what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

This article will tell you about the beautiful and safe option for garden decor. This wood colored chips for flower beds. The environmental friendliness and variety of colors of this material make it a popular substitute for other types of soil mulching. The article reveals the issues of purpose, features of production, the advantages and ways of laying chips in flower beds, garden paths and playgrounds.

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

Decorative chips can have different colors, which allows you to use it to create patterns in the area

What is decorative wood chips

This is wood waste. This means bark and wood residues that are passed through crushers for grinding and softening. The output is a natural, environmentally friendly and safe raw material for soil mulching and garden decoration. Chips are offered on the market in a natural or colored form.

The size of the decorative chip fraction is on average from 2 to 4 cm. It has no sharp edges, it is impossible to get hurt about it. Therefore, it is recommended as a safe and highly decorative coverage for playgrounds. An important stage in the production - disinfection. It disinfects wood and destroys pests.

Color chips for flowerbeds can be bought in Moscow in a variety of colors, from bright emerald green to deep blue. Larch chips are usually realized in natural color, since the wood of this tree has a natural reddish tinge. In landscape design, wood chips are used to:

  • design pristvolnyh circles of trees and shrubs;

  • select separate areas of the garden;

  • decor garden paths;

  • create colorful drawings in the children's area.

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

The colors of the chips can have a natural color - from certain tree species

The ease of use of this material allows do not limit the flight of fancy. Using a combination of different colors, wood chips create whole paintings-carpets in the garden, which do not lose the brightness of colors and do not change the boundaries.

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There are many options for garden decor. This is gravel, pebble, rubber, stone and so on. Wood chips are separated from these inorganic materials. It allows the soil to breathe, is not traumatic and has many advantages:

  • acts as a natural mulching material;

  • protects the soil from drying out;

  • does not give rise to weeds;

  • gradually decomposes and nourishes the soil with organic elements.

Chip-mulch also prevents weathering of the fertile soil layer, and in the winter period additionally protects the roots of the plant from freezing. There is no disadvantage of this material, except for one small nuance - every 2-3 years the mulch layer is renewed by sprinkling 1-2 cm of fresh chips.

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

Decorative wood chips not only decorate the flowerbed, but also protect it from the rapid evaporation of moisture

Dumping method

With work on the laying of chips not even cope professional. Under it there is no need to specially prepare the soil on the site, ram or cover with nonwoven material. The first thing they start with is the creation of a sketch and a plan of plantings. If the site is planned to use several colors of mulch, outlines their boundaries. The soil is freed from weeds, dug, fertilized, leveled. There is no particular need for perfect alignment. Chips will fill any irregularities and deepening, visually align the landscape. What else needs to be done?

  1. Draw the line between the flower garden and the lawn or other areas of the garden to be decorated. Border is carried out with the help of a special garden ribbon, dropping it on several sentiments. As an option - a border, masonry, tile.

  2. Mark the line between the areas of the site of different colors.

  3. Dig planting pits for plants.

  4. If the area is dry, the soil is well shed with water.

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

To get a picture, use a separating tape
to create a picture. It can be interesting ! In the article on the following link read about the types of coatings for tracks in the country.

When the marking on a site is made, start planting. If this is a children's play area, install horizontal bars, swings and other elements. If the site assumes the presence of small architectural forms - install and fix them. The last stage - decorative dumping chips. Mulch is laid in a layer from 5-6 to 12 cm, leveling with a rake. About 10 cm recede from any plant, leaving the soil not sprinkled so as not to interfere with active air exchange.You can buy color chips for beds at first in a small volume in order to accurately determine the color contrasts and combinations.

In this paper there is only one important nuance - they produce mulching of moist and well-heated soil. If you fall asleep cold ground in March-April, the roots of the plants will not warm up well, and the green pets will lag behind and hurt. The ideal time for garden and decorative works - the end of May. In addition to the chips, you can use colored sawdust for flower beds. If we are talking about dumping tracks or a playground, it is not necessary to wait for the soil to warm up. The colder the ground, the better, because weed growth will be depressed.

Below is a selection of original garden design options using tree mulching.

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

You can divide the strips of different types of wood chips with natural stone

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

Delicate combination green plants and wood chips of natural color

what to buy in Moscow chips, sawdust, shavings

Always a winning combination of green and orange shades

Sawdust and shavings as an alternative

Indeed, the chips can be replaced with sawdust or chips of natural color or colored. These materials are cheaper and can be used in different ways. In its natural form - this is the best way to dump the tracks in the garden between the beds. It is recommended to buy colored sawdust for a flower bed for the purpose of dumping coniferous gardens. The fact is that sawdust quickly decomposes and acidifies the soil, and this is the key to the wild growth of most coniferous plants and some decorative and deciduous plants, for example, hydrangeas.

Decorative chips for flowerbeds can act as an additional source of fertilizer in the rows of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The acidic environment of the soil suits them best.

Experts recommend using sawdust and shavings on heavy soils, since this wood waste loosens it and increases aeration. Spill harder and copes with this task worse.

In more detail about the application of decorative colored chips in landscape design in the video:

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Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of mulching and decorative dumping, you can create unique coniferous gardens, bright flowerbeds, cheerful playgrounds, paths along which it is pleasant to walk barefoot in any weather. You just need to buy sawdust, shavings or wood chips-mulch and enjoy garden design!

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