Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

The painting of stones gives unique, pleasing to the eye for the decoration of housing and garden. If you create them yourself, then you will receive relaxation during the meditative application of cheerful paints on a hard surface. From the article you will learn everything about this kind of creativity. You will discover the secrets of a successful selection of suitable stones, paints and brushes. You will get acquainted with the main stages of creating masterpieces. To inspire you to great deeds, we have brought here wonderful ideas for painting cobblestones for the garden. You will be pleasantly surprised and their coloring methods for use in the nursery.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Painting of stones

Painting on stones in the garden: secrets of technology + a storehouse of ideas

Garden or vegetable garden - an ideal platform for testing the possibilities of your imagination. Here you can use huge stones, bright colors and bold ideas - in a word, everything that when decorating a house will translate into something pretentious and inappropriate.

Painting stones for a garden will cost you less gypsum sculptures from the store. And how much pleasure the creative process of their creation will bring!

In order for the creative idea to succeed, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Pick up light, smooth, dense stones . They are the best basis for drawings. If a stone has many pores, then it will absorb all the paint, if the cobblestone is chipped, the design will be distorted.

  • Stones created by nature do not always have the desired shape. If you get a fancy copy with jagged edges, try to come up with an image for it. If necessary, you can make the stones yourself, from cement.

  • Since the material for the picture is picked up from the ground , it requires thorough washing in a soap-soda solution and drying.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Only on a clean surface does the painting last for a long time
  • You can color the stones watercolor, gouache and acrylic . But the first two types of paints have a liquid consistency, are washed away with water and crack in the sun. Better use acrylic. It dries quickly, lays down perfectly, does not fade, has an excellent brightness of colors and turns into an elastic, durable coating.

  • Before painting apply a primer to the stone. This composition will ensure reliable adhesion of the coating layers of paint with the object's surface. In addition, with him the acrylic will lie smoother and will not immediately be absorbed.

  • To complete the picture with fine strokes and details, use contours or felt-tip pens . They or special pencils can outline a preliminary sketch of the image. For dark background, take a white sketch pencil.

  • If the hand trembles and the line goes at random, the solvent comes to the rescue. It easily removes errors in the form of extra specks and dashes.

  • Varnishing is the last stage of the revitalization of the stone.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Varnishing will not only fix the painting, but also make it shine

Original stone art objects will add landscape of individuality. The following options are especially good in the garden:

  • Fairy-tale house . If there is already a gnome figurine in the garden, then with the advent of the painted stone tower, it will become clear to everyone where he lives. To implement the idea you will need a boulder with a pointed upward shape. The larger its size, the more effective the house will be. The dwelling can be supplemented with a path of flat stones running from its threshold.

  • Representatives of the fauna . Most often, a medium-sized stone resembles a ball of a coiled animal in shape. Relaxed cats, tigers, dogs, deer, hedgehogs, ladybugs, snails look very organic on the grass. The main thing is that they can be clearly seen.

  • Flora . If the garden can not boast of beautiful flowers, then they can be drawn. Stones decorated with compositions of tulips, forget-me-nots or dandelions can be laid out on top of a pile of ordinary boulders.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Buckets with sea pebbles imitating cacti
  • look perfectly and extraordinary Pond . A great decoration in the garden - a stone, painted under the pond. Here you will need a piece of rock with a spacious flat surface. It can depict circles from the water, frolicking fish and lily leaves.

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Painting of stones for children

Unlike plastic Chinese toys, boulders and pebbles, decorated with acrylic, are environmentally friendly. By themselves, the stones are even useful, because the energy of the sun, wind, water and air is concentrated in them. Playing with them, the kids absorb the power of the earth.

Painting stones for children is a fascinating art therapy, as a result of which excellent toys are created.This process is also useful for children - it improves their drawing skills. In addition, the painted stones can additionally serve children:

  • Goods for a toy store . Especially if the grocery store. Stones, decorated with strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, cheese, muffins, you can sell and buy in the children's fantasy world. Weighing the goods and paying for it with money-leaves, the children learn to count.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Stones decorated with strawberries
  • Figures of cartoon characters . A stone that expands downwards is a superman in a raincoat, a boulder with a vague form is a charming ghost, and an acute fragment is a Kung Fu Panda in the famous jump. From pieces of rocks, you can create a zoo or a flock of cats of different breeds. For greater similarity with your favorite characters, the procedure for reviving stones is best left to an adult or even a professional artist.

  • Valentines and other souvenirs . Children, as a rule, have no money, and all that they can give to relatives is crafts made by themselves. A pebble in hearts and dots with a good inscription will keep the child's hands warm. You can give it to your mother on his birthday, the object of sighing in the kindergarten or a friend, so as not to forget during the holidays.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

If you collect the entire collection of stone crafts presented by a child in different years, you can trace the history of the development of his creative skills
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Painted Stones. Brushes and paints

As mentioned earlier, high-quality painting on stones is possible only with acrylic paints. In order not to get lost in the huge variety of this product from domestic and foreign manufacturers, consider the most affordable of its types.

In any office supply store you can see acrylic "Gamma". It is produced under the Russian art brand. This inexpensive 10-color kit is great for the first brush samples on stone. Its only drawback - the darkening of the colors on several tones after they dry.

One more find for beginners is glossy acrylic "Decola" from "Neva Palette". These rich colors are ideal for the image of plants and flowers. Gloss gives them life. But the drawings of animals and birds he spoils, glaring at them.

The combination of glossy paints "Dekola" with matte "Ladoga" will create interesting effects.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Italian pasty acrylic "Vivace" is one step higher than its counterparts. It can be found in the art shop

These paints are easy to use, easy to apply and do not darken afterwards.

As for brushes, painting stones with acrylic paints requires synthetic or nylon. It does not accept coarse bristles or fragile brushes made from natural materials.

Special sets of 8 brushes are produced for this type of creativity.

Here is their description: The

  1. Small tools with short, flat bristles are suitable for adding special effects.

  2. A thin medium-sized brush with a tiny round crimp is good for drawing small parts.

  3. A thick brush with round bristles is necessary for painting small stones and for depicting small drawings — on large ones.

  4. Oblong rounded tool with a sharp tip is universal. It is indispensable in the painting of miniature boulders.

  5. An enlarged version of the instance N4. Convenient in decorating large mountain fragments.

  6. Wide flat brush with rounded bristles. Suitable for large boulders. It is easy for her to draw buds, petals and leaves using a single brushstroke technique.

  7. A flat smaller brush with a sloping tuft of hair is an analog of the N6 tool.

  8. The widest and flat tool with a squeezed crimp serves to decorate the background of large stones.

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Brushes for painting on stone

In the video you can see a master class on painting stones:

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How to draw a bird on a stone

Since ancient times, birds have symbolized the supreme supernatural forces that help people. The Chinese Feng Shui doctrine also appreciates their images and advises them to decorate the house. So the birds on the stone are not only beautiful, but also profitable.

The most popular and often depicted birds are owls, bullfinches, parrots, cardinals, eagles, swans, peacocks and common birds. They can be drawn in profile and full face, in flight or in peace. If you can find the perfect stone in shape, you can create a three-dimensional pattern.

Without the talent of an artist, you can still draw a bird."Painting stones with acrylic paints" master class will facilitate the task:

  1. First an oval is drawn, stretched diagonally in the direction to which pichug will look. This is her torso.

  2. The upper end of the oval is joined by a rounded figure - the head, and to the lower end - 3 straight lines running sideways and tending to the intersection - tail feathers.

  3. On the outer contour of the head, above the middle, clearly is indicated the beak - a triangle with a line in the center.

  4. Arbitrarily an eye , legs and smooth outlines of the wing are drawn, a breast is indicated.

  5. The resulting sparrow is decorated in color .

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

Painting the Stones with Acrylic Paints

Drawing a bird in flight is also quite simple. The flying seagull is depicted as:

  1. A small circle is displayed - a head, an elongated, slightly rhomboid, without roundness, body is drawn to it.

  2. It is indicated by an eye and a slightly hooked beak . The inner contour of the circle is erased.

  3. The wings spread out in flight are depicted in such a way that the one in the foreground turns out to be much larger than the other body.

  4. Wings are drawn to the end. At the back, tail and tightly pressed paws are added to the body.

  5. Denoted by hip . For this, a line is drawn from the far leg. She goes down, and then to the body, forming a roundness.

  6. On the wings and tail of the gull, feathers are depicted in detail. Unnecessary contours are removed.

  7. When painting a picture, shadows are designated. The bottom and wings of the bird are darkening

Technology of drawing on stones and examples of painting garden stones in photo and video

The empty space around the seagull can be filled with a blue sky in the clouds

In the video You can see the painting of the owl stones:

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In the age of total pollution of the planet and depletion of the natural environment, painting stones is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to decorate the world. The material for this is literally under your feet. Add only bright colors, a bit of fantasy and you will be amazed how ingeniously simple!

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