types, design features and stages of work

The article provides information on how to choose the right stone grill for installation on the site of a private house or cottage. Having studied it, you will understand why it is beneficial to make a massive stationary brazier out of stone, which must be taken into account when choosing its construction and installation site. This will provide the necessary theoretical basis for communication with the managers of specialized companies or private traders involved in the construction of such barbecues. Being familiar with this issue will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses, to order what is needed without sacrificing quality and the desired result.

types, design features and stages of work

A brazier, folded from natural stone, will create an atmosphere of comfort and decorate the surrounding space.

What it is

Stone barbecues for summer cottages are massive constructions made of natural stone, connected by a connecting base of natural clay and sand. To install it requires a reliable and massive foundation. The construction of natural stone has the appearance as close as possible to the natural environment. There are many types of braziers, from simple designs to complex complex structures for the preparation of a variety of dishes that blend harmoniously with a place to rest.


The main advantages of braziers or barbeque made of stone include the following specialists:

  • effective, solid and status appearance ;

  • high strength ;

types, design features and stages of work

Natural stone construction has a spectacular and solid appearance
  • long life ;

  • excellent stability to all external influences (temperature and humidity changes, precipitation, low temperatures on hot oil, etc.);

  • high refractoriness (you can do not be afraid of deformation and melting);

  • excellent resistance to mechanical wear;

  • does not absorb moisture (which is important when used at low temperatures);

  • practically does not absorb odors ;

  • do not require special care;

  • are easily washed using a practically unlimited range of detergents;

  • wide capabilities in terms of design and breadth functionality.

From which stone

can be made. Stone barbecues for the dacha can be built from both natural and artificial stone. If the choice is made in favor of natural material, then granite, shungite, sandstone, quartzite, slate and granite can be used for this task.

types, design features and stages of work

Various rocks of natural stones can be used to create barbecue, as well as their artificial counterparts
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The complexity of the mangal construction, and therefore its cost, will depend on the shape of the stones. Uncomplicated for installation are considered stones such as ragged boot, thallus and flagstone.

If, for the sake of achieving maximum exclusivity, the choice falls on coarse stones of irregular shape, then it will have to be “paid” by increasing the labor intensity of construction works and increased consumption of binding materials. In this case, the arrangement of such a brazier will require the involvement of highly skilled bricklayers. All this together will affect the cost of barbecue or barbecue from stones.

The use of an artificial stone substitute, on the contrary, will save both on the price of the material and by reducing the labor intensity of the work due to the most convenient form of artificial stones for masonry. In addition, the artificial material can be modified with the help of special additives that provide the material with additional resistance to moisture and high temperatures.

types, design features and stages of work

The fireplaces made of artificial stone are difficult to distinguish from constructions made of natural material at first glance

How the brazier is mounted

Brazier or stone barbecue stove is constructed according to the following typical algorithm:

  • selection of standard project or order of an individual project of a construction;

  • choice of place for arranging a stone brazier;

  • determining the geometrical parameters of the brazier, its base, decorative and auxiliary and complementary elements;

  • site preparation

  • concrete construction foundation ;

  • construction of the basement of the structure;

  • construction of walls and working surface of the barbecue (laying stones);

  • finishing finishing ;

  • construction or installation of decorative , auxiliary and complementary elements (shed, benches, surfaces for cutting meat, wood frying pan, shelves for dishes, etc. P. ).

types, design features and stages of work

When designing a barbecue area, you should not lose sight of the importance of additional and auxiliary elements
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Variety of projects

The choice of the most suitable barbecue design is mainly determined by the desired functionality and desired design style. In terms of functionality, these can be either small broilers intended solely for frying meat or vegetables, as well as serious structures, which are multifunctional grill zones. In terms of design style, the choice is usually between the following types:

  • designs in minimalist style (neat designs with smooth walls and smooth surfaces);

  • stylized as primitive “brutal” structures of braziers, folded roughly and chaotically from stones of different sizes;

  • neat and refined barbecues in classical or antique style of stones of practically the same shape and size and decorative facing.

types, design features and stages of work

Without extra decors from ordinary cobblestones, you can create a real work of art

Choosing a place

As a rule, to create maximum comfort during outdoor recreation, a roaster is constructed near or inside (with the smoke removal system equipment) indoor structures that protect against precipitation. It can be various verandas, arbors, terraces, summer kitchens. If the area of ​​the site does not allow to place such facilities, then for the construction of the barbecue area just allocated a certain area in front of the house or in the backyard.

The following factors are taken into account when choosing the location of the frypot: wind direction, proximity of the center to highly inflammable objects (bushes, trees, unprotected wooden structures, dry annual vegetation), compatibility with the surroundings, proximity to the area for eating. But when prioritizing between factors, compliance with fire safety requirements is of course the main consideration.

types, design features and stages of work

When choosing a place for a barbecue, the first thing to be considered is compliance with fire safety requirements

Dimensions of the fire pan and foundation

The size of the barbecue is determined by the list of tasks that it allows to implement, as well as the number of potential eaters of meat or other dishes made on it. It should take into account the mass of natural stone.

Unlike conventional metal barbecue, stone products may require a very massive foundation. And all this will affect the amount of concrete and reinforcement for the device of the plate, and hence the cost of the device for the barbecue area as a whole. In this regard, when planning the size of the roaster and its functionality, it is necessary to minimize unnecessary excesses without compromising the desired result.

types, design features and stages of work

The size of a stone broiler should correspond to the number of potential "eaters"
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Site and foundation preparation

The first step of site preparation is its marking, pegs and a rope or spray paint are usually used for it. Laces or paint are fixed border borders of the broiler. The next step is a pit device for the foundation, its depth is usually about 30 cm, it can vary depending on the depth of soil freezing in the region.

The boundaries of the pit usually exceed the boundaries of the foundation by 15-20 cm.Then a sand and gravel pad is prepared, it is compacted (including watering). Formwork is installed on the cushion into which metal reinforcement elements are laid. The finishing operation is the pouring of concrete; after its hardening, the formwork is removed and waterproofing is created using roofing material or greasy clay.

types, design features and stages of work

It is necessary to dig a hole under the foundation by marking to the depth of soil freezing

Laying the base, walls and working surface of the brazier

To create a brazier you will need a number of specialized tools: level, chisel, trowel, sledgehammer, chisel, angle grinder with a set of diamond discs, carpenter's hammer, pickaxe, wheelbarrow, concrete mixer, bucket, bayonet and shovel, jointing and much more.

The stones of the basement, the walls, and the working surface are fastened together not by cement, but by a specially prepared solution of clay and sand. Masonry begins with more massive stones, based on the principle, the higher the row, the smaller the mass of its constituent elements, relative to the previous row.

types, design features and stages of work

The presence of a wood fryer close to the brazier will relieve unnecessary movement around the site when using the brazier


For Enhancing the aesthetic appeal or giving a certain style of construction, after the wall of a stone brazier can be trimmed with a decorative stone of a certain texture and color. Metal, basic functional, decorative and auxiliary elements of the barbecue area, depending on the purpose, are mounted either in the process of building walls and work surface, or in the process of finishing.

From the video you can learn how to make a stone grill with your own hands:

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Despite the outward simplicity of the natural stone construction for frying meat, these are quite expensive constructions compared to a conventional brazier made of steel. In order not to be disappointed as a result, having spent several tens of thousands of rubles, it is better to entrust the construction of the brazier to a professional.


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