what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

A barbecue grill is a device for even roasting meat. The large surface area serves for optimum product placement at the right distance from the fire. The article will tell you what properties should have a barbecue grill, varieties, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

Barbecue Grill

Varieties of Barbecue Grills

A large species variety of barbecue nets are on sale, differing form, material of manufacture, purpose. It is time to get confused about which model to give preference, how they differ from each other.

Popular materials for making gratings

The barbecue grid is made of various materials, the cost of which affects the final price of the product:

  • Iron - affordable, but not durable, as able to burn out and be covered by corrosion. They require thorough care after cooking - you need to wash and dry well. It should not be forgotten that iron can oxidize. Therefore, use without exposure to an acidic environment. The price tag on such a lattice starts from 150 rubles.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

The iron lattice requires special care
  • Cast iron - durable anti-corrosion, long serve your life. Ideal for stationary stoves. The cast iron is enveloped with fat over time, which contributes to a uniform roasting of the products and their non-adherence to the metal. Because of the large weight, cast iron on the brazier is not recommended, it is better to purchase a stainless steel model. The price of cast iron grids starts from 1500 and can reach up to 12-15 thousand rubles.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

Cast iron grates are ideal for stationary stoves
  • Steel - from stainless steel, distinguished by ease, anti-corrosion. Easy to wash. Stainless steel barbecue grills to buy good for cooking kebabs in the campaign. The only drawback is that due to the thin coating they quickly lose their luster. This is a fairly inexpensive option - to get a steel grille will turn out for 300-800 rubles.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

The steel grate is easy to wash

The shapes of the grids

Barbecue grills vary in form:

  • round are universal nets suitable for cooking casseroles, pizza, as well as for meat, vegetables, poultry;

  • elongated - used for frying meat, vegetables;

  • flat - designed for roasting small pieces of meat and fish;

  • with a recess are convenient for baking vegetables.

They differ in various handles, both in form and material. Large models with two handles are most convenient for use. Wood is desirable, since they do not heat up; you can remove the grid without using scrap materials.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

The most convenient to use are lattices with two handles
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Suitable for picnics with removable handles. Putting in the oven, the handle is removed, and only when you need to turn over or pull out the product, it is again attached. Therefore, it does not heat up. And accordingly serves a long time.

Lattices can have a large and small mesh size, large ones are convenient for frying large pieces of meat, and when baking vegetables it is better to use with a fine grid so that the products do not fall into a fire.

There are one-sided and two-sided, two flaps of which press the product and hold it during frying. Usually they are with a handle, holding for which, you can turn the grid over for even roasting of food.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

Grill for roasting vegetables

General recommendations for choosing a grill for a barbecue

Having familiarized yourself with the types of grills, you easier to make a choice when purchasing. If you are going out of town with a large company, then you should buy a grid for a barbecue of appropriate sizes for frying a large portion of meat. A small portion of kebab will require a miniature grid.

If we consider which material to prefer, then there is no definite answer, it all depends on the frying conditions. Stationary barbecue is better equipped with a cast-iron grating.

Due to the heavy weight of the cast iron, it is difficult to drag it with you from place to place. Such a grid will withstand repeated frying of large portions of kebab, steak, vegetables. Products turn out tasty, with a beautiful ruddy crust.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

"Napoleon" - a zugunnaya lattice with side doors, the price is about 6000 rubles
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While camping, a barbecue grill is better to buy from a stainless steel, since its insignificant weight will not impede transportation. Lovers of tasty food should have many species intended for a particular product. If you rarely use the services of a barbecue, then you should get an in-depth mesh, which is suitable for preparing many dishes. The flat form is suitable for roasting meat, and in-depth grids are preferable for vegetables, and deep ones for poultry.

Barbeque grills are available for sale, the price of which is slightly higher than the usual ones - these are non-stick grids. They are convenient, but it should be noted that with long-term use, damage to the coating and excretion of substances that are not very beneficial to the body is possible.

Some masters make barbecue grills themselves, if you are not satisfied with the size, shape, you can contact the craftsmen who will make the model according to your needs.

Before use, do not forget to ignite on the fire. Usually the net after the first use changes its color, it is a natural phenomenon. Perhaps sticking meat to the grid. After repeated use, the products roast normally.

what can you buy grill grates in Moscow

Cast iron grill for the Big Green Egg L, price about 4500 rubles

From the video you can find out how easy it is to clean the grill:

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The right choice of grill grate is the key to a comfortable rest and tasty lunch or dinner in nature, therefore, you cannot approach the desired option with a light-handed approach. View options, compare prices, features, and the grill will surely delight you with tasty and healthy dishes

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