technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

Damage to the foundation is not always noticeable, but crooked openings and newly formed cracks are a clear sign of the need for repair. It is better not to delay the process of restoring the foundation, since even minor damage can cause the destruction of the entire building. Repair of the foundation is not too complicated procedure that you can perform with your own hands, the main thing is to determine the cause of destruction.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

A damaged foundation faces complete destruction of the building

Signs of destruction of the foundation

The following signs will help you understand that the suburban foundation home requires immediate restoration:

  • The formation of irregularities in the window frames and doorways.
  • The appearance and expansion of cracks on the surface of the building.
  • Flooding of the basement with melt water.
  • The change in the location of the porch and the stairs in the room.
  • Destruction and cracking of the visible part of the base.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

Crack on the foundation

The listed symptoms do not always indicate the destruction of the foundation. Sometimes they may appear due to minor basis shifts.

In order to monitor the condition of the foundation, it is necessary to use beacons in the form of plaster patches, which are placed in areas of large concentrations of cracks. It is necessary to note the date of installation of the beacons and to track how long the changes will occur. If in a short time the installed beacons are destroyed, the base of the house is subject to restoration. If the patches remain in place, there is no need to urgently repair the foundation of the country house.

Causes of the destruction of the base of the house

The basis of the dacha building can be destroyed for the following reasons:

  • The foundation was laid at an insufficient depth for a particular relief.
  • The type of supporting structure does not correspond to the quality of the soil on the ground.
  • Inaccuracies were made when calculating the base bookmark. The technology of building procedures was not followed.
  • In the process of laying the base, inappropriate building materials were used that do not meet the standards.
  • The amount of groundwater under the supporting structure has greatly increased.
  • The construction site affected natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, floods and other things.
  • During the construction of the building, the maximum permissible load on the foundation was exceeded.
  • In the ground next to the building movements occurred due to possible construction.
  • The useful life of the materials that were used when casting the base has been exceeded.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

The foundation was destroyed due to subsidence

Repair may be required even for newly erected buildings due to the destruction of the foundation. If there are signs of destruction, it is recommended to carry out restoration work immediately, this will help minimize the damage caused to the building.

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The process of repairing the foundation

Repairing the foundations of country houses is quite a long and difficult task. Depending on the amount of damage to the work can be done independently or with the help of specialists.

Much depends on the type of foundation of a country house. With the help of a jack it will be possible to replace the basis of light wooden construction without any special complications. The foundations of stone houses can not be replaced, they can only be strengthened through restoration work.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

A jack will help lift the building

Restore the base under the stone building with utmost care to prevent even more damage. The restoration of the supporting structure is the creation of a strong monolithic belt that will help stabilize and strengthen the foundation. Also it is necessary to take into account that it is absolutely not recommended to dig under the stone house.

The description of the repair in a specific situation is presented in this video:

Restoration of the tape type foundation

The work technology is not particularly complex and help to perform repair work without the involvement of specialists. In order to prevent further damage, it is recommended to create a protective layer over the old base.

The procedure for restoring the base is as follows:

  1. A trench with a depth of approximately 1.5 m is pulled out along the repaired foundation. from dirt, putty and paint.
  2. With the help of a deep penetration primer, cleaned areas are treated, due to which the level of adhesion of the substrate will increase significantly.
  3. Throughout the entire damaged area, anchors are screwed into pre-prepared holes.The horizontal interval between them should vary from 60 to 120 cm. Vertically there should be at least 3 rows of anchors.
  4. After mounting the anchors, a reinforcing mesh is welded to them, the diameter of the rods of which is about 10-14 mm.
  5. The concrete mix is ​​poured into the voids that appeared as a result of the destruction of the base. If necessary, the solution is also poured under the formwork panels.
  6. If the destruction is large, you will need to install the formwork at intervals of about 10-15 cm from the old foundation. It also poured concrete solution.
  7. After the concrete base has dried, a layer of waterproofing is attached to it.
  8. The final stage will be the falling of the trench in the ground.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

Strengthening the strip footing

Next to the restored section, the soil should be filled in layers, carefully laying each layer. The considered procedures can be performed on both sides of the damaged base.

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Repair of the column base

The restoration technology of the column foundation is carried out in the same way as for a strip base. But at the same time it will be necessary to reinforce the pillars, not the tape. The meaning of the restoration is to relieve the old supports and protect their surfaces from the harmful effects of the soil.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The soil is removed near the supporting column supports, while the sand cushion must remain inviolable.
  2. The base, both above and below the ground, is cleaned of dirt, stones and old finishes.
  3. The design is treated with deep penetration soil.
  4. Anchors are screwed into the pillars.
  5. To the anchors a reinforcing frame is mounted on which the metal grid is being mounted.
  6. Concrete is poured into the cleaned connectors. In some cases, you can build a formwork.
  7. After the concrete surface has dried, it is covered with a waterproofing layer.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

Repair of the columnar foundation

Soil remains in neat layers in the remaining openings.

Repair with screw piles

This technique will help you to repair the foundation of a country house at low cost. The quality of screw piles is not inferior to traditional concrete, but at the same time their cost is much lower, making it possible to save on restoration. At the same time installation of piles can be carried out independently.

In addition to low cost and ease of operation, the foundation on screw piles has the following advantages:

  1. The recovery procedure does not take long.
  2. Works can be carried out at any time of the year in any weather.
  3. No major assistance needed.
  4. Work can be performed on any terrain, even on swampy and loose soil.
  5. Aligning the basis on an uneven section will be much easier.

From the minuses we can highlight the need for accurate calculations. If an error is made in the calculations, the structural integrity of the building may be compromised. It is also extremely important to choose high-quality screw piles from proven manufacturers. When choosing a material, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Strength of anti-corrosion coating. The best choice in this case will be piles with a cast tip. They are produced using a special technology that significantly increases the strength of the material.
  • Number of welds. Protection of any material with a large number of seams is much lower, since corrosion is most often formed precisely at the joints. It is best to acquire piles with a minimum number of seams.
  • Wall thickness of the product. It should not be less than 4 mm. Thin piles can be the main cause of the destruction of country houses.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

Screw piles in repairing the foundation

The technology for restoring the base using piles consists of the following steps:

  1. Calculation of the required amount of material. According to the calculation purchased piles, beams, wire, channel or timber. You will also need to prepare the following tools: trowel, shovel, hammer, level and tape measure.
  2. All furniture is taken out of the house, the floor is disassembled. The building rises with the help of jacks and beams are laid under it. They must be installed parallel to the main walls.
  3. Marked areas where the installation of the piles. Products are installed and aligned in height. Most often, to achieve a perfect evenness does not work, so that unnecessary parts are cut off. After that, the heads are exactly welded and the base is concreted.
  4. Pile base binding. At this stage, utmost care should be taken, since it will depend on it the strength and stability of the house. Strapping will help to distribute the weight of the building to all the pilesIt is possible to carry out similar strengthening of the basis by means of a bar or a channel. The latter can be welded or attached with bolts. The channel will need to process anti-corrosion agents. Supports should be placed on the same level so that the house does not warp.

Base repair using clips

This method, although costly, is very effective. The brick clip is created as follows:

  1. The base tape is cleared of soil.
  2. Next to it, a cushion of rubble is laid down and carefully laid.
  3. A brickwork is created on it.
  4. With the old base, the yoke is connected using reinforcement bars.

technologies, materials used, foundation types, screw piles, clips

Repair using clamps

The base can also be strengthened with a monolithic reinforced concrete yoke. This technique, although costly, will allow it to increase the bearing capacity of the base by about 2-3 times.

Cost of repair

The cost of repair work depends on the type of foundation. Thus, repair of a tape-type base for a country wooden house will cost approximately 4000r per 1 m, and the cost of restoring the pile base will cost 2 times more.

Also, the following factors affect the final price of repair:

  • A type of supporting structure.
  • The cost of building materials.
  • Costs for specialized equipment and workers.
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If the owners of the building do not have the necessary skills in construction, it is better to seek help from specialists. This is especially true of complex cases.

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