Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

When arranging a plot, the problem of laying out garden paths and parking always arises. The article below describes in detail the advantages and disadvantages of various types of turf nets for tracks in the country.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

Lawn grass will cover most of the site with greens, while the dirt will not be spread around the yard

Of plastic

Plastic gratings - one of the most popular ways to decorate a lawn. For their manufacturing, high-strength polymeric compounds are used that are not destroyed by moisture and ultraviolet. With quality performance and proper installation, they can serve for 20 years or more.

The most common are lattices made in the form of lozenges and honeycombs. For ease of mounting each module is equipped with special plastic latches. Such compounds allow you to create a coating of any size with a uniform distribution of external loads. Qualitatively laid modular surface perfectly resists shear and compression, which effectively prevents various damage during operation.


are applied The lawn grate is a versatile building material. It can be used to create sports grounds, game and park areas, golf courses. With its help, you can also build eco-parking on the lawn, the price of which is almost the same as laying asphalt or concrete. Depending on the type, the grate-based coating is able to withstand a load of more than 1 ton, which is equivalent to parking a heavy truck weighing about 40 tons.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

Lawn gratings can be completely invisible among plantations

When arranging the private sector and parks, grates no more than 40- are used 50 mm. At a higher level of load, reinforced ribs are used.


All existing lawn grids can be divided into 2 large groups according to the degree of stability:

  1. Light . Suitable for arranging parking for light vehicles with small and medium traffic, sports areas and playgrounds. Can also be used to strengthen mobile soils and slopes.

  2. Heavy . Designed for use in heavy loads. Used when creating parking lots for heavy trucks, buses, and helipads. Widely used to strengthen the slopes and embankments. If necessary, they can be filled with turf, gravel and other materials.

Plastic grids are also classified according to shape and color: in the form of diamonds, squares or honeycombs, black or green.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

The shape of the lawn paths made of plastic can have a different shape


  1. High esthetics . After complete overgrowing, the structural elements are practically indistinguishable

  2. Easy installation . During installation, the modules are easily divided into parts, which allows you to create a variety of geometric shapes.

  3. Environmental friendliness . Plastic lawn does not emit harmful compounds, in addition, it can be used for recycling.


  1. The sharp edges of the trellis cut the grassed stems when the car reaches.

  2. To keep the grass from fading and not turning yellow, the car has to be moved to a new location every 2-3 days.

  3. When technical liquids hit the car, you have to dismantle the whole plate.

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The parking grate on the lawn can also be made of concrete. It is produced in the form of stamped blocks manufactured by casting or vibropressing. The standard size of such products is 60 * 40 * 10 cm. If desired, the size can be changed in accordance with an individual order. Cells of a concrete lattice effectively protect plant roots from external influences. In addition, structures of this type can be used to protect against erosion.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

Concrete grids for decorating the lawn


All manufactured concrete grids can be classified according to the following groups :

  1. Cell-like . Able to withstand loads of up to 20 tons. Concrete honeycombs for lawn and parking are used for the arrangement of sidewalks, parking lots of passenger cars and playgrounds.

  2. Square . Maintain a load of up to 400 tons. Used for arranging places with very high traffic intensity.

Concrete grids can be produced in almost any color range. It all depends on the pigment used.The most affordable ones are gray.


  1. Durability . The average service life of such products is 10-15 years.

  2. Possibility of using practically on any soils .

  3. High strengths . Ideal for arranging places with a constant high load.

  4. Affordable Price . In comparison with a grid for a lawn the cost of concrete lattices is much lower.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

Painted concrete "Snakes" to create a lawn grid


  1. Sparse grass cover . Even after full overgrowing, concrete islands are clearly visible.

  2. Large weight of products , which requires special delivery conditions.

  3. Complicated installation . Laying grids is possible only when using special equipment.

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Technique of laying

Technique of laying lawn grids of various types is very simple. It should start with the alignment area. After preliminary preparation, a pad of sand and rubble is poured.

Before starting the masonry work, the area is calculated and the number of modules and other auxiliary materials are calculated. With a small area of ​​work, laying can be done by the construction team, but when organizing a sports ground or parking area, it is impossible to do without attracting special equipment.

After preparing the base, proceed to the installation of the modules. It can be carried out in rows or staggered. In the process of laying it is necessary to monitor the quality of the fastening of locks. If necessary, modules can always be trimmed to the desired shape.

After laying, they start filling the cells with soil and sowing grass. When organizing parking, individual cells can be filled with special colored markers that will indicate parking spaces.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

Plastic grids are laid according to the principle of assembling puzzles

If necessary, grids can be used immediately after installation. However, if possible, it is better to postpone it until germination of the grass. For cleaning the grating in winter, use special plastic shovels and scrapers.

An example of a plot of lawn bars in the video:

What should I look for when choosing a grid:

  1. Material . Qualitative models, as a rule, are made of 100% polyethylene. Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of products are introduced into the composition of various impurities, which significantly reduces the service life and reduces performance.

  2. Maximum load degree . This indicator depends on the wall thickness of the cells.

  3. Type of fasteners . From the reliability of locks depend on the strength and stability of the structure. In this case, the most reliable are fasteners of the type "lock-groove". They allow you to securely connect the modules into a single structure.

  4. Availability of special cells . In order for the grids to withstand temperature changes, they include special "temperature cells". Such elements preserve the integrity of the web in the summer heat and at low negative temperatures.

Lawn grill for parking and garden path at the cottage: reviews, photos

Properly chosen and laid lattices will be a decoration for the garden
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A lawn or parking area decorated with trellises, like a regular lawn, needs constant care. They must be periodically watered and fertilized. With proper use, they retain their decorative appearance from early spring to late autumn.

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