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Small single-storey cottages are one of the most popular private housing options available today. Therefore, projects of single-storey houses up to 100 sq. M are in high demand. In all regions of our country, according to such projects, many comfortable and comfortable cottages are being built, in which, despite their compactness, all the necessary planning elements are accommodated.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

One-story cottage

Why one-story houses up to 100 sq. M. m. so popular

The demand for single-storey residential buildings of a small area is explained by their important advantages. They are suitable for construction on difficult sites. Namely:

  • in areas of 3-4 acres in size;

  • in elongated narrow land plots;

  • in areas with weak soil or high groundwater storage.

The peculiarity of the small plots is not only that they cannot build a large cottage, but also that the buildings of neighboring houses are located very close to the separation boundary, and, accordingly, to a friend. In order to preserve the intimacy of your own household, and not to embarrass your neighbors, it is better to build one-storied residential buildings on such sites.

If the site is characterized by difficult ground conditions, then it may not be possible to build a two-story structure on it because of the high pressure on the foundation. But one-story houses, especially from lightweight building materials, can be built in almost any conditions.

In size, compact single-storey cottages are suitable for the permanent residence of a small family or for seasonal country holidays. Their main advantages are economical heating and simple maintenance. In addition, a small one-story house can be built very quickly and with minimal financial investment.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

Example of a one-story house up to 100 sq. M for a small plot

Features of compact construction

Houses up to 100 sq. m, projects whose projects are used in modern suburban construction have all the necessary conditions for comfortable living. When developing their planning, the most effective achievements in the field of design are used.

To save internal space, the guest area is usually planned to be open, that is, without partitions between the kitchen, dining room and living room. Often, even the entrance hall is planned either by a group completely combined with the rest of the premises, or it is conditionally separated by a column, a partial partition, etc.

Another important architectural move is that the premises provide space for installing spacious built-in wardrobes owners use a minimum of furniture for storage. Helps save space and a small pantry. She herself will take some space, but will avoid cluttering the rooms.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

Open planning of the guest area

Common variants of layouts

It is very important in any cottage to provide for the separation of the sleeping area from guest. House plans of up to 100 m² are also being developed with this requirement in mind. The method of dividing into zones depends on the shape of the cottage. In the square in terms of cottages sleeping rooms are often referred as far as possible from the entrance.

If the house has an elongated shape, the rooms in it are divided into right and left wings. Accordingly, the guest area is located in one wing, and the sleeping in the other. The bathroom is located in the center of the layout, about the same distance from all living rooms.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

Two-wing House
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of one-story houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

Finished projects of houses from different materials

A country house can be built according to an individual or standard project. Individual architectural developments are quite expensive, and require a lot of time to prepare. But at the same time they take into account any wishes of customers. A typical project is an architectural product that is offered to private developers in a ready-made form.

Planning options for a small house are limited due to its size. All these options are already presented in a typical design. Therefore, planning the construction of a compact house is better to choose one of the ready-made developments.

Today, leading construction companies offer their clients projects of two-storey houses up to 100 sq. M from different materials. If desired, you can inexpensively purchase architectural documentation for the construction of a building made of bricks, porous blocks, foam, or aerated concrete, wood, and vulture panels.

Cottages made of foam blocks are especially well represented. This economical lightweight material allows you to build quickly and efficiently. And the houses of it are distinguished by high heat saving, good sound insulation, fire resistance.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

House of foam blocks


A small house requires a careful approach not only to the development of internal planning, but and to the creation of design facades. General design principles work here. To make the house visually more solid and presentable, its facades do not need to be “split up” with decorations and contrasting color transitions. Best of all look at houses with expensive furnish by light materials.

To make the building look stylish and interesting, you can use such techniques - carefully “draw” the porch, beautifully arrange window openings, think through a harmonious combination of shades of facades and roofing. It is possible to choose a separate color shade for each facade, or to combine several well-combined dim colors.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

Facade of a one-story house
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

How to choose the right project for a residential house

A finished project must be developed in accordance with all technical and planning requirements and standards. It is not necessary to study these norms. However, in order to have confidence in the quality of the acquired architectural products, it is necessary to apply only to major well-known construction companies with an impeccable reputation.

The best option is to conclude an agreement on the implementation of all construction and design work with one construction company. In this case, you can not be afraid of the fact that the house will be built in bad faith, and the builders and the architect will shift the responsibility for the mistakes made to each other. In addition, having a contract for a complex of services, the client receives some privileges - for example, getting the selected model project for free, as a bonus.

Project Examples

House Projects up to 100 sq. M. m are different - with a garage, terrace, basement, bay window or their combinations.

Project of a house with a garage

The presence in the project of a garage extension guarantees residents certain additional amenities. The garage in the form of an extension takes up less space on the plot, it is possible to store inventory and conservation in it, it allows you to get into the car without leaving the house.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

The layout of a one-story house with a garage up to 100 sq. M fire hazard, which must be duly insulated. The partition wall must be of non-combustible materials. It is desirable to acquire such projects in which a separation buffer is provided in the form of a vestibule or corridor, as in the variant presented here.
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House project with a terrace

A house with a terrace is not only beautiful, modern and functional. It is also just an indispensable option for small areas. On the terrace you can organize a complete recreation area in the fresh air. In many cases, the terrace during the warm summer season completely replaces the dining room. If desired, on the terrace you can equip the whole kitchen with a stove, grill, sink.

There are two types of terrace layout. In the first case, it is part of the main facade and serves as an entrance porch. This type of location is suitable for households in which the main part of the yard is located in front of the house, and the courtyard is missing. If the house will stand in the middle of a sufficiently spacious plot, it is better to choose a project with a separate terrace at the rear or side facade, with exit from the living room (ka on the presented project).

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

House project with a terrace

Project of a one-story small house with a bay window

Most economical in building and operating a house - These are rectangular structures that do not have complex architectural elements. But some private developers want to have even a small, but memorable original cottage. Look very impressive at home with bay windows. For the internal layout of the bay window is an accent complement around which you can build the whole concept of interior design.

The fully glazed bay windows look good. In the bay window, you can place a dining room or living room. But this is optional. It can be an excellent decoration of the bedroom or office.

prices in Moscow, options for planning, photos

Project of a house with a bay window

For a few more beautiful projects of one-story houses, see the video:

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A large number of standard projects allows you to choose the layout of the house to your liking, and if there are any additional requests, then make the desired changes to the project you like.The main thing when ordering the construction of the house to contact a reliable construction company, which gives a guarantee on their work, prescribed in the contract agreement.


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