Unique handmade home

The house of manual cutting is a solid and impressive structure with the beauty of the tree. This construction technology has a long history and is associated with reliability and loyalty to traditions. Like any technology, hand-cutting has its own characteristics that need attention for everyone who dreams of such a house.

Unique handmade home

A modern project of a hand-made house

The technology specialists and owners of hand-cut houses will help us to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

What are good house chopping houses

  1. Special appearance . Traditional style in combination with modern finishing materials and wood impregnation gives greater freedom to individualize each individual project.

  2. 100% natural wood . The use of fakes is simply excluded.

  3. Durability . Due to the fact that the tree is practically intact, it remains in the log house 3 (!) Times longer than a rounded log.

  4. Breathable walls . During construction, steam and waterproofing films and membranes are not used.

  5. A variety of corner cuts . The corner of the log house can be given a different appearance: even without residue - in the paw, with the remainder - a bowl (Russian and Canadian), a tampered comb, half a tree in a half-tree, a rump in, okhryap, and this is not the limit.

  6. Ability to change the project during construction . Choosing a rounded log, you get an already sawed domokomplekt, and in this case it is very difficult to change the project. Logs for the house of manual cutting are customized on the spot, so that it can be rescheduled.

Unique handmade home

The facade of the "Cedar" project from the eponymous company

  1. Undemanding to finish . Hand-crafted wooden walls are beautiful on their own, you just need to process them with special impregnations.

  2. Possibility to choose wood of any thickness . The thickness of the logs depends on the delivery options

  3. Predictability of shrinkage . The frame gives minimal deviations during shrinkage.

  4. Environmentally friendly and beneficial effect of wood on the body . A house built of coniferous wood, emit phytoncides that disinfect the air. And the smell of tar helps to cope with insomnia and headache.

Disadvantages of hand-cut houses

  1. The manual work of professional carpenters is expensive . In addition, there are not so many good craftsmen capable of competently chopping down a house.

  2. The quality of the construction of the house directly depends on the professionalism of the builders . For the same reason you should not try to save on labor.

  3. Additional cabins for the duration of work . Heavy logs with a length of 6 meters are hard to roll, so future owners should think in detail about the accommodation and life of builders.

  4. Walls need careful caulking . And even more thoroughly than a house made of logs. This process is more lengthy and expensive, because the gaps between the logs can be uneven.

Unique handmade home

The interior of the hall in the house of hand-cutting from the company "RusTerem"

  1. Big risk to buy low quality timber . It is difficult for a non-professional to understand and determine that he is buying diseased trees or material that has not passed the natural drying cycle. The question of the choice of material is better to entrust the construction company performing the work.

  2. Long shrinkage period . This "inevitable evil" when building a house from hand-cut logs is smoothed only by the possibility of dividing the construction budget into several parts.

  3. Risk of cracking . Experts believe that the main mistake of the owners of wooden houses is the improper start of heating in them. If, starting to heat the house, immediately bring the temperature to a comfortable for a person, 20 ° C, the walls will be covered with many deep cracks. It should be warmed up gradually: start at 8 ° C in the first week and bring the temperature to 20 ° C within 3-4 weeks.

  4. Possibility of only wooden exterior decoration . Under any other frame, alas, may begin to rot.

  5. Impossibility of hidden installation of communications . Of course, "if it is impossible, but you really want it, then you can" - with a very big desire, you can hide the wiring in the logs. But in this case you will have to face at least two global problems. First, you will have to think carefully about the layout (since you can later add sockets only by an open method or disassemble the house), and secondly, such work will result in an immodest penny (and this is very mildly speaking).

Unique handmade home

The interior of the hand-cut house from RusTerem - the second floor

To understand the scale of the problem, you need to know that GOSTs allow you to do hidden wiring in a wooden house only if the wires are put into steel pipes, which in turn must be somehow hidden in the logs. And even if just horizontal wiring is very difficult, then when laying vertical pipes, it will be necessary to take into account the shrinkage of the log house ...
  1. Different thickness of the ends of the logs . And it can spoil the look of the house.

  2. Additional fire safety measures . It is necessary to take into account all standard precautions when protecting a tree: special impregnations and thoroughness of electrics.

You can clearly see the manual cutting technology in the video:

Where you can find out more

At the exhibition "Low-Rise Country", the technology of building hand-cut houses is presented by the companies Kedrov and RusTerom. You can not only inspect the facades and interiors of hand-cut projects, but also ask your questions to the experts!

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