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Arbor is an indispensable attribute of almost any country house. In a pleasant atmosphere and in the fresh air, you can spend evenings with friends and family, work, eat, relax. Recently, a barbecue gazebo has been very popular. The construction and cost of this design is not much different from the construction of the usual arbor. There is practically no upper limit for the price, it all depends on the financial capabilities and desires of the customer. When arranging such a structure, it is necessary to contact the specialists in order to achieve the best result.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

And if the gazebo is also glazed in it, you can spend time in the cold season

Types of gazebos

Pavilions are lightweight architectural structures of small size. Today, they are often made the type of combined kitchens with dining rooms, among which options with barbecue, barbecue, fireplace or stove are very popular. They combine everything you need for cooking and rest. There are three types of structures such structures.

  • Open .

In most cases they are made of a conical shape, the canopy is installed on strong supports. They can relax, eat, work, but only in warm and calm weather, so they are mainly used only in the spring-summer period. Inside, benches and other furniture are installed, sometimes stationary stoves, portable barbecues, which are cleaned into the room for the winter period.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Open gazebos are used in the warm season, preferably not put in a draft
  • Closed .

Made in the form of a closed room, can be used all year round. They put barbecue grills, stationary stoves and various kitchen utensils. Often the walls are warmed, a fireplace is mounted inside, sometimes communications are brought in the form of water mains, gas, electricity.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

You can sit at a tasty barbecue all year round, the main thing is to warm the gazebo
  • Semi-closed .

The classic type of arbors, in which several solid walls and at least one side is completely open. It is often curtained with curtains, insect nets, curtains and other similar materials. Can be used from spring to autumn.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Semi-closed gazebos can be fenced with a wall on one side
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Types of stoves and barbecues for gazebos

Barbecues are practical solutions, with their help you can cook a variety of dishes in any weather. Depending on the type of gazebo inside will not interfere with precipitation or wind. In severe frosts inside it is much warmer than in an open area, besides the structure can be insulated. According to the functionality there are several types of barbecue.

  • Furnace complex .

Stationary built-in structures, made of brick, they can be built-in stove, grill, and so on. The functionality of the design allows you to cook any dishes. Arrangement of the complex requires certain knowledge and skills, it is necessary to make a plan. Appeal to qualified professionals will be the best solution.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

To create tasty dishes, you can create a whole oven complex
  • Oven-brazier .

Used only for dishes prepared on grills / skewers, one of the best options for cooking kebabs. Very simple option, sometimes combined with the smokehouse. Stationary types are mainly erected simultaneously with the arbor itself, but can be installed separately. Compact models, convenient to use, a portable grill can be lined with brick and thus made stationary. Arbors with a brazier for the garden are very popular in areas where there is little free space.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

You can create a brick from a brick just by a brazier with a table top without any frills
  • Oven -barbecue .

Reminds a model with a brazier, but only the grill on which the products are laid is applied. Differs in ease of use, but there are some inconveniences in cleaning. Stationary models are made of bricks, recently they have become very popular. Additionally, they are equipped with a sink and countertop. Such complexes meet all the requirements of users in cooking. The oven should be placed above the hood.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Complex with a barbecue and a stove for a cauldron
  • Portable grill .

Small portable metal model. It will last a very long time if properly used.A common option that can be purchased at various stores. With constant use in one place can be lined with bricks, which increases service life, reliability and convenience. Products can be cooked on a grill or skewers.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

The portable brazier can be taken out of the gazebo, if necessary, when it is not relevant
  • Folding constructions .

Portable, low-cost models, can be stored for storage. There are very rare, not very popular with domestic consumers.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Portable braziers you can take with you on the road
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  • Gas grill .

Gets widespread due to its advantages. It is enough to connect a gas cylinder or bring a pipe and do not need to make a fire, there is no caustic smoke. For cooking products apply the heat from the stones.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

With the possibility of gas supply, you can install a similar grill
  • Smoker Grill .

Novelty in the domestic market. It is used for cooking only smoked products and grills.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Smoker grills will be approved by connoisseurs of smoked meats and grills
  • Oven-pot .

The design provides special openings for the cauldron. Used for stewing, cooking shurpa and pilau.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

The cauldron for a cauldron can be portable, in any case, the pilaf on fire will turn out excellent
  • Brazier .

For the preparation of various dishes used solid fuel.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

By putting a small roasting pan in the arbor, each of the guests will have access to a dish immediately from the fire
  • Fireplace stove .

Mainly used in gazebos that are used all year round. Sometimes done in open pavilions. Can be used as a barbecue or grill.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

The fireplace is placed in closed gazebos to warm the room in winter and prepare treats for guests

There is also a mini-oven Russian, where you can cook a variety of dishes. However, in the gazebos is very rare due to the complexity of the whole structure. Work on such a project should only experienced and competent professionals.

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Material for gazebos

Barbecues are often used as summer kitchens, for which they are equipped with worktops, sinks, sometimes dining groups, and so on. The design can be open or closed type using various materials. Recently open arbors and simple canopies are very popular. The choice of material takes into account the aesthetics of the selected option and finish. Important factors are the design of the arbor, its size, the resistance of the material to the negative influence of sunlight, precipitation and wind, its strength and heat resistance.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

It doesn't matter what material the arbor is made of, the main thing is to feel comfortable in it

Arbors are built from the following materials:

  • Made of wood . Environmentally friendly material, easy to process, looks great on sites. The construction itself is quite easy, so there is no need for a massive foundation. A good foundation will be needed when installing a stationary stove made of stone materials. For production of an arbor the log, a bar, a board, decorative laths is used, the massif and so on is sometimes applied. So that the material does not lose its appearance over time and serves as long as possible, periodic treatment with protective compounds is required.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Open-type pavilion with stationary barbecue
  • Stone . For construction, stones or bricks are used, which gives buildings special advantages - high strength, fire safety and high durability. It does not require constant surface treatment, like wooden. You should not save on materials and it is better to invite specialists in construction. In most cases, brick is used for construction, the material is cheaper and more accessible than stone. When building columns for a canopy or a full-fledged gazebo, it is necessary to build a solid foundation. Basically, the furnace inside is also made of refractory bricks.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

A natural stone pavilion will cost a lot, but will decorate any part of
  • Made of metal . They include pipe supports and openwork walls, mostly made in the form of sheds. Various types of grids, forged patterns are used.Very strong, can withstand heavy loads, durable, easily and quickly assembled, some models do not require a foundation. But they can get very hot, requires periodic painting and corrosion treatment.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Forged metal pavilion for rest with a stone stove
  • Combined . The arbor for giving with a barbecue can be erected with use at the same time several types of construction materials. This is a fairly common option, which allows you to reduce the cost of the entire project while maintaining durability and structural strength. When combined, you can use the profile of metal, wood, brick, stone elements, and so on. The most common combination is the use of bricks and wood. Basically, the working area is made out of brick, and the rest area is made of wood.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

A gazebo made of stone and wood, can be closed for the winter
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Such solutions allow you to create aesthetic, practical and modern designs that can withstand various negative natural phenomena. Due to the arrangement of the arbor with additional elements (sink, worktop, sockets, etc.), the functionality of the building increases, it can act as a full-fledged kitchen, dining room and a place for outdoor recreation. At the same time, the arbor itself can become an ornament to the whole site.

Overview of a brick oven with a brazier in this video:

Design solutions

The design of the gazebo determines the construction style, its dimensions and form. The designs of wooden arbors with barbecue and barbecue of brick or using other materials take into account the architecture of the entire complex of buildings on the site and the landscape itself. Basically, in the construction of such structures, several areas are used: Provence, hi-tech, classic, modern, Scandinavian, oriental or country style. For oriental and classic style, light canopies without stoves, barbecues or barbecues are typical. Scandinavian style, Provence and Country - a prerequisite for them barbecue, fireplace and barbecue.

The geometric form of the structure can be any, there are no clear requirements. The most popular solution is considered a square shape. The configuration in them can also be very diverse. In determining the size takes into account free space and the possibility of meeting large companies.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

An open gazebo with a brazier over a pond

A plot for a gazebo

Choosing projects for a barbecue gazebo to the cottage is necessary prepare the site for future construction. The selected site must meet certain requirements. If in the project of landscape design there are no relief irregularities, then you can choose any place. In another case, you will need to level the area under the gazebo. The same applies to the presence of reservoirs. Arrangement of paths is recommended to the pergola itself, for ease of access to the building. The territory under construction should be freed from debris, vegetation, stones.

The design idea of ​​the gazebo and the area around it should be in harmony with other buildings. In landscape design, a gazebo is a key element. When arranging the area around it, you must follow certain rules. The area around the site must be in harmony with the type of soil. Climbing plants can be used to decorate the gazebo, shrubs and trees can be planted around. The lighting of the arbor and the paths to it is also important.

Video review of a winter gazebo with glass walls:

About the price

Manufacturers offer to buy ready-made gazebos, who gather in place. You can also order the development of a new project or purchase an already developed one. The price can be influenced not only by the size of the future building, but by the material used, as well as the equipment of the arbor. For example, the construction of wood is cheaper than stone or metal. Significantly increase the price of construction can be the arrangement of barbecue, stove or barbecue, the connection of communications, the purchase of furniture, the construction of the foundation and so on.

summer kitchens, drawings, projects, buy photo in Moscow

Open gazebo with a Chinese-style roof

Manufacturers mainly offer wooden gazebos, less often metal ones. Wooden models can be purchased at a price of 70-150 thousand rubles. , but there are options and much more expensive. They can buy a barbecue stove for 30-70 thousand rubles. Models of arbors with already provided ovens, a brazier or a barbecue cost on average 100-200 thousand rubles. Small metal models cost an average of 15-30 thousand rubles. , there are models worth 40-80 thousand rubles. and more. The most expensive are arbors from a stone and a brick.In this case, you can only order a design project, and they must be erected directly in the space provided.

Beautiful gazebos with barbecues in this video:

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Arbors for summer house with a stove and barbecue have recently become very popular and in demand. They are great for seasonal or year-round use. Depending on the size, type of project, equipment gazebo can be a good option for cooking and eating. Large designs allow you to spend whole holidays, to meet guests or just relax in the fresh air. A large selection of materials will allow you to create exactly the model of the gazebo, which will be in perfect harmony with other buildings on the site and landscape design.


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