Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Having a bath with a pool in person is the dream of every lover of bathing. The benefits of contrasting water treatments are beyond doubt. They relieve fatigue, bring a great energy boost, strengthen health. Enjoy your time with your family and friends in the on-site spa. In order for the building to respond to the taste of the owner and at the same time satisfy the requirements of practicality and safety, you need to choose or independently make a good project.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Bath with a pool inside

How to choose a project for construction

A construction project for the construction of a bath developed by a specialized organization, includes a draft, architectural parts, a constructive section and a description of the laying of utilities. Each item contains detailed information that will help you properly prepare for construction, make calculations of the necessary materials, organize and carry out all phases of work.

A bathhouse with a pool inside is a rather complicated object, which, in addition to the dressing room, steam room and font, may include a shower room, a bathroom, a rest room. When designing the space is divided into zones for convenient use of the construction area. All communications - plumbing, sewage, electrical and ventilation systems - must be developed in advance. Design calculation and description of work sequence is a separate construction part of the project. And most importantly - measures are taken to protect those resting from dangerous factors: electric shocks, injuries, burns.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

The project of a modern bath with a pool

The project of a bath with a pool is chosen taking into account:

  1. Budget .
  2. Construction sites.
  3. Communications communications.
  4. Preferences in materials.
  5. Fire safety.
  6. Relief Features.
  7. Soil type.

Proper selection of the project will help to avoid mistakes that can lead to unnecessary consumption of materials, delaying the construction period, inconvenience in the operation and repair of the building, even to deformation or destruction of the supporting structures.

What are the features of a bath with a pool

In a ready-made steam room it is not always possible to arrange and equip a full-fledged pool. Design is carried out in advance, taking into account the features that arise when the device of this hydraulic structure.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Bath project with a pool in a modern style


The reservoir, when filled with water, creates a tremendous load on the foundation . The bath itself, as a rule, is made of light materials - wood, foam blocks. Often the construction is carried out on frame technology with the walls filled with porous insulation. Accordingly, under such enclosing structures they build a foundation with a small bearing capacity of stand-alone columns or in the form of a shallow reinforced concrete tape.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Foundation for a bath with a pool.
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A full-fledged pool with dimensions of 3x4 meters and a depth of 1.4 m gives a load of at least 17 tons to the ground. The greater the height of the liquid column, the greater the pressure on the soil. To this you need to add your own weight man-made reservoir, sanitary equipment, finishing materials. Therefore, a sufficiently powerful foundation of monolithic reinforced concrete is arranged under the font.


Constant high humidity aggressively affects the material of walls and ceilings. From the square meter of the pool surface, 150-250 g of water evaporates every hour. Constructions and finishes that are in such conditions protect against the action of moisture by waterproofing, process it from rotting especially carefully. Install air dryers to maintain humidity in the range of 50-60%.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Bathhouse made of cedar timber

Traditionally, wood is used to build and finish baths. Cedar and larch have great biostability. The high resin content in the wood of these species is a natural antiseptic and preservative.

Heating and hot water

Heating of a swimming pool room is usually provided from a common bath or house system where the temperature of the heating medium is increased by gas, electric or solid fuel boilers. Mounted on the walls of the heating water collectors or radiators.

Infra-red heaters are used for pool heating. They are placed on the ceiling, heat is transmitted to the surfaces by radiation.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Infrared heater in the bath

The floor heating system is effectively used in the baths. It heats the room, and on the heated surface it is pleasant to walk barefoot.

Comfortable for taking procedures is the air temperature of at least 29 ° C, water - 24 ° -28 ° C.

Pool water can be heated by a common or self-contained heat source. Use heat exchangers, electric heaters, solar collectors.


Drainage from the pool is possible only to the central sewage system. A septic tank or cesspool will not “pull” of such volumes, will quickly overflow. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a method for removing water in advance, calculate the diameter of the drain pipe and the connection to the drainage network. Thanks to filtration systems, water can be changed no more than 1-2 times a year. The liquid is used to water the plants in the area if it does not contain chemicals.

Air drying

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Floating pool cover

To keep the air humidity in the range of 50-60% measures:

  1. Floating coating that reduces evaporation by 1.5 times. Use a dense polyethylene film, which is cut to the size of the pool. This is an inexpensive and simple way to not only reduce the humidity in the room, but also to keep the water temperature.
  2. Air conditioning is not the best option, as the air temperature drops with humidity. The household appliance cannot be used around the clock, as well as in the winter. Because of the chemical reagents for water purification contained in the vapor, the equipment quickly fails.
  3. Forced ventilation is an energy-intensive method that is inefficient in winter and in rainy weather.
  4. The dehumidifiers condense and remove excess moisture from the air while heating it. With full ventilation, you can use budget options that work only in the drain mode.

Types of font

There are three types of pools in bathhouses and next to them:

  • stationary - reinforced concrete waterproofing or acrylic bowls;
  • mobile - frame, inflatable or prefabricated structures made of polymeric materials or wood;
  • hydromassage - wooden or plastic tanks equipped with heaters, seats and a nozzle system for water treatment.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Acrylic basin bowl
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In designing, they determine the place where the pool will be located, its shape, and the material used. In the corner of the room set angular fonts. In the center - square, round or rectangular. Acrylic bowls have a diverse configuration. Their device is technically more complicated than traditional ones.

By location relative to the floor, tanks are buried, above ground and semi-buried.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Recessed reservoir

A person experiences unusual sensations in a cascade pool - a shallow hydraulic structure consisting of several bowls, in each of which water is heated to different temperatures.

Planning of baths with a pool

A bath with a pool consists of a whole complex of main and auxiliary rooms:

  • a waiting room;
  • a steam room;
  • bath;
  • swimming pool;
  • shower;
  • changing room;
  • rest room;
  • firewood storage room;
  • bathroom;
  • boiler room or technical room.

In most cases, the internal layout of the bath with a pool is standard. So, the pool can be inside the bath or in the annex. For convenience, the steam room and shower are placed near the font, equipped with a separate exit. In the storage for fuel arrange 2 entrances - from the street and from the building. The rest room should be located next to the washroom and have access to the pool. Room for maintenance away from all the others.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

A version of the layout of a bath with a pool

If you get down to business on a large scale, you can build a bath as a mini-complex for leisure - to provide rooms for billiards, cooking, loft for guests, terrace, barbecue area.

If the pool area is equipped with a sliding roof, in the warm season it is possible to combine water procedures with air baths.

Panoramic windows allow you to admire a beautiful view of the garden without leaving the bath. It is mounted from a two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Panoramic windows in the sauna with a pool .

If there is not enough space on the site, the construction of a corner bath will be the exit.

More ideas on the implementation of bath projects with a pool inside can be seen in this video:

Bath with an outdoor pool

A simple and inexpensive option - a wooden font on a covered terrace. It is installed on a dais or platform. Water is heated by electrical appliances built into the hull. From the eyes of others, the zone is separated by hedges or climbing plants on supports.Next to the bathing area are placed lounge chairs, tables for drinks.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Bath with a pool in the street

You can install a frame or inflatable pool on a flat base. In warm weather, it will completely replace the stationary of reinforced concrete.

Illuminate the area with electric or LED battery-powered lights in the evening.

Project of a bath from a bar with a pool

All-season variant - a pool under one roof with a bath. The project of a traditional laminated timber steam room is based on the drawing of the facades and the floor plan. Be sure to include the following items:

  1. The Foundation - belt, columnar, pile, depending on the type of soil and topography.
  2. External walls - glued laminated timber of 100x150 or 150x150 mm for regions with cold winters.
  3. Internal partitions - the same bar.
  4. External wall cladding - DSP plates.
  5. Finishing interior - cedar lining.
  6. Overlappings - glued laminated timber 100x150 mm.
  7. Roof - duo-pitch, hip or sloping for attic. Rafter system from a board or a bar.
  8. Roofing - from ondulin, profiled sheet, metal tile.
  9. Thermal insulation - mineral basalt wool.
  10. Hydro, vapor barrier - protective membranes, film with or without foil.
  11. Floors - on expanded clay backfill, concrete draft screed, waterproofing from roofing material, finishing covering at the request of the builder.
  12. For the pool and stove-heater - a separate foundation of monolithic reinforced concrete with a thickness of 200 mm for crushed stone bedding.
  13. Bowl - finished acrylic or reinforced concrete with penetrating waterproofing. Finishing - ceramic tiles for swimming pools with non-slip surface.

Bathhouse with a pool inside: projects, planning, construction, construction

Bath project with a swimming pool
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Bath projects with a pool under one roof combine architectural expressiveness, modern requirements for construction of facilities with hydraulic structures, manufacturability, optimal use of materials, and also take into account individual wishes of the developer.


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