The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

This article tells you how to cover the roof of a private house. Considered popular roofing materials, their technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as installation methods. After reading the article, you will know how to purchase suitable material, taking into account the requirements for a specific project at home.

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Variety of roofing materials

By what criteria is the roofing material chosen

There are several basic requirements:

  • the material must be durable and withstand high natural loads in the form of precipitation, wind and sun;

  • acceptable price;

  • a small proportion, so as not to invest large funds in the construction of the truss system;

  • ease of assembly;

  • ease of care and maintenance;

  • long service life;

  • presentable appearance.

Types of roofing materials

The variety on the market today is quite large. All positions are divided into two groups: rigid and flexible. The latter include shingles, roofing felt and roofing felts. The hard species is divided into several subgroups based on the raw material: metal, clay, cement, composite, and so on.

Consider next the most popular roof coverings that are present on the modern building materials market.

Slate asbestos-cement

Traditional roofing material, inexpensive (eight-wave size of 1750х1130 mm is in the range of 300-400 rubles., Depending on the thickness of the product - 5.2-7 mm).

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Asbestos slate on the roof of the house

Its advantages:

  • long service life within 50-100 years;

  • high bearing capacity, flexural strength of 16-19 MPa;

  • slate weight varies within 23- 35 kg - considerable, which requires a competent approach to the construction of the truss system;

  • waterproof for 24 hours;

  • residual strength of 90%;

  • it is a non-combustible material;

  • low thermal conductivity - 0.47 W / m K, compared to metals with this parameter equal to 230;

  • slate absorbs sounds that this does not hear rain falling on its surface inside the building;

  • ease of installation.

Today, manufacturers offer slate in the form of colored panels. Their two varieties: painted on top, painted in the whole body of the material. It affects the price a little, but the second option is better because it does not fade with time.

Installation of slate is carried out on a discharged crate, which already speaks about savings. It is laid with panels with overlap and in the transverse direction and in the longitudinal direction. Attached to the crate roofing nails.

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Installation of slate on the roof
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Material that has recently gained high popularity. And when the customer is faced with the question of how to better cover the roof, many, without hesitation, choose precisely the profiled sheets. Why:

  • high strength of the product;

  • high bearing capacity depending on the profile;

  • the length varies from 0.5 to 12 m with an undercut step of 0.5 m, which allows you to close the roofs without joining from eaves to the ridge;

  • a huge variety of colors;

  • the service life is 25-50 years;

  • is easy to process (cut, drill);

  • easy installation due to low weight - 3.9-24.1 kg per 1 m² of surface area.

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Decking on the roof is lighter and more reliable than slate

As for the price, there is quite a wide variation: from 180 to 1000 rubles. for 1 m² of product. The reason is a variety of roofing materials for raw materials, here the thickness of the steel sheet is mainly taken into account, plus a protective coating: paint or polymers (which polymer, what thickness is applied).

As for the installation, it is carried out on a discharged crate. For mounting use roofing screws, which are screwed into the lower wave. The slate nails are driven into the top.

And a few drawbacks of profiled:

  • high thermal conductivity;

  • low sound insulation (rain is well heard inside the building);

  • when covering complex roofs, a lot of waste remains.

Metal tiles

In many respects, profiled and metal tiles are similar roofing materials because they are made of galvanized steel sheet.But they also have their differences:

  • the width of the metal tile does not exceed 40 cm, therefore its installation technology is a docking installation, where the installation of overlapping panels along the roof slope is used;

  • this roofing material is produced by stamping, forming dead zones on the panel itself, which makes it impossible to trim it at your discretion, and this leads to large waste;

  • installation of metal tiles is a much more complicated process compared to installing corrugated flooring.

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Installation of metal tile
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As for the price, here it is necessary to indicate that some manufacturers sell it taking into account 1 m², others in sheets. The second option is simpler, because there is no need, having come to the store, to calculate the product's square, in order to multiply it by the price. The cost of the panels depends on the thickness and width, on the used protective material. Plus, they take into account models that differ from each other in the shape of the profile.

To cover the roof with a metal tile is to lay it on a discharged crate, where the pitch of the elements of the latter is strictly taken into account. This parameter is equal to the installation width of the product.


This is a unique building material known since the beginning of the twentieth century. It is based on fiberglass, which is impregnated with bitumen, and sprinkled with fine stone chips on top. They call it still shingles, because it bends easily. Hence its pros and cons.

The main advantage is the ability to cover complex roofs without undercuts and fittings. The main disadvantage is that a solid crate is required for shingles, which consists of slab or sheet materials with a smooth surface: plywood, OSB, chipboard, and so on. Any overfall of the plane, any unevenness of the batten is immediately reflected on the roofing.

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Roof structure, covered with shingles

Add to the positive characteristics:

  • good heat and sound insulation properties;

  • service life is 50 years;

  • a small specific weight, which reduces the load on the batten and the roof system;

  • variety of color solutions.

The price of shingles varies in the range from 400 to 700 rubles. / m²

As regards installation, bitumen mastic is used for fastening, as is an adhesive, and special nails, called ruffs. The method of laying the roofing material - overlapping shingles relative to each other. So that the nails on the roof surface are not visible, they are hammered under the edge of the materials that are laid over the overlap.

Installation of shingles in the video:

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If the owner of the house is faced with the question of how inexpensive it is to cover the roof at the dacha, then Ondulin is the same option. It's all about its composition, which is based on compressed cardboard (cellulose and polymer resin), treated with bitumen. It is made in the form of wave slate. Therefore, the method of installing the two materials from each other is no different.

As for the size of the sheet, they are standard: 2x0.95 m, 3 mm thick. Wave height - 36 mm. Sheet weighs - 6 kg. Compared with asbestos cement slate, it is many times lighter, which makes it possible not to construct reinforced roof systems.

The better to cover the roof of the house - choose a practical and durable roof + Video

Ondulin roof covering is an inexpensive and high-quality material

When tested ondulin, it is subjected to loads of 960 kg / m², which is the maximum load on the roof. And the material can withstand such a load without problems.

And other positive technical characteristics:

  • thermal conductivity - 0.19 W / m K;

  • insulation - 40 dB (a good indicator);

  • retains its shape when the temperature rises to + 11C.

As for deficiencies, it is necessary to single out one position — ondulin starts to burn at a temperature of + 230 ° C, which classifies it as a category of materials that support combustion.

The price of the material in the range of 200-500 rubles. per sheet. And since the area of ​​one sheet is approximately 2 m², you will have to pay two times less for 1 m². That is, of all the proposed options for roofing ondulin can be considered as the cheapest.

But before roofing with ondulin, think about its low fire-fighting qualities.

An overview of the roofing materials in the video below:

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The article discusses the most popular roofing materials today, but choosing the better roof for a private house, in each case it is necessary to take into account the particular features of the roof construction and the requirements that you present to its reliability and quality. Be sure to consider the financial side of things, but do not forget that the strength and reliability of the roof comes first. And this does not always correspond to the equality of price and quality.


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