Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

This article will tell you what a peat toilet is for giving and how to choose the most suitable model. The characteristics of such toilets for various situations, positive and negative sides to which you need to pay attention. After reading this article, you can choose a model for use that will allow you to combine comfort and reliability with a reasonable cost.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

The peat toilet for questioning will get rid of the problems that were annoying when using an ordinary toilet with a toilet with a cesspool

What is it

Disposal of organic waste is a problem that everyone who has a summer house faces. One of the most convenient options is to use a peat bio-toilet.

Its important advantage is that the use does not require the connection of electricity, plumbing and sanitary.

This is achieved through the use of peat during processing, which gradually turns biological waste into compost. It requires:

  1. Ventilation.

  2. Hose to drain a small amount of fluid.

If the peat toilet was installed in the open air, you can do without ventilation and a drain hose.


In appearance, such a toilet resembles an ordinary toilet. Nearby is a tank where peat is stored. After using the toilet, it is necessary to take a bit of a scoop or a spatula and sprinkle it on top. In some models, the capacity is located above the toilet, and the addition of peat occurs using a dispenser.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

The components of the peat toilet

The biological waste that falls into the working tank gradually turns into compost.

In this case, a small amount of water is released, which is discharged through a hose installed at the bottom of the device. Its length does not exceed one and a half meters. It is necessary to have a slope down. On it, the liquid can simply flow into the ground, and sometimes it is done with a pit having a depth, length and width of 40 cm. The bottom and walls are recommended to be laid with a spunbond or geotextile, the pit should be filled with some drainage material .

A vent pipe is discharged from the working tank to remove the carbon dioxide that forms during a chemical reaction. Ventilation must be outside the room. The less bends on the pipe, the more efficient it will work.

If you install the peat toilet outdoors, you will not need a hose and a drain pipe.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

After each use of the toilet, it is enough to fill the waste with peat

When a lot of spent peat has accumulated, it should be cleaned. To do this, it is transferred to compost heaps, where it will ripen for about a year. After that compost can be used as a fertilizer.

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Advantages and disadvantages

This type of toilet has several advantages:

  • It has mobility . Since there is no need to use sewage and water drainage, it is possible to install such a toilet in almost any necessary place.

  • Cheapness of installation and use. Packages with peat for refueling are commercially available. For a small family, one such package may be enough for a year.

  • During operation , an unpleasant odor does not form. This is due to the deodorizing ability of peat.

  • It is possible to use such a toilet not only for giving , but also in many cases where its mobility is important. One example could be the situation when the house is under repair and sewage is temporarily turned off. In this case, peat toilet can be one way to solve the problem.

  • Consumables (peat) do not harm the environment.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

Peat is a natural material that can later be used to fertilize the garden
  • Recycling to form a compost, which can then be used as a fertilizer.

However, they have some drawbacks:

  1. When using the toilet, it is necessary to provide ventilation and drainage .

  2. When operating for a winter period , problems may occur. For example, peat at low temperatures can freeze.

  3. Peat toilet is a sufficiently mobile option, but the portable bio-toilet has even more compact dimensions.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

The portable bio-toilet is a more mobile version that you can take with you on the road
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Variety of options offered

Although the principle of operation is fairly simple, there are many different options for such toilets.

  1. A different capacity of the working tank is possible. In various models it can be in the range from 10 liters to 700 liters.

  2. Not only peat can be used as a mixture. Some models provide for the use of its mixture with sawdust. Adding granular clay can also be used. In this case, peat in all cases is the basis for the working mixture. It is not only an adsorbent, but also a chemical catalyst for chemical processes and a source of microflora producing biological purification.

  3. Toilets can be mobile or stationary . The first are intended for more rare use and have dimensions comparable to a regular toilet. They can be easily transferred and installed in a new place. Stationary large volume of the tank, in some cases, electricity can be used and they require a relatively complex installation process.

  4. In some cases, to empty the tank, you need to remove it and take out .

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

The peat toilet with a removable tank

In other models, there are holes in the lower part of the device through which the collection of waste material.

How to choose

When choosing a suitable option, you need to pay attention to the various features of the proposed models:

  • When choosing, you should take into account for which target purchased compost toilet to give. If we are talking about a small family that rarely comes there, then a small amount is enough. A reservoir of 10-15 liters may be suitable here. If there are always a lot of people there, it makes sense to buy a model with a large tank, for example, 100-150 liters or more.

  • It must be taken into account at what maximum weight the toilet seat can be calculated. Since the toilet is mobile, its strength is lower than that of a stationary one. If there are people in the house who have significant weight, the device should be chosen in such a way that it is easy to withstand it.

  • If you buy low-cost models , there is a risk that cheap plastic parts will quickly wear out and break. Buying such an important thing for a long time will be wisely guided, first of all, by high consumer qualities.

  • If you plan to install a toilet at a certain place , then you should take into account its dimensions when purchasing.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

If you need to move the toilet, it is better to choose a more compact and mobile model
  • Different ventilation types may be used in different models. For example, stationary models may require a hood.

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the toilet is made. It is convenient to use a plastic that does not cool down immediately, even in the case of low temperature.

  • When choosing, you need to take into account, where it will be installed : indoors or outdoors. This affects the features of ventilation and drainage during operation.

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When used in winter time, problems may arise associated with severe frosts. If they live in the country house regularly, then it is constantly heated. In this case, peat toilet can be used without restrictions.

If they rarely come there, then the hose can freeze if there is liquid there. In addition, at low temperatures, the rate of chemical processes in peat will be reduced, which will affect the quality of cleaning.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

Do not forget that a similar toilet when used in winter requires insulation

To prevent this from happening, if planned long absence in the winter, it is recommended to hold conservation. To do this, remove the water from the hose, and the working tank is completely cleaned from the contents. After that, it is washed with warm soapy water and dried.

Some models are electrically heated. It allows you to use the toilet in the winter time in normal mode.

It should be noted that in this case the height of the toilet bowl is less than in standard models.

When cleaning is performed, it is advisable to remove the tank before it is completely filled. At the same time after emptying it is recommended to wash and disinfect it.

The most famous models and prices

You can choose and buy a suitable model in Moscow from various manufacturers:

  • Finnish company Ekomatic offers models with a large tank. Finnish peat toilet for cottage is designed to use a mixture of peat with sawdust. Products are of high quality waste disposal. Price Finnish peat toilet depends on the configuration. The minimum cost in the basic version is 19 thousand rubles.

Peat dry closets for giving cheap, a peat toilet for giving to choose and buy in Moscow

Finnish peat toilet is expensive, but its quality and volumes are worth
  • Two-chamber structures from the company Biolan are characterized by the presence of a high-quality drainage system. This company is one of the leaders in this market sector. One of its features is a wide range of models. Models of the budget level are 16-18 thousand rubles, the highest quality will cost when buying 60 thousand rubles or more.

  • Models manufactured by the Finnish company Duomatic can suit a family of 3-4 people who come to the country for about 70 days a year. The prices of products of this company start from 10 thousand rubles.

  • Ekolet (Finland) offers a large-capacity compost toilet. Its volume is 700 liters. The tank is divided into 4 parts, each of which is used in turn. Suitable for a large family who lives in the country constantly. It can be installed in a public place.

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An ordinary toilet at the cottage forces us to face a number of inconveniences. If you switch to the use of peat toilets, it will create more comfortable conditions for life. It will provide complete and environmentally friendly waste disposal, no smell, ease of maintenance - this is not a complete list of the advantages of such a solution.

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