TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

Using TechnoNIKOL tile roofing is a simple and reliable way to protect the roof and give it a modern look. The article tells about the roll tile, the universal material for the pitched roof. You will get acquainted with the composition and use of multilayer material, its advantages and disadvantages. The proposed article informs about the characteristics, sizes, collections, colors and prices of shingles.

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

Flexible Solution

Composition and Application of Shingles

Special requirements are placed on roofing materials for quality and durability. Among the various coatings one of the most popular is roll roofing. It is successfully used in the construction of country houses and cottages, more recently having been a serious competitor to shingles and other roofing. Significant distribution of rolled flexible tiles TechnoNIKOL, whose characteristics are described by the following parameters:

  • Base . The basis of the multilayer material is polyester or cross-reinforced fiberglass. A dense polymer-bitumen layer resistant to moisture and corrosive media is applied to a durable, impervious to rotting canvas.

  • Self-adhesive layer . A self-adhesive layer is applied on the lower side of the canvas, which allows fixing the tile without additional fasteners and special equipment. During transportation and storage the layer is protected by a polymer film; before installation work it is removed.

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

The structure of flexible roll tiles
  • Front side . The front surface has a protective and decorative function. Coarse-grained granulate is applied on it (basalt crumb); The technology allows you to add any color to the dressing and arrange the layer in the form of an aesthetic pattern. The texture layer has several shades, including brown, red and green.

  • Destination . Material demanded on pitched roofs; they trim the roofs of residential and commercial buildings, gazebos and baths.

  • Roof requirements . Roll tile is laid on wooden flooring, concrete or profiled base; the slope of the slopes should not exceed 30 °.

Strengths and weaknesses

The roll coating has gained wide acceptance due to the following positive qualities:

  • Low weight . The property allows you to use the coating even on small objects (for example, on the gazebo) without the need to strengthen the structure. Also greatly simplified storage, transportation, movement and installation.

  • Durability . The manufacturer claims a long service life, 20 years, in any climate zone.

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

Installation work
  • Cost . One of the main reasons for the popularity - a good price / quality ratio - makes flexible tiles affordable, payable material.

  • Performance characteristics . Roll tile has high strength and elasticity, demonstrates good sound and hydro protection properties. The material is environmentally safe, resistant to corrosion, does not need additional waterproofing, is not deformed due to temperature differences.

  • Installation . The rolled material is supplied with the instruction, which helps to fix the roof correctly. Installation is quick and practically without waste.

  • Operation . The material does not need regular maintenance, absorbs noise during rain. The rough surface retains the snow, not allowing the snow layers to descend entirely.

  • Aesthetics . TechnoNIKOL roll tiles have a presentable appearance and are resistant to UV light - the color does not fade over time.

About the installation of the roll tile in the following video:

Rolled soft roofing needs professional styling; errors in operation may lead to defects, followed by loss of tightness. Poor quality materials save a budget, but over time they tend to fade, warp and eventually wear out much faster. To insure against such problems, you should choose the material of good quality, and its installation should be trusted to experienced roofers.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer roofing materials services. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

Parameters, dimensions and colors

Flexible tiles in rolls of TechnoNIKOL began to be sold at the end of 2016; The following year, the range was expanded. Today, three tile collections are available to customers in several colors each:

  • Brickwork . The tile is presented in three primary colors: red, green, brown.

  • Classical (metal tile imitation). The main added terracotta and burgundy color.

  • Beaver's tail (imitation of a tile with a round cut). Gray is added to the main ones.

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

Beaver Tail Collection

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, which can be bought on the construction market, specialized or online store, helps to create a reliable coating, save on installation and preserve the external attractiveness of the roof. The proposed materials are described by the following specifications:

  • Roll Size . 1x8 m.

  • Weight . 4.5 kg / m 2 . Roll weight - 36 kg.

  • Basis . Polyester or fiberglass.

  • Thickness . 4 mm. (± 10%).

  • Type of fixation . Self-adhesive material.

  • The tensile strength (also called the maximum tensile force) along and across. Polyester - from 400/300 to 600/400 N.

  • Water absorption . Not more than 1% during the day.

  • Protective and decorative coating . Colored coarse-grained basalt dressing.

  • Loss of sprinkling . Up to 1 g per sample.

  • Flexibility temperature . From -5 °.

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

Roll from the Masonry collection
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Collections on sale take into account the most pronounced preferences of domestic homeowners. Roofing material is convenient to order online. At the same time, you will have a choice of the optimal payment method and a convenient option for the delivery of TechnoNIKOL tile; price on different sites will vary in a certain range. In places where products from the manufacturer are sold, the cost of roll roofing materials is most accessible. The price for a convenient, practical and easy-to-use material in Moscow and the region will be as follows:

  • Retail price : 1850-1900 rub. /roll.

  • Small wholesale : 1680-1730 rub. /roll.

TechnoNIKOL roll tiles, features and purpose of the material, collection and price

Mini gray

There are many small buildings (verandas and gazebos) in the suburban area, for which standard roll turns out to be disadvantageous due to excessive size and inevitable residues. For such a local installation on the market there is a material designed for a small roof - Mini roll tiles TechnoNIKOL with the size of 5х0.5 m (2.5 m 2 ) in a roll. The colors presented on a choice - red, brown, blue, gray, green give the chance to realize any design idea. The cost of the material is in the limit of 460-480 rubles. /roll.

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The manufacturer guarantees two decades of trouble-free operation of roll tiles. The quality extends not only to the ability to maintain tightness and protect the housing from rain and snow. An important parameter of any roof - external attractiveness, also does not change with time. The saturation of the color of the roof covering does not change due to the technology: the dye is not sprayed on top, but is added during the preparation of basalt chips, becoming part of its structure. If you want to refresh the color, it’s enough to spray the roof with a stream of water.

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