Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

Construction of a private house, cottage or a small garden house on its own land requires clear planning and constant monitoring. First of all, the owner is important to determine the material. Of course, I want the house to be not of the worst quality, and the price of the building was affordable. As an example, consider which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

House made of wood and a house of foam blocks

Characteristics of the timber: how profitable will the construction

be For building a house It’s pretty hard to name one perfect construction material. A large variety of such materials, the presence of their individual characteristics, advantages and disadvantages can complicate the choice for the owner several times. Absolutely any project initially takes into account the geodetic, as well as the climatic characteristics of the land, and this in turn directly affects the choice of materials for implementation. Recently, especially popular materials for the construction of private and country houses are timber and foam block. This is explained, first of all, by the fact that both materials are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time have excellent performance characteristics.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

An inexpensive wooden house

A wooden house is not only visual beauty, but also ecology. The material for the house of wood can serve:

  • Hex log.
  • Round logs.
  • Profiled, glued or solid timber.

Profiled bar: advantages and disadvantages

The main characteristic of a profiled bar is exactly the specified size of the sides, the log is cut to the nearest millimeter. Thus, the output is obtained profile with strictly defined parameters. The use of profiled timber for building a house allows you to completely avoid any cracks, holes. Therefore, water will not get inside, which means that the rotting of the material is also excluded. The cost of this type of timber is quite high, but the expense is minimal. In addition, the main advantages include:

  1. The building is very warm.
  2. Ideally smooth, durable and smooth walls of profiled timber look incredibly beautiful and stylish, do not require additional decorative finish.
  3. Tight connection between the crowns, which guarantees minimum ventilation.
  4. No need for additional work in the process, as well as after shrinkage at home.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

A house from a profiled bar

Considering the question of whether it is better - a house from a bar or foam blocks, it is important to study Not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the chosen material:

  1. A quality profiled bar should be well dried in natural conditions, otherwise the tree will begin to warp and lose shape over time.
  2. Drying is a bit more complicated due to its large size; in some enterprises the technology is disturbed, and therefore the building may be deformed.
  3. As with any solid material, cracks may appear in the profiled bar during the shrinkage process.
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Glued laminated timber: the pros and cons of

The basic material for the manufacture of glued laminated timber is pine, spruce or cedar. The technology consists in the fact that logs sawn on the boards are first dried well and then glued. The number of layers varies from 3 to 5, depending on the required thickness. After gluing, the timber itself is carefully cut. The output is a smooth, high-quality and fairly durable material. The advantages include:

  1. Ideal material in a "fast" construction, as well as for the implementation of the most complex projects.
  2. Not deformed over time.
  3. Minimal shrinkage (up to 1%).
  4. Does not rot.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

Glulam house ), and the use of glue in the production. Manufacturers assure that in this case only special adhesives are used that meet all standards. Despite this, in comparison with other types of lumber, glued less environmentally friendly. In addition, because of the glue, the microclimate can be broken, air exchange inside the house.
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Solid timber: the ideal budget option

Comparing materials and figuring out which house is better, from timber or foam blocks, it is best to talk about a non-profiled timber, or, as it is also called, solid timber. As a rule, the price for solid timber is identical to the price for foam concrete blocks. This material is ideal for homes for permanent residence and for country houses. Manufacturing technology of solid timber is quite simple, which leads to a low cost. As a wall material, as a rule, a bar of natural humidity with a section of 150x200 mm is used. The main advantages are:

  1. There is no need for a long ordering process and waiting for the material to be delivered thanks to simple manufacturing technology.
  2. Affordable, wide range of suppliers, today it is the most popular offer in the construction market.
  3. Simple and fast assembly, there is no need for special construction equipment, such a task can be done by a small brigade of 3-5 people.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

House from a rounded log

If we talk about the disadvantages, it is, above all, a mandatory additional decoration. As lining is best lining, siding or bokhaus. In addition, you must be prepared for the fact that the appearance of the house of non-profiled timber will be imperfect. Defects become especially noticeable after grinding.

When using a solid bar, a caulker is always performed, which takes quite a lot of time and money. It is impossible to neglect the process, otherwise the material will quickly become unusable. Due to the natural humidity, if the material is not stored properly, a fungus can develop, therefore, it is necessary to make a purchase of a bar only in a safe and reliable place.

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Foam concrete blocks: practical and affordable material

Foam concrete blocks are a cement-sand mixture with a frother, which solidifies under natural conditions. Often foam blocks of the required shape are poured on the construction site, because they can be damaged during transportation. The popularity of the material is due to the fact that a single foam concrete block is equal in size to 15 bricks, and this saves time on the construction and amount of labor.

The main advantages of foam concrete blocks:

  1. Easily subjected to treatment for exterior and interior work.
  2. The production uses a special type of cellular concrete, which is considered environmentally friendly.
  3. Do not rot, and also do not sustain combustion.
  4. The simplest laying, if you wish, you can do it yourself.
  5. Excellent thermal insulation properties.
  6. Low weight, which makes it possible not to spend money on a costly bulky foundation.
  7. The material does not give a noticeable shrinkage.
  8. The construction time depends directly on the brigade, on average, building a building takes from 2 to 5 months.
  9. The service life of high-quality foam concrete blocks is at least 40 years.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

House of foam blocks

Of the drawbacks:

  1. Because that the foam concrete blocks are rather fragile and easily crumble, it will be necessary to abandon the metal grilles on the windows, as well as heavy heavy doors.
  2. Bricking or siding is required.
  3. Thermal insulation is required, despite the low thermal conductivity.
  4. Because of the porosity of the material, moisture is absorbed, so it is important to provide high-quality waterproofing.
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Can you combine materials

You can combine the above materials but it is necessary to adhere to the following principle: the house should consist of a massive base below and a lighter upper floor. Thus, the first floor is built from foam concrete blocks, the second - from the selected type of timber. This is a great compromise for those who can not decide on the material. The tree brings a cozy, warm, favorable microclimate to the house, it is ideal for rooms located on the second floor: a bedroom, a nursery.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

House of foam blocks and lumber

During the construction process it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each material, it is important that the shrinkage moments are consistent. To some it may seem rather troublesome, however, comfortable living conditions and aesthetic effect are certainly worth it.

The most budgetary option

The main question - what is cheaper, a house made of timber or foam blocks, is solved individually. First of all, it is necessary to decide on a number of parameters such as: the volume of material for the walls, finish.If you compare the cost of the most economical solid timber of natural moisture with the cost of foam concrete blocks, then the cost of wood per cube will be at least 2-3 times higher. On average, the price of foam concrete per cube is 3000 rubles. , the price of non-profiled timber from 9000 rubles. per cubic meter Profiled timber a little more expensive - from 10,000 rubles. , glued - from 20 000 rub. per cubic meter It should be borne in mind that the cost of the cube is not the value of the whole house.

Which house is cheaper to build - wooden or foam blocks: an analysis of current proposals

A foam concrete block house is cheaper, but it requires substantial finishing costs

Exterior finishes for both wood and foam concrete blocks may be the same. When using profiled or glued timber, you can do without such finishing. The cost of interior decoration in any of the options is about the same. When choosing foam blocks it is: plaster, wallpapering or painting walls. For the wood, cauldron and polishing will be necessary.

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Summing up, we can say that building a house of wood on average will cost more than a house of foam concrete blocks. The difference in the total cost may vary depending on the region of residence. Foam blocks are made almost everywhere, and high-quality wooden building materials are not so easy to find. In general, both of them are good in their own way: wood is aesthetics, beauty, environmental friendliness, reliability, and foam block is an affordable price and minimal construction period. Homeowners need only carefully consider all the nuances and determine their priorities.


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