Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

The popularity of lawns in suburban areas is growing year by year. They cover the gardens that once produce good yields. The reason is simple, because the green lawn is the decoration of the dacha, it is the pleasant freshness that comes from the green, it is cheerfulness and health, as well as the pride of the owner. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the device lawns, about how they should be constructed, equip and maintain.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

The lawn on a country site

Types of lawns

Note that there are two types of green lawns:

  • decorative , performing the function of decorating a dacha that does not walk;

  • a regular lawn , designed for picnics, children's and sports games, the formation of recreation areas and other things.

It is clear that many owners of country houses prefer the second. In addition, many around the lawn make an artificial reservoir, which increases the decorativeness of the landscape and allows you to combine two pleasant things: soak up the green grass and swim in the pleasant water.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to get a lawn. But experts claim that this is not the easiest process - to create a lawn. Moreover, there is a small list of lawns, which are formed by different technologies. In total there are ten of them, let us list:

  • Lugovoy , he also has a professional name - natural turf. Usually this is a small area covered with grass. Low-cost option, related to the degree of growth of greenery to the category of "eternal" plantings. The only drawback is the difficulty of growing grass. It takes iron patience to achieve the desired result.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

Meadow grass at the cottage
  • Grassy seeded . This is the best option in terms of good quality of the final result, investment of funds, effort and time, as well as further maintenance.

  • Garden . This variety just belongs to the category of decorative lawns. In fact, this is a large flowerbed in which flowers and other ornamental plants are planted. Usually on such lawns do not go.

  • Moorish . It is a mixture of two categories: meadow and decorative. In fact, the area under the lawn is sown in spring with flowers and grass. And on this device lawn ends.

  • Partitioning . This lawn got its name because it is smashed at the entrance in front of the palace, that is, on the ground floor. This is a subspecies of seeded grass species. If we compare this view with others in aesthetic content, then there is no equal to it. This is a kind of peak lawn art. The technology of the parquet lawn is complex and expensive. First, for the preparation of lawns spend a huge amount of earthworks. Secondly, maintenance and operation are expensive equipment, plus the daily work of more than one employee. This variety belongs to the category of decorative lawns. Experts call it royal.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

Ground grass on a country site
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  • English . These are the very first lawns from which it all started. It can be confused with the parterre variety, that is, it is equally well maintained and no less expensive. But the English lawn is exploited, that is, you can walk on it, you can lie on it, play, and so on.

  • Roll . This is all the same seeded option, only to cover the soil using ready-made germinated rolls of green grass.

  • Grid , also known as eco-parking. The idea was such - to create parking for cars in the form of green lawns. Moreover, the lawn turned out to be several times cheaper than a durable and multi-layer coating of different materials. But the idea for mass use has not taken root. But on a country site for one or two private cars, this option applies.

  • Sports . Probably, it is not necessary to say that such lawns are used in personal country farms. But if you change (simplify) a bit the technology of soil preparation, then you can get the usual herbal version with higher performance characteristics.

  • Special . For example, a lawn on the roof or on a slope.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

Lawn on the roof of a country house

Technology to create a lawn

The first thing need to do - choose a plot under the lawn. That is, whether it is suitable. And for this you need to make sure that it meets the following conditions:

  • Is it well lit . The lawn should not be located on the north side and not in the shade under the trees or at home.

  • Not to be located in the lowest part of the site , so that it does not flood during precipitation.

  • The soil layer (of fertile land) should not exceed 25 cm. The reason is, the thicker the soil, the harder it is to form the turf.

  • The underlying soil (below the soil) should not be alkaline, for example, calcareous. The bulk of the plants in an alkaline environment dies.

And one more thing. The technology of the lawn includes the study of the underlying soil. That is, it should be flat or with a slight slope. For example, if in the selected area there are elevations of the underlying layer, then you will have to carry out a large amount of preparatory work associated with the excavation work. To do this, remove the soil, level the underlying layer, and then in place lay the fertile land. In order to determine the condition of the underlying layer, four holes per 1 m² of lawn are dug to the depth of the bayonet of a shovel and check the thickness of the soil.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

The lawn at the cottage should be well lit by the sun
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Weed control

An important stage in the formation of a lawn. It should be noted that weeds shed seeds of two types. Some sprout in spring, others are in the process of sleep. If the former die, the latter begin to germinate the following spring. It turns out that if weeds are treated with herbicides, they will die. But this does not mean that the sleeping seeds died. Expect growth in spring.

Therefore, before sowing the lawn, the soil is dug up and closed with black plastic wrap. Weeds grow and die in airless space and without sunlight. Next spring, sleeping individuals sprout. But they will need to be treated with herbicides.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

Weed control - the soil is covered with black film

Plants for lawn

Lawns are sown with perennial plants - cereals . This species of flora lives through two stages of its life: juvenile, it is virgin, and reproductive. In the first stage, the plants gain mass, in the second stage they ripen and multiply. So on the lawn plants should not leave the first phase. That is, they should not multiply. How to achieve this:

  1. Sour soil.

  2. Increased humidity of the soil.

  3. Reduced temperature ambient air.

  4. Cutting plants to their reproduction.

As for herbs and flowers, the compatibility of different plants is very important. First, some of them must be resistant to trampling. But at the same time they should not litter the lawn. Secondly, others are always in the juvenile phase. Therefore, lawn companies have long used sets of plants that are compatible with each other.

It should be noted that each type of lawn has its own set. For example, for meadow grass is better suited: bluegrass, fescue, bent grass, chaff. For sports: comb, bent white, winter-hardy ryegrass.

In the video, an expert tells how to choose the lawn grass correctly:

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Soil preparation

We turn directly to the device of a sowing lawn (technology and stages).

  • In the fall, dredge .

  • In the spring, as soon as the earth has dried, it is cultivated to a depth of 15-20 cm.

  • It is carried out treatment with herbicides.

  • Give the earth rest for 3-6 weeks.

  • Spend one more time cultivation .

  • Immediately make a mixture consisting of peat and sand. Quantity - 0.5-1.0 kg per 1 m² of lawn area. If a Moorish lawn is sown, then manure is added to the ground.

  • Divide the area into squares of 4-10 m².

  • Surfaces of sections are tamped by rollers.

  • Then the surface is loosened with a rake.

  • 1-2 days the earth again rests .

  • Sowing . Consumption of seeds - 3-5 kg ​​per one hundred parts. You can sow manually or with the help of a seeder: mechanical or gas.

  • Cover the lawn with a special agrofiber.

  • Pour water on top of the laid material.

  • As soon as the vegetation sprouts, the agrofilm is removed and the watering continues.

  • As soon as the grass has grown 15 cm, make the first mowing . But walking on the lawn is still impossible. You can one person who is engaged in mowing.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

Tamping the lawn area with a roller
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Mow the grass until deep autumn until it stops growing. In the spring, as soon as the plants grow back to 15 cm, they begin to cut it again. And so every two weeks. The lawn can be used with full force in the second year after the second mowing.

Forming a turf

In fact, this technology has the same items as the previous one. They simply do not sow grass, but use already prepared rolls that are grown in special greenhouses. They are laid out on the prepared area, aligned with each other with trimming edges and watered abundantly. The mowing pattern is exactly the same as in the previous case. The only thing to be noted is that it is possible to exploit such a lawn at the end of the first year.

The video shows the technology of forming a turf:

Forming flower lawns

You have to be patient here.

  1. First year - preparation of the site.

  2. Second year - repeated preparation and sowing.

  3. Third year - grasses and flowers are sown on bald spots. Carry out dressing. Planted bushes and trees.

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Formation of lattice lawns

A metal grid or a special grid is placed on the prepared parking area. Fill the cells with lawn soil and roll it with a roller.

Watering the area by spraying. All the above operations are carried out several times every 2-3 days. This is done specifically so that the lawn ground will fill the grid cells and consolidate in them.

Sow grass. Close the sowed area with agrofiber and water. As soon as the shoots appear, the film is removed. The first mowing is done when the grass grows up to 15 cm. Now the site can be operated.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

How to make a grid lawn

How to properly care for lawns

Maintaining green lawns is easy. It is necessary: ​​

  • Water every day, only in the evening. It is clear that after the rain it is not necessary to do this.

  • Periodically conduct aeration - saturation of the soil with air.

  • Once a week in the morning trim grown plants.

  • Feeding .

Someone thinks that it is not necessary to adhere to the last point. Just explain. Imagine an obese person who probably has big health problems. And the most unpleasant side of great weight is the impossibility of having children. So with plants. That is, due to good subcortex, the juvenile phase of plant life can be stretched. Experts assure that if you approach the dressing correctly, that this phase can be stretched for 10 years or more.

Ordinary mineral fertilizers are used for top dressing. Consumption 50 g per 1 m² of lawn area. Fertilizers are applied 2-3 times per summer.

As regards irrigation, it is optimally from a hose with a medical nozzle. Aeration can be carried out in different ways. One of the easiest options is to wear special shoes with sharp spikes. And just walk across the lawn, evenly covering the entire plane. In the photo below, just such an option is shown.

Lawn device: technology and rules of grooming

Lawn aeration with spikes on shoes
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Conclusion on the topic

A lawn in a country house is a serious ecosystem. From the article it is clear that preparing the soil and planting plant seeds into it is half the battle. The lawn will have to take care of all the time. At the same time, it is important to properly conduct service activities They missed something, and the grass begins to languish, after which they will have to make great efforts to restore vegetation.


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