type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Today we will talk about how to repair the roof of metal. What materials are used for this, in what ways can we fix roofing defects, what types of repairs exist. And also we will designate the prices for the offered services in repair of the roofs tiled from metal.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Metal roofing that needs repair

What is metal roofing

What we have to say is that this roofing The material was created as a cheap replacement for ceramic tile. It is made of galvanized steel sheet by stamping. At the same time, the variety of profiles offered is huge, so there is a choice not only in form, but also in color. We add that the metal tile is a durable material with a long service life. On the market today there are painted varieties with a service life of up to 25 years, and with a polymer coating, the service life of which, with proper installation, reaches half a century.

As for the sizes, this is also a wide model range, in which the length of the panels varies from 0.5 to 6 m, width from 1 to 1.2 m. In the process of production, a sheet with a thickness of 0.4 is used -1.2 mm.

It is important that this roofing material has a profiled shape, hence the specific technology of its installation. That is, the laying is done on the crate, but at the same time the installation step of the frame elements is determined by the step of the location of the profiles on the panel itself. Usually this parameter varies in the range of 300-400 mm.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Variety of metal tiles by type and color

Causes of defects and defects on metal tile

Causes of defects not so much:

  • incorrect operation of the roofing structure itself;

  • errors that the master made in the process of roofing;

  • wear of roofing material : fully or partially;

  • if are not carried out 33> preventive maintenance of the roof.

The last three reasons are logically justified, that is, they do not require special explanations. As for the first position, the incorrect cleaning of the roof from snow and ice is taken into account.

It is necessary to add that repair of a roof from a metal tile begins with determining the places of leaks, defects of the external surface, determining the scope of repair work. For example, in sunny weather from the attic space, they determine the places and the number of gaps through which water from atmospheric precipitation penetrates into the under-roof space. On the outer side, scuffs of the decorative layer are found, holes formed by mechanical action, the detachment of the roofing panels in the places of their joints.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Incorrect joint of the panels

Even if one defect was detected, it is necessary to intervene immediately. Delay threatens serious troubles, where the least is the failure of the insulating layer of the roof structure.

Types of repair

So, defects are found, now we need to classify them. And on the basis of this to decide what repair to undertake. There are three types of roof repair:

  • Emergency , which is also a point. In fact, this unexpectedly appeared defect through which water begins to seep into the attic. There is no time to think, therefore, for example, the hole is immediately patched with available means. The main objective of this repair is to stop the leakage. Subsequently, the defect of the roof of metal will have to deal specifically and thorough.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Emergency repair of metal tiles - quickly repair the defect
  • Preventive , he's scheduled. Typically, this type of repair is used in apartment buildings, industrial facilities, high-rise commercial purposes. That is, the owner of the property is a schedule or plan, when and where to carry out maintenance and repair. More often roofs are tinted, they repair a rolled covering or make partial replacement with piece materials.

  • If the damage to the roof covering exceeds 50% of the total area, then major repairs are carried out. It includes a complete replacement of the roofing material. At the same time, the roof system is also defective, and then it is decided to change it in whole or in part.

It is clear that the price of repairing metal roofing roofs varies depending on the type of work being done. The most expensive - capital. The cheapest is emergency. Although it should be noted that accidents are different. It is one thing a through hole in the roofing panel, another, when part of the roof was propelled under the weight of the snow cover.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Overhaul of metal roofing - replacement of coating and repair of truss system

Let's consider some specific types of repair. The first is a hole in a metal tile with a diameter of not more than 5 mm.How to carry out the repair process itself:

  1. It is necessary around the opening with a metal brush to clean the paint or the polymer coating at a distance of 3-5 cm on each side of the defective area.

  2. The same must be done from the side of the attic.

  3. Then the planes cleared of the protective layer are degreased .

  4. Next put a thick layer of special sealant , both on the outside and on the side of the attic.

  5. As soon as the sealant dries, the defective area is painted in the color of the metal tile.

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If the hole is large, within 10 cm, then do not fill it with sealant. Therefore, preliminary operations are also carried out, that is, cleaned with a brush and degreased. Then, a sealant is applied around the perimeter of the hole, and a patch of material based on fiberglass or fiberglass is placed on top. Next patched paint.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Repair of the hole in the roof covered with metal tile

Today, manufacturers of repair products offer a so-called sealing material, sold under the brand "NICOBAND" . This is a self-adhesive tape on the basis of fiberglass, which is treated with bitumen-polymer composition. On top of it is applied an aluminum layer, which is covered in a different color at the factory. That is, to choose the tape to the color of the metal is easy.

The thickness of the material is 1.5 mm; it is protected from the back side with a polymer film, which is removed before sealing the hole. The repair procedure itself is as follows:

  1. From a roll of tape , a patch of sizes more than the size of the hole or other defect is cut 5 cm on each side.

  2. It is simply superimposed on the section with the defect and pressed against the hand or rolled with a small plastic roller.

Important! The surface to be repaired must be one hundred percent dry and clean.

If the defective area is more than 10 cm, then you should not repair it. Ideally, replace the panel completely. This is not such a simple process, because each sheet of metal is attached to the crate through a wave, but along the entire length of the sheet. In order to dismantle, you will also have to remove the fasteners that hold the top sheet, because the panels are overlapped. That is a lot of problems, but there is no other way out.

The video shows how to properly use the tape "NICOBAND":

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It should be noted that the complexity of this type of metal-covered roofs lies in the large amount of work carried out. And this is the dismantling of the old coating and the installation of a new one. At the same time, as practice shows, even if the roof was opened, the replacement of heat insulation and waterproofing is carried out. And if you need a truss system.

Installation errors

Unfortunately, not all installation organizations involved in arranging roofing structures can boast that only highly qualified specialists work in their staff. Therefore, it is often possible to meet the roof, incorrectly covered with metal tiles. That is, either the assembly technology has been violated, or manufacturers' recommendations have not been taken into account.

For example, the elements of the batten should be exposed in the same plane. Even the smallest drop that lifts a part of a metal tile panel is a huge risk zone. The tightness of the coating is broken, the joints diverge. And if the discrepancy is only a few millimeters, it is enough for the water to penetrate under the roofing material.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Incorrectly installed installation of metal tile - sheathing is not in the same plane

It is impossible to lay metal tile if there is no counter grille in the roof system. It seems to be a small gap, but it is responsible for ventilation, which removes moisture that accumulates on the back side of the roofing.

It is impossible to cut a metal tile with a cutting disc using a grinder. High cutting temperatures create conditions under which the protective compounds, and this zinc and polymer, lose their qualities. The metal edge remains open, which immediately begins to corrode.

Some installers use foam for sealing joints. Especially in places adjoining the roof, for example, to chimneys or vertical walls of a building. If there is a mounting foam on the roof, you should know that the roof covering was assembled incorrectly.In addition, the foam material quickly loses its characteristics under the action of sunlight. The foam is darker first and then crumbles.

All these violations of technology lead to repair. And this says only one thing - do not use the services of unskilled craftsmen. It is better to call professionals.

In the video, the wizard tells you what errors you should pay attention to when installing metal roofing on the roof:

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Price of services

So, we turn to the important section of roof repair from metal tile - to prices. It is necessary to make a reservation that the price plug is quite wide. This primarily depends on the region of the country. Secondly, on the qualifications of the company's employees Thirdly, on the magnitude of the defect.

Let us consider a metal roof repair service with prices in Moscow as an average variant.

  1. Tightening fasteners, sealing joints - 800-1000 rubles. / m²

  2. Arrangement of adjoining roofing material to walls and chimneys - 700-800 rubles. for 1 rm.

  3. Sealing of an endova roof covered with metal - 600-800 rubles per meter.

  4. Replacing panels with new - 800-1000 rub. / m²

If the overhaul of the roofing structure is planned, then only the replacement of metal tiles will cost 1200-1500 rubles per 1 m² of coverage. If you want to repair the truss system, then the price increases by 800-1000 rubles. / m² This is without replacement.

If you need to replace the heat-insulating cake, then you will have to add another 150-300 rubles to the repair budget. / m² Please note that all of the above prices are the price of the service, which does not include materials and fasteners. For them have to pay separately.

type of repair, how to proceed, process nuances, prices

Replacing the roof covering is not cheap

It should be added that the cost of repairing metal roofing will increase if the roof is a complicated structure. The more transitions on it, structural deviations, the more difficult it is to carry out repair work. And this time spent and effort.

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How to work with a contractor

Having found a leak or defect on a roof covered with metal tiles, you just need to call the company, place an order, leaving your contact phone number. The first to arrive is a specialist who will estimate the amount of future work. He will determine the nature of the damage, their size and volume, make measurements and decide which type of repair will have to be used.

Next, a contract will be signed with an annex to it of the estimate and the defective act. In the latter indicate the detected defects of the roof, their number and nature. In the estimate indicate the types of work carried out on items, plus the required amount of materials. Be sure to include prices for services and materials.

Now the owner of the house decides who will deal with the acquisition of materials: himself or a contracting organization. If you yourself, then you have to go to the construction market and acquire all of the attached list.

Next come the master, who will be engaged in repair. After its termination the acceptance certificate is signed.

The video shows how to carry out a major overhaul of the roofing structure of a private house covered with metal tiles:

Conclusion on the topic

As the statistics show, metal roofs must be repaired often. And the main reason - unqualified installation of roofing. This cause accounts for 50% of the total. Therefore, one advice - to use the services of professional installers.


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