The right approach to the choice of bath

The popularity of baths, saunas and steam rooms in low-rise construction is confirmed by statistics, which says that every fifth visitor comes to the exhibition "Low-Rise Country" just after the bath. But in order to order a steam room that is right for you, you need to take into account quite a lot of nuances - besides the planning project itself, you must first choose the material for construction, decide on the construction technology and select a responsible construction company.

The right approach to the choice of bath

A good bath should be suitable for the whole family

Build yourself or order

Starting to build a bath, people Traditionally, the first step is to access the Internet. After studying the information in the network, one may get the impression that building a bath is a simple matter that does not require special preparation. The Internet offers a huge amount of advice on how to build a bath with your own hands. And then, already during the construction of the bath, and most often already during its further operation, you will learn about such a huge amount of nuances that you will not meet even with the construction of an ordinary apartment building.

The right approach to the choice of bath

Examples of baths from the Kedr company

What you should think about first

Future owners of the baths Sometimes they do not think at all about how their bath will be used, for example, in the winter. But this is very important! Thermal insulation of the bath should be such that could withstand the temperature drop from +90 ° C in the steam room to -35 ° C outside. And such a large temperature drop invariably leads to the appearance of condensate, which will necessarily affect the service life of the materials from which the bath is made. And it is better not to take foam plastic as thermal insulation - although it does not deteriorate due to condensation, mice like to settle in it.

Floor covering

You should not make the floor cement and put tile on it if the bath is a separate house, which is also not heated in winter. There is a high probability that the floor and tile on it will crack.

Air Circulation

The bath should have a well thought-out air circulation - inlet in the floor area and exhaust in the ceiling area. And between the insulation and the wall should be a gap of at least 5 cm for air circulation and prevent the formation of condensate.

The right approach to the choice of bath

Properly designed ventilation system is an essential component of engineering systems in the bath


Sewage should not blowing, the pipe from the stove must be installed with regard to all fire-prevention wisdom and to the desired height above the ridge of the roof, the electrical wiring must be special - for wet rooms with high temperatures. This is only a small fraction of what should be provided for.

What the exhibition offers

For all that, baths are traditionally in demand: they are set up and built in country houses and in cottages, both separately and as part of a house or household building, as on the first floor , and in the basement of the house. So how to be, if not everyone has a special education, which allows to build a bath without assistance? The visitors of the exhibition "Low-Rise Country" found the answer to this question. Every fifth visitor comes to the exhibition just after the bath.

And what does the exhibition offer? And the exhibition presents almost complete palette of baths. There are bath-drums from the company "Bani shop" from spruce wood and from the company "Cedar" from Siberian cedar. Bath-barrel is convenient because it is installed on the site in just one hour, and therefore does not require a long presence of the construction site and the builders on the site. In the bath, thought out steam room and a place to relax.

The right approach to the choice of bath

Bath-barrel from the company Bani shop

Cedar bath-houses

In addition, the bath made from cedar wood, possesses in itself a number of useful properties (phytoncides produced by cedar detrimental effect on the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi; cedar strengthens the cardiovascular and immune system).

A more sophisticated version of the bath is presented at the exhibition by the company Minicomic. These are transportable baths. The ready transport bath consists of three sections located one after another: a rest room, a shower room and a steam room. The installation time of such a bath is also measured by one or two hours. The company also "Minicomik. Py" offers prefabricated baths with a installation time of two to four weeks. Bath can be selected in size from 3 * 5 to 6 * 6 meters.


More sophisticated saunas - called “Banya-chalet” - are offered by SHELF.

The right approach to the choice of bath

Banya Chalet from SHELF

The right approach to the choice of bath

Bath Interior from SHELF

There are several reasons for building a bath-chalet:

  • This sauna includes not only a steam room, shower room and toilet, but also a living room and the kitchen.

  • Bani-chalets are a very convenient option for both those who are just developing their land and for owners of cottages. In the latter case, in one fell swoop, you can get a bath with a very comfortable place to relax, and, on occasion, a guest house.

  • The bath-chalet has a very respectable appearance and is suitable for almost any part.

A few more nuances of choosing a bath look in the video:

How to decide what to choose

There are a lot of construction solutions for the construction of a bath and choosing the best option for your family is very easy to get confused in the proposed options. If there is no direct experience in the construction and operation of a bathhouse for a country house, then the right decision will be to turn to specialists who will help you make the right choice taking into account all your requirements.

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