original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

The cheapest fence to give is the one that is made from materials left over from the time of construction, or just lay idle. In this case, their initial cost is no longer important, and the labor costs in any case will pay off. For example, if in the neighborhood there is a rock exit, and after the construction of the house there is cement and sand, then you can build the most expensive type of fence - from natural stone. Or the second option - the fence of scraps of logs, felled in the area of ​​trees.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

The site fencing can be built in such an unusual way

But these are more special cases - usually materials have to be bought or ordered "fence Full construction".

Features of the dacha fence

There are certain restrictions on the height and nature of the fence between adjacent areas. The fence should not cast a solid shadow and be above 1. 5 meters. Although in practice this is not always the case. But it is precisely such requirements that make this part of the fence inexpensive in cost of materials. Anyone can build a relatively affordable fence to the country, options for materials used for this purpose:

  • chain-link;

  • wooden fence (fence);

  • welded sections from metal rolling.

For the part that protects the suburban area from the "street", the choice of materials is more, including the ones listed above. But such a “transparent” fencing has rather poor protective functions, especially from prying eyes, wind and dust. Therefore, such a fence to the cottage is used in combination with a hedge - shrubs or climbers.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Translucent fence from the grid and climbing plants

If you need a "deaf" and cheap fence along the front border of the site, then materials choose boards or decking. Thus you can build a fence with your own hands cheap and beautiful.

Wooden fences

You can build the cheapest wooden fence. With the right choice and timely care, wooden fences will last at least 10 years. Moreover, this statement mainly relates to posts, and if they are made of a steel pipe with a corrosion-resistant coating, then we can speak of at least twenty years of service. And, not least, there are different types of fences to give from this material.

Usually a picket fence, or a fence board - this is the easiest option of a wooden fence made of cut timber. But the protective functions of the picket fence are low, as is its cost. A fence made of unedged boards only indicates the boundary of the site, and its decorative qualities depend solely on the method of trimming the top of the rails and the color of the paint.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Although, if you wish, you can also make an fence from a regular picket fence.

But there are also “full-fledged” wooden picket fences, which differ in higher reliability and degree of protection against penetration on a site. Moreover, such a fence can even be "deaf" if you use the double padding of boards for the fence - from the front and inside.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Deaf fence from the rail

The rail fence can be considered a decorative type of shtaketnik. Most often such a fence is assembled from ready-made sections in the form of a lattice, on the frame of which the slats are diagonally packed.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

The traditional type of decorative fencing made of thin rail

The rail fence also allows you to make decoration for the section in as a decorative panel. And at first glance, a cheap fence will no longer look very cheap.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

You can also assemble this type of fence, but this is clearly not a budget option

And "wicker looks very original "fences from wooden slats.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

And this is how the modern interpretation of the fence

looks like. The fence from the trimmed board can be either deaf or "perforated". In the first case, the boards are filled with buttworms or from two sides (alternately with the front and inside).

In the second case, the scheme of stuffing the board on the cross-beams of spans is similar to a fence made of a picket fence. To some extent they are even similar, but this option is more "solid".

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Edged board fence - reliability and solidity

If horizontal direction wooden rail in the picket fence is a rarity, then for a cut board such a solution is more common. Perhaps this is the cheapest fence to give, but it looks pretty nice.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

This covering of the span makes it look like a wall of a house

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer construction services fences and fences. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

And in a separate category you can take out wooden fence blinds .This type of fence resembles a wall lined with planken. The principle of the board (or slats) is the same - at an angle to the vertical plane with overhang on the front side of the top panel above the bottom.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

This type of fence has appeared recently, but it’s already popular

Blind fence combines positive sides solid and perforated "spans:

  • the territory is protected from inquisitive glances;

  • the direct impact of the wind is reduced; the penetration of dust and dirt from the street;

  • the site is ventilated, so the excess moisture from the soil will evaporate sooner;

  • the shade from the fence is not so thick and you can plant low-growing plants next to it.

Example of fences from other materials in the video:

Another type of horizontal wooden fence - fencing using blockhouse . This type of cladding panel is thick enough to withstand severe mechanical loads. And the decorative properties of the panels perfectly fit into the rural landscape, especially if the house is built from rounded logs, lined with block house or siding with a similar profile.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Block house, one of the most unusual finishing materials, looks great and as a fence

Of course, this is not the cheapest fence - According to this characteristic, the block-house does not lag behind the majority of types of planed fencing.

Budget fences made of scrap materials

First of all, here we must understand that not all the materials at hand can be "legal". Often you can find as an cheap fence an example of wattle fence or a picket fence made from branches or poles felled in a landing or a nearby forest. Now often choose fences from pallets remaining after construction. In a word, if you need an affordable fence to the country, there are many options.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Such a purely village fence can cause administrative punishment

But in this case you can wait for the police visit, since illegal cutting of trees and shrubs (even lianas) are punishable by both administrative and criminal codes. For individuals, the fine is small - 4-5 thousand rubles. But this is if they do not find signs of a criminal act. If found - the penalty starts from 100 thousand rubles. Moreover, if such a fence is purchased, and its timber is harvested illegally, then the buyer will also be fined.

And if the purchase of a finished woven fence can be considered an affordable option, then a log fence is no longer a budget fence.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

A paling of logs turns a house into a fortress, but you have to pay a significant price for it

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The cheapest material is slab . It refers to the waste production of sawn timber, but this does not mean that anyone will be suitable for a hedge. It is divided into two classes: wood and business. And on the construction of the fence, you only need to choose the second option, as thicker and more uniform in cross section geometry. Moreover, the selection should be carried out on the quality of wood (no rot), and on the uniformity of sizes - it is desirable to choose plates of approximately the same width and thickness. If there is a suspicion of being infected with a bark beetle, the slab must be sanded and treated with an appropriate solution - so as not to infect the trees in the plot.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Such a fence will be the cheapest among all, and in the rural landscape it is quite appropriate

The second for the cost of materials is unedged board . From it you get affordable, but attractive wooden fences for summer cottage. And here there are nuances of choice - it is better to use a wide format.

A vertical fence from such a board is mounted with an overlap, with alternating alternation of the "front" and "wrong" side.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

And this fence of the site looks naturally in the countryside

For horizontal fences, the location of the plates is more diverse. For example, this may be a “volumetric” installation of a board around a bar in the center of the span.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

If you show imagination, then you can make an original fence for the

section of the unedged board, which is attached to the herringbone board carried out by analogy with the installation of siding.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Another construction of a solid fence from unedged board

There is such an inexpensive option for fence materials - pallets . More precisely, euro pallets. For their production, a fairly high-quality edged board is used, from which enterprising people even make furniture. And not only garden, but also for residential premises with an interior in the style of a loft or rustic.

Euro pallets can be used as a source of "raw materials".That is, to disassemble it on the boards, and make of them the usual vertical fence. Or build a horizontal fence, borrowing from the pallet not only the boards, but also the very idea of ​​a "two-row" three-dimensional structure.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Both the fence and the flower bed

There are options when the pallet is almost unchanged for manufacturing spans low hedges .

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Such an enclosure is perfect for a palisade in front of the house

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Low-cost metal fences

In this category, the cheapest fences for summer houses are made from grids . Their seeming unreliability is deceptive - it is impossible to climb over them, and in order to get to the site unauthorized it is necessary to use at least scissors for metal. Choosing from what to make a fence, you should not discard this option.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

The chain-link grid is the leader among the metal fences for the cottages

This can also include fences with spans from welded construction mesh , which is even stronger due to the greater thickness of the wire.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Welded mesh fences are one of the easiest to manufacture.

There are quite a few turnkey manufacturers of sectional fences that use welded mesh as the base. And in the simplest versions, it is not even attached to the frame from the corner. For mounting use special clamps, matched to the cross section of the profile pipe, from which the fence posts are made.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

And this is the most affordable version of the metal sectional fence

And the next step in the evolution of the welded mesh as a material for the fencing area - gabions . In landscape design, wire baskets filled with natural stone are usually used as retaining walls. They found application for the construction of a fence with "deaf" spans. This design is more accessible than a fence made of stone, especially since the gabion does not need a foundation, and if necessary it can be disassembled and moved to another place.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Fence of gabions - union of metal and stone

Another low-cost option is welded fences of smooth reinforcement or square bar.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Welded fence made of smooth reinforcement is simple and elegant

And if you need to close the section from the street with a solid fence with high resistance to cracking , then wall profiled in the category of inexpensive materials has no competitors.

original, cheap and beautiful - photo and video

Professional sheet - reliability and safety of the site for little money

And a few more options of beautiful fences in the video:

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The total cost of the fence is influenced not only by the materials of the span, but also by its nature. Continuous fences are strongly influenced by wind loads, therefore supports for them must be more reliable than for through-spans. And the calculation of their number and size of the underground part has the same algorithm as that of the pile or monolithic foundation. Therefore, a cheap but solid fence can end up costing higher than its competitor from more expensive materials that are freely blown by the wind.


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