice is always up to the customer, he simply should first take into account the weather conditions of the region where he lives and calculate the resources of his financial expenses.


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