How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

The article will discuss how to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house, what you need to pay attention to when solving the task, how to properly finish the exterior of a residential building and protect it from the weather. Photos clearly demonstrate how to paint different varieties, the video tells about how to properly paint the facade.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Painted wooden house

Wood is a very warm material. The houses built from it look very prestigious and respectable. Inside there is always a very pleasant psychological atmosphere. It has a positive effect on human health. Being in a wooden building, everyone feels protected and calm. Many like the characteristic aroma. In such conditions it is much easier to relax, to gain new strength.

The tree breathes, air is constantly exchanged inside the wooden buildings. It absorbs excess moisture and, when hot conditions are created, gives them back to the air. Therefore, inside the room there is always a favorable microclimate. Wooden walls retain heat well, they contribute to its uniform redistribution. And it increases the degree of comfort.

The lifetime of wooden houses is a minimum of 50 years. However, practice shows that the described objects, while observing all the rules of operation, are able to stand longer. One of them - painting the facade of the country house. It will help to simultaneously solve two tasks: to increase the decorative function of the object and protect it from the effects of external negative factors (weather precipitation, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation, biological pests).

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Painting enhances the decorative appearance of a wooden house

The paint retains the texture of wood well, it falls perfectly on its surface. Today it is the cheapest option for finishing facades. If you choose the right material, you can forget about repairing the front of the house for the next six to ten years. The paint is not able to protect the tree from open fire and mechanical damage, but this finishing option will save a lot of money and spend it on the purchase of modern fire retardants. Processing them makes wood completely flammable.

A large number of facade paints are available. Not every species is suitable for the indicated purposes. Answering the question of how to paint a wooden facade of a house, experts advise to pay attention to what the residential building is built from (timber, blockhouse, log), in which climatic zone it is located, what budget is allocated for the implementation of the described event. Wrong selection will lead to the need for rework. In the case of painting - it is very time consuming and expensive type of work. Therefore, it is important at the initial stage to understand this issue and immediately make the right choice.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Consequences of wrong choice of paint for wood

Types of paints that are suitable for painting wooden houses

Facade paints differ from the interiors of increased protective properties. In their composition there are components that allow you to create a coating that can withstand the effects of heat and frost, high humidity, direct sunlight.


In order to understand how to paint the facade of a wooden house, you need to decide at the initial stage what the house will look like. If you want to fully preserve the texture of wood. But at the same time to protect it from moisture and prevent the processes of decay of wood, it is necessary to process the facades with antiseptic impregnation. They can be considered full paints, as they do an excellent job with the functions indicated above.

Antiseptics can help prevent the development of microbiological processes, create a barrier that will protect the tree from insects and rodents, make the material more resistant to weather phenomena. They include copper or iron vitriol, sodium fluoride, Zbarsky bactericide, oxydiphenyl, ethyl mercarphosphate.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

The antiseptic layer does not hide the texture of wood

In order for the properties of antiseptics to be fully revealed, they must be applied according to the following algorithm:

At the first stage it is useful to inspect the facade in order to identify weak points. Such are the cross-section, ends, knots. They must be carefully processed separately, if there are traces of mold on the wood, it must first be covered with a special treatment compound.

It is possible to apply antiseptics only on a clean, dry surface, it is better to do this at positive temperatures (in the range from +5 to +25 degrees). Work according to the instructions. You can not experiment with the compositions and change the proportions. They are applied with a roller or brush. It is useful to process the facade in two layers. The second is applied only after the first is well dried.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Wood covered with a covering antiseptic

For sale there are two types of antiseptics. Lessirie help to create a transparent coating, it does not close the texture of wood, does not change its color. They are ideal for protecting buildings made of valuable tree species. The coating compositions do not retain the color of the wood, but emphasize its texture. This greatly affects the appearance of the building. The compositions dry very quickly, for effective protection it is enough to cover the tree in two layers.

Such treatment is possible if the facade has not previously been painted with other paintwork compositions. If cheap antiseptics are purchased for the indicated purposes, their validity is two, three years. Not so long ago, new tools appeared on the building materials market, which need to be updated every five years. They cost much more. And all because the compounds are added to the compositions that can trap ultraviolet light. After this treatment, the wood will not change its color over time and will not become darker.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

The facade of a wooden house treated with a covering antiseptic
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Acrylic coating paints

They are produced in the form of water-soluble emulsions or dispersions. Acrylic resins are the basis of each material. Other different ingredients (fungicides, rubbers, antiseptics) can be added to them. They will determine the main functions of the material.

There are three types of acrylic paints. One helps to form a matte surface, the other glossy, the third semi-gloss. The compositions can additionally be tinted. There are over 20,000 different pigments. Experts recommend choosing a color scheme from the range offered by the same manufacturer from whom the paint was purchased.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Wooden house painted with acrylic paint

All plants try to keep the preparation of their acrylic paints a secret. Purchase of products of different brands, as practice shows, can lead to disastrous results. In one case, the compositions dry for a very long time, in another the paint quickly burns out in the sun. There are cases when a mixture of paints from one manufacturer and a pigment purchased from another, gave very unexpected results. A change in color after a while is the most innocuous surprise. Therefore, it is better to buy goods of one brand. There are tinting machines in large shopping centers, there are special studios in which consultants explain in detail what can be mixed with what.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

A modern tinting machine

A wide range of colors is not the only advantage of choosing acrylic paints. They have no smell, they very well lie on a tree, they do not stimulate the spread of open fire. They can be called environmentally friendly. Experts claim that this is the best choice for those who suffer from allergies. The disadvantage of the described materials is one - they are much more expensive than alkyd and oil paints.

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Alkyd Paints

Before the advent of acrylic compositions, alkyd paints were considered the best and most advanced. They were created specifically for painting wood, so they can boast a good covering ability and high adhesion. You can paint any wood with them: both planed and polished, and even logs from which the bark has just been roughly removed.

After applying such compositions form on the surface of the film, dense in texture, durable and very flexible. She is not afraid of the advances of wood formed by temperature extremes, it will not crack if the tree swells from moisture or dries from the heat. If you apply alkyd paint in two layers, the film will become waterproof.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Alkyd paint on wood

Today, many manufacturers add flame retardants or antiseptics to the composition of polycondensation resins. If they are not in the paint formula, before applying it, the wood will have to be treated with such protective agents. If so, the preprocessing procedure can be omitted. This helps to reduce the complexity of the paint work.

Unlike acrylic paints, alkyd paints are available in an already fixed range of colors.This slightly reduces the decorative possibilities, but experienced craftsmen can change the shade, mixing in a certain proportion two different colors. When carrying out such a manipulation, you need to mix the compositions of one brand.

In terms of their physicochemical properties, the materials described are similar to acrylic paints, but they have one major drawback: they contribute to the spread of fire. In addition, due to the rapid drying, alkyd compounds do not have time to penetrate into the deeper layers of wood, therefore the service life of the topcoat is much less.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Alkyd paints ready-made colors
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Before applying, alkyd paints must be diluted with solvents. White alcohol or salvent is used as them. They can easily ignite, so painting the facade of a wooden house should be done with extreme caution. Petrol or kerosene is allowed for paint dilution. But practice shows that after applying the coating eventually fades and loses its luster. This option is suitable if you want to create a matte facade.

The video tells how to choose paint for wood:

Oil paints

Time-tested oil paints became classics . For a long time, such compositions dominated, they began to lose their popularity only when acrylic paints appeared. And all this time successfully competed with alkyd. Today, many refuse to use oil paints only because they dry for a long time, the characteristics of the coating after drying are much inferior to those that are formed after the application of paint coatings.

Over time, the surface does not crack, but burns out. This becomes especially noticeable if a dark color composition was chosen to protect the facade. When the paint was originally light, burnout is not so much striking. This must be taken into account when buying paints.

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

Wood painted with oil paint

Today, preference for oil formulations is given when you need to save on painting the house, when you need to create a very resistant coating that can withstand any weathering. The painted house looks very decorative, but the texture of the tree will be completely lost.

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Good advice

A new wooden house is best painted with antiseptics. If wood is an expensive species, it is worthwhile to give preference to the lightening compositions, if the house is made of logs of ordinary species, covering compositions can hide it. Apply them only at positive temperatures in sunny weather. Antiseptic can penetrate deep into the structure of the tree, provided it is well dried.

If the house has already been painted, and its facade needs only to be renewed, the recommendation for choosing paint is better to use the type of paint that has already been used. It can be determined by the appearance of the old coating. If it has a granular structure, the same as that of natural leather, most likely the house was previously painted with acrylic paint.

To determine the look of the old coating, you need to cut a knife somewhere in an inconspicuous place. When the paint as a result of this cracks, most likely the house was previously painted with oil paint. When worn, the painted surface becomes similar to the grid. In such a situation, it is better to completely remove all the old layers of coating and only then apply a new one. When the coating coagulates into a tube, it is an acrylic paint.

In the video, the specialist talks about what you need to pay attention to when choosing paint for a wooden house:

apply oily or alkyd paint. If you purchased an acrylic composition for painting the facade, you will have to remove the antiseptic film right down to the wood.

By the cost of paint are divided into three classes. Budget materials produced by the company "Aquatex", "Senezh." Their products cost no more than one hundred rubles per kilogram of colors. The average price segment is represented by the brands "Belinka" and "Tikkurila". Their products on average in the country are estimated at between 200 and 300 rubles per kilogram. The most expensive paint cost from 350 rubles and above. In the premium segment there are products from the companies "Dulux", "Woodworks" and "Johnestones".

How to choose paint for the facade of a wooden house - useful tips

If the paint surface is cracked like a mesh, the house was most likely painted with oil paint
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How to properly paint the facade

To make the exterior of a wooden house look respectable, it is not enough to choose the right paint. It is still necessary to properly apply on the front side of the residential building. To do this, experts recommend to pre-clean all surfaces, remove dust, dirt. This can be done with a cloth and a brush. If as a result of cleaning, areas with fungal infection are found, they must be treated with special chemical compounds. The cracks and cracks are closed with wood putty. Quality compounds are in the assortment of the company "Eurotex". Metal elements present on the facade are grounded.

To qualitatively paint the house, you need:

  • apply paint in two layers ;

  • the second is applied then , when the first completely dries ;

  • before using paint you need to thoroughly mix , the use of non-uniform composition will cause uneven wood staining;

  • before applying it is useful to test color paints on a small area surfaces somewhere on the back side of the house;

  • to paint with oil , acrylic and acrylic races are better in dry cloudy weather ;

  • you cannot do this when direct rays fall on a house the sun when it comes rain or blowing strong wind ;

  • the ends of the houses should be worked over carefully than the sheer surfaces themselves, this will help prevent the appearance of cracking .

Video on how to paint the facade of a wooden house correctly: brief and accessible:

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Generalization on the topic

Many people associate the wooden house with home warmth and comfort. Wood is a warm, environmentally friendly material. Such buildings can last for a long time, if properly cared for. Painting the facade of the building will not only transform its appearance, but also protect it from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, sedimentary moisture, temperature changes, insects and rodents. The article provides recommendations of experts who will help to greatly facilitate the solution of the designated problem.


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