device and benefits, popular models

Hammocks are suspended zones in nature or in the country. Insects can prevent a quiet time, so it is more practical to choose a hammock with a mosquito net. The device will reliably protect against mosquitoes and other midges. The article will discuss the main varieties and advantages of each model, as well as practical advice.

device and benefits, popular models

Hammock with mosquito net

Device and benefits

The most popular design of a hammock with a mosquito net is durable material that is attached on both sides with a cord. There are models with built-in strap. In the lower part of the built-in insulation, designed for hiking in the cold.

The hammock device is simple but reliable. Protection is mounted on top, fixed by lightning or other fasteners. Due to this, the mosquito net for a hammock is tightly attached to the product. Side stretch marks are used to increase reliability. In the catalog of hammocks there are models with a metal frame.

The advantages of such models:

  • during sleep, comfortable position of the body;

  • product does not create a load on the cervical vertebrae and back;

  • wiggling will help calm down and gain healthy sleep ;

  • extra bed in the open air;

  • multi-piece products will allow several people to rest at the same time.

device and benefits, popular models

Hammock with mosquito nets

Popular models

Next is a list of some of the most popular models of hammocks with a mosquito net, which you can buy in the capital's shops.

  • Strong's hammock with mosquito net and awning. It is a compact product made of breathable material. The design is equipped with wind protection, reliable fasteners. The trunk is fixed below. The protection is supported by stretching with loops on which small objects can be hung. Protect from the sun awning.

device and benefits, popular models

Careful maintenance is required for products
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  • A hammock with a mosquito net "Jay" - you can usually buy it in the store of sports equipment. The model is a standard design with protection from wind and rain. The product is suitable for hunters, fishermen, tourists.

device and benefits, popular models

A special feature is the affordable price, durability of use
  • Hammocks with a frame and mosquito net - in appearance resemble a tent. The construction is quickly assembled, easily transferred. The roof will protect from sunlight and rain, and the net from mosquitoes and other insects.

device and benefits, popular models

The design is more suitable for family holidays
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  • Products with a crossbar practically do not differ from the classical design. Just the fabric is distributed along the crossbar, not fixed in a bun.

device and benefits, popular models

It is convenient to use such models for several people, but you need to be careful not to roll over
  • Chair-shaped models are comfortable, take up less space. Suitable for reading books and outdoor recreation.

device and benefits, popular models

Hammock in the form of a chair

If the hammock is not equipped with an awning and mosquito net, you can buy them in Moscow separately. Choose an accessory follows from a strong material with small cells. In this case, the small midge and bugs will not fall inside the structure. Repellents will increase protection.

What do you pay attention to when choosing

Each product has certain characteristics that you must read before buying a hammock with a mosquito net. Among them, the following are distinguished:

  • size bed;

  • carrying capacity ;

  • basic equipment ;

  • dimensions assembled;

  • availability insulation ;

  • product weight and color .

device and benefits, popular models

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Useful tips

Convenience, comfort and safety depend on a robust design. Important features you need to know are:

  1. The compactness of the product is an important feature.Ease of use depends on the method of storing and carrying hammocks with a mosquito net.

  2. The limit weight that the structure can withstand must be taken into account when purchasing. The load depends on the material and usually ranges from 100-200 kg.

  3. The composition of the web may affect performance. It can be made of rods, cotton, burlap and other materials. The mosquito net for a hammock is usually made of nylon, polyester.

  4. Sizes depend on the capacity as well as the size of the person. Standard parameters consider 2 m in length and 1.5 m in width.

  5. Strengthened fastening will increase safety during operation. The high quality of screeds and belts speaks of durability and additional protection.

device and benefits, popular models

Reinforced mounting will increase safety

Location rules

To properly place on the site , you must adhere to the installation rules. A quiet place in the shade will be the best solution. The surface under the building should not contain stones, sticks, dangerous elements. It is desirable to equip children's devices with additional bindings for security and fencing. A hammock with an anti-mosquito net is placed, usually at a height of 1.5 m between densely dug supports. In hiking conditions, trees choose reliable.

A hammock is a convenient device for a pleasant stay. It allows you to relax - to lie or just sit, and the mosquito net is its important accessory, which saves from mosquitoes and annoying insects. The product must match the color and fit into the overall design.

In the video you can see a hammock with a mosquito net:

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To buy a hammock with a mosquito net in Moscow, just select an available model in the manufacturer's catalog. Design features, characteristics depend on the operation and their preferences.

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