Eco style - the rules for creating interior

The article will talk about what an eco style is, what basic features it has, what rules need to be followed when creating interiors in the described direction. Photos and videos clearly illustrate the basic techniques and give the opportunity to see ready-made options for implementing the environmental concept.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Eco-Style Interior

Style Definition

Those who live in big cities have to go for a long time hold in close stuffy rooms. Each of us is surrounded by an abundance of synthetic materials, and even the food has long been not entirely natural. That is why modern man again decided to turn to nature and be closer to her.

You can implement this aspiration in different ways. The easiest way to arrange a city apartment in eco style. Today this is the most fashionable trend in world design. It is very popular not only because the word “eco-friendly” sounds like music for a person who is tired of urban high tech. Eco interior is comfortable, convenient and healthy. If living quarters are trimmed with natural materials, if there are many living plants in the rooms, the person relaxes faster, his body's powers recover.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Nature itself in the house

The actual described direction became at the end of the last century, when technical progress rapidly began to develop and man closed in a tight and stuffy urban space began to tire of constant stress. There was a lot of plastic, plastic, polymers around. Or they significantly simplified the life of a person, helped create flashy interiors. But they were lifeless.

Today, many people want to create around themselves a clean, comfortable space, free from unnecessary things and artificial materials. Designers took into account the demand and offered their customers interiors that are easier to live and breathe deeply. The main goal of the new style is to bring people closer to nature. Its image is formed with the help of various components: natural materials are chosen for decoration, the color palette is similar to the color palette of the countryside. Currently, there are a large number of technologies, the use of which allows you to turn a city apartment into a real green garden. And it also helps to realize the main idea.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Modern interior in an ecological style

Basic rules for creating

In an eco style, design is not just aesthetics interior, it is an atmosphere that can completely change the way of life of a person and his worldview. Living in such a space, many begin to completely abandon everything artificial and take care of the environment.

An eco-styled interior can be styled according to a specific idea. There are many climatic zones on Earth, so for the realization, designers are willing to take landscapes of the seashore or rocky mountains, forest edges or endless steppes. It is difficult to confuse eco style with any other direction. He has well-recognized features.

Experts seek to use objects for interior design, the shape and color of which is similar to the shape and color of objects of wildlife. Therefore, in the ecological interiors there may appear lamps in the form of a drop of water, armchairs suspended from the ceiling in the form of eggs, chairs imitating rotten stumps.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Lamps in the form of water droplets, wall panels imitating dew, green bamboo
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In the interior filling there are no clear geometric lines, there is no elaborate decor, no extra details. One central element is taken as a basis and then the rest of the design is gathered around it.

The design is realized through the use of natural materials, their color palette, like the gamut of the entire interior as a whole, is as close as possible to the colors of nature itself. Gentle warm shades are perfectly combined with each other and does not cause the appearance of persistent irritation. You can use different combinations. All tones of green, gray, brown, white and black work well. If you choose the right companions, the interior will be very harmonious. It is allowed to use everything that can be associated with the word "nature" - wood, stone, cork, skin.

The main wall finish is paper wallpaper. They are environmentally friendly, beautiful, you can easily choose the color and pattern.As an alternative, natural stone or cork panels are perfect. Well always look bamboo and jute canvas.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Bamboo wallpapers in eco interior

The ceiling can be whitewashed, painted, wood trimmed or limited to using wooden beams. There is wood or stone tile on the floor. If you want to throw a soft carpet under your feet, let it be a nice cream or light brown light.

Decor is made with the help of shells, natural stones, living plants, accessories, made from what is able to give the world around. Wicker baskets, porcelain fruit vases fit organically into the ecological interior. For window decoration, it is better to choose curtains made of fine wool or linen, you can throw embroidered tablecloths on the tables.

The video shows the distinctive features of the eco-style:

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To complete the overall picture, you can use live plants, ornamental trees planted in large clay pots, rubber plants and ferns. Fine, if the house has a fireplace. It will easily become a central object in the decoration.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Living plants in the eco-living room interior


Its abundance is an undoubted advantage of the style being described. In order to ensure the penetration of light, you need to install large windows. They let in a large amount of fresh air into the house, let you enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays.

When it is dark, lamps should provide plenty of light. In this case, the central chandelier and wall sconce on the walls will have to be abandoned. Such a scenario is not very suitable for the concept of restrained style. Here, only spotlights, large floor lamps, or cylindrical ceiling lamps hanging very low will be more appropriate.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

The light in the interior, decorated in an ecological style
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Free planning

Open space is another important condition. The rooms should remain a lot of open areas. This layout visually relieves the situation and will contribute to the formation of lightness. The main thing here is not to overdo it and not reduce interior decoration to minimalism. The minimum amount of furniture arranged along the walls will free up space, but at the same time the room will not become more comfortable.

It is possible to solve the indicated problem if one chooses furniture made of natural materials for interior filling in a simple design in the correct geometric form. It looks good in eco interior cabinet furniture, made of solid wood. The soft band should be upholstered with fabric materials.

Eco style - the rules for creating interior

Free space, straight lines, furniture of regular geometric shape
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Generalization on the topic

A person who has fallen into the bosom of nature, plunges into a state that helps him to have a good rest, to restore his mental and physical strength. Therefore, he tends to go there whenever an opportunity arises. Modern construction technologies allow you to recreate the right atmosphere right in the house or in a city apartment. For this, designers use natural finishing materials, soft colors, smooth lines and make interiors with a lot of light and air. At the same time they use the rules that help implement the concept of a new design direction, called eco style.


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