Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

In this article we will reveal the secrets of proper home decoration. We will tell you how to competently achieve maximum comfort in the room. After reading the material you will learn how to choose the right design project of the house, which will take into account the preferences of all residents and create maximum comfort in the use of any room.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Design project of a house

It is possible to competently compile this kind of documentation only by contacting experts. This is a guarantee that the compatibility of the interior of the various rooms will be taken into account and the materials that will best suit the chosen interior will be chosen correctly.

Design project: what it is

Many clients who apply to the company for the design of the house are not fully aware of what kind of documentation is involved and what level of complexity of work is implied. Often there is an association with the project of the apartment, which is misleading for people who have never encountered this. After all, the design of the house and its further design - the process is much more complex and requires more knowledge.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

House planning is a complex process.

The main differences between the design project for a country house and the apartment building are:

  • different areas buildings and premises;

  • need to pay more attention to zoning rooms;

  • the need to choose matching styles for each of the rooms , which can be quite a lot;

  • development of the communication layout (which are foreseen in the apartment);

  • the need to take into account the features and the appearance of the surroundings.

Therefore, to compile such kind of documentation for a non-expert is an almost impossible task. Without specific knowledge, there is a high probability of making serious mistakes that can lead not only to incompatible room design, but also to significant inconvenience in using the room.

That is why there are a number of firms that provide services for the creation of design projects. Specialists work through all the features, take into account the nuances and form ready-made documentation that makes the most efficient use of the available space and takes into account all the wishes of the customer.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Special companies are engaged in creating design projects.

However, even when giving everything into the hands of specialists, it is necessary to understand what a design project means what it consists of and what it relies on.

What enters the service

No matter what company you turn to, there are a number of points that must be included in the design project creation service. First of all, it is a trip to the site, during which all the details and features of the building are specified. The measurements of the premises and preliminary coordination of the future project with the designer are carried out.

He will always advise and tell you what you should pay more attention to. It is with him that you can accurately determine which design is best for the room. Consultation also allows you to avoid various misunderstandings and illogicalities of the order. After that, an exact technical task is compiled, according to which the project will be compiled.

At the same time, any company offers several solutions from which you can choose the one that you like best. Moreover, any suggestions and corrections are always accepted, because the main goal of the contractor is to satisfy the customer. Many companies also offer a ready-made design project of a country house.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Ready design project

At the same time, absolutely all nuances are planned, such as:

  • location of sockets, lamps, chandeliers and other electronics;

  • plan for placing underfloor heating, heating equipment and air conditioning;

  • location plumbing equipment.

Many companies also provide customers with a 3D model of the final project. This can be included in the basic cost or be an additional service.

Features of the design project development

To fully understand what is happening, you need to familiarize yourself with some general concepts regarding the creation of design projects for cottages and room planning.

One of the important features of country houses is the presence of several floors. Therefore, when developing a design project, it is imperative that you consider in advance the placement and assignment of rooms.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

When creating a project, you need to think in advance about the purpose of the rooms

In the end, everything should be arranged so that the most frequently used rooms are as accessible as possible, and places requiring solitude, such as the bedroom, were as far as possible from the stairs along which movement always takes place. It also takes into account the floor layout.Each time it is tedious to climb to the second or third floor, therefore constantly visited rooms such as a bathroom, kitchen, and dining room are located on the first floor.

When working through the premises it is necessary to take into account the initial location of the wiring, ventilation, gas pipes and other communications. If the design project involves the demolition or installation of walls, absolutely all the nuances are taken into account. If necessary, develop a new scheme of wiring or plumbing pipes.

Types of styles

In order to determine exactly what you want to see in the final project and bring this information to the contractor, you need to understand the main existing styles.

Consider each: its features, scope and compatibility.

  • Provence . A classic design style that came to us from France that brings peace and tranquility. Special refinement as if brings closer to nature and creates an atmosphere of relaxation. Key features of the style are: pastel colors, paintings of landscapes, whitewashed walls, the use of forging and the presence of floral ornaments on the fabric elements. From the materials used boards, decorative plaster and glazed brick. A distinctive feature - white window frames with a large number of sections. The color scheme is pastel, necessarily a large amount of textiles.

In the video you can see the house in the style of "Provence":

  • Country . Perhaps the closest to nature style, sustained in the tradition of rural homes. Equipped such premises, mainly wooden furniture. There are many varieties of country music, however, they all have a number of common key features. This is a restrained color scheme, the absence of any frills in the decoration, original elements of decor (forged or even handmade), a maximum of natural materials and textural furniture. The room is always aged in the same color, and openwork curtains are placed on the windows.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Design in the style of "Country"
On our site you can find the most popular ones in the Moscow region land for the construction of a country house. In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.
  • Arabic . It is always a luxurious interior decoration. At the same time, the decorative elements themselves do not have to be expensive - the main thing is that they look luxurious. It does not use images of something alive; instead, there are a huge number of complex patterns and arabesques. A characteristic feature of the Arabic style is a large amount of textiles. A must-have element is a canopy bed, which is placed in the middle of the bedroom. Also important is a large number of lighting fixtures.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Design in Arabic style
  • Minimalism . This is a very popular trend, applying objects of the correct form, restrained color range and implying a large amount of free space. The preferred black and white gamma, which allows the use of small color accents. It is worth thinking about the possibility of installing a glass wall or panoramic windows. Cabinets are selected with the maximum number of shelves and various compartments. There are many similarities with hi-tech, therefore, these styles are often combined.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Design in the style of Minimalism
  • High tech . Very original style with avant-garde elements. Maximum functionality combined with concise design. In this style, it is important to use modern, functional technology, all sorts of metal elements, glass tables and the use of monochrome colors. However, it should be borne in mind that this style is characterized as "cold", so many lack a certain amount of comfort in it.

In the video, you can see a high-tech overview of the house

  • English . Another classic style that is characterized by solid furniture and aristocracy. Striped wallpapers are most often used, antiques are placed in the room, and the color scheme requires maximum compatibility. Excellent will look different bronze and brass products, paintings, as well as furniture made of dark wood. It is preferable to use fabrics such as flax and velvet. Also, the presence of leather items.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Design in English
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  • American Style . In this case, the zoning is due to the correct placement of furniture, and the room itself is aged in pleasant beige shades. It is important that the walls are smooth. They can be either covered with plaster or decorated with wallpaper. However, the drawing should not be large.In this style, you can use not only classic curtains, but also blinds or Roman curtains. The lighting is warm, the chandelier is complemented with all kinds of sconces and floor lamps.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

American-style decoration
  • Chalet . Another French, very romantic style. The main materials are wood and stone, creating a special comfort in the room. It is recommended to install panoramic windows. The furniture used is massive. It is behind her hidden appliances. The lighting is created multi-level, and the interior is complemented by various skins and stuffed animals, candles and chandeliers in the old style. Beautiful decor can serve as a weapon on the wall.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

Chalet-style decoration

After reading these styles, you can determine exactly which You want to see the design project of the interior of the house and you can easily explain it to the designer. Perhaps the use of only one style, and a combination of several. You can make different styles in different rooms, thus placing an accent in the house or choose your own symbiosis.

Consultation with a professional designer will allow you to avoid mistakes and to achieve truly compatible elements. It is important that all the interior of the house: furniture, decoration, decor, appliances - in harmony with each other.

If you have a large family, it is important to take into account the wishes of each member - after all, you will live in the house together, and the wrong interior can worsen the atmosphere, cause irritability or other negative emotions.

Features of the design of rooms

Each room has its own individual nuances that need to be considered when developing a design project. Briefly consider the key nuances relating to each of the types of premises.

  • Hallway . There should not be unnecessary elements and trash. This is the most functional room.

  • Living room . The basic rule is comfort. A properly furnished room should be comfortable for the owners and their guests, let them rest and have a great time.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

The main rule of the living room is the cosiness
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  • Sleeping . Maximum hidden from prying eyes room. The interior should be pleasant, and like, first of all, the one who will sleep in it.

  • Kitchen . It is important that this room is combined with other rooms of the house. Arrange the furniture is necessary so that everything you need can be got quickly and easily. Remember: the speed and comfort of cooking depends on the arrangement of furniture.

  • Bathroom . Also should be combined with other rooms. It is worth considering the location of the future plumbing and all household appliances. Decide in advance which bathroom you prefer: joint or separate.

  • Children's . The basic rule of the room is brightness. It is important to take into account the child’s age, gender and interests. It is worth thinking about zoning, so that the child has a separate place for recreation, games and study.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

When designing a nursery, it is important to consider the age of the child

Also in a country house there can be a mansard and a mantel, which also have their own design features. In any case, a specialist will always point out all the nuances associated with the development of a design project for finishing a house in a particular room. If your chosen solution has serious flaws, the designer will definitely indicate this and suggest alternative solutions.

Cost of the service

Many people are interested in the possible cost of the service before ordering the interior design of the house. You always want to save, however, in this case it is desirable to achieve a balance between the range of services provided and their final cost.

Interior design of country houses and cottages: design options, prices

House Project

Different companies can have both a fixed rate and a number of packages that include certain services. In this case, all calculations are in any case conducted from the total squaring of the room.

On average, exclusively planning works cost from 900 rubles per square meter, a full set of documents with detailed study, including plumbing and wiring - from 1500 rubles. If we are talking about a detailed model and a complete study that takes into account the materials used - from 2000 rubles per square meter.

Quality of work and reasonable price - often, these two factors are fundamental when choosing a specialist for design. But not everyone likes to ring up design studios and ask about the cost of work. Therefore, many companies offer their customers the opportunity to use a calculator to calculate the approximate cost. Of course, he will not name the exact amount, but it’s quite realistic to ask for the services through a calculator.

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A house design project is one of the fundamental documents on which many works are based. It is strongly recommended to use for its preparation, the services of professionals is a guarantee not only of speed, but also of the quality of the calculations.


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