Arrange your garden

A private house and a garden with fruit trees are often practically inseparable in the eyes of the person planning to purchase or build suburban real estate. Here are just a few who think that the garden is not only beautiful, but also economically beneficial - well-designed landscape design is an extra plus for the house, if it comes time to sell it.

Arrange your garden

A well thought out house adjoining plot increases the cost of the cottage

Private garden: the end justifies the means

House with garden always costs more and is sold faster than a similar building with a space without a garden, says landscape architect Elena Astashkina on the example of arranging the new "Silver Garden" at the exhibition of country houses "Low-Rise Country".

Every year the garden becomes more expensive by itself, as the shrubs and trees planted on its territory grow. Ultimately, the garden adds about 30% to the value of the house .

What is the difference between landscape architecture and gardening

According to Elena Astashkina, it will take a lot of effort, special knowledge and financial investments to create a garden. In addition, it is important to understand in advance the difference between the concepts of "landscape architecture" and "gardening" and correctly set a task for yourself. Otherwise, the garden may turn out to be a burden, and not a profitable investment, as it was supposed at the beginning.

Arrange your garden

A house on the background of green always looks more beautiful

Landscape architecture has its own laws. After all, no matter how unique the trees, flowers and shrubs on your land, with an unsuccessful arrangement in space, they will remain only beautiful plants and nothing more. Unfortunately, the owners of suburban areas sometimes confuse improvement of the territory by replacing benches and other small forms, as well as laying paving stones instead of asphalt with an architectural approach to the arrangement of space.

The architectural approach to laying a garden implies, first of all, a thoroughly thought out project , and this work can take from several months to a whole year.

The key point when working on a project is not to deviate from the initially set topic. Elena Astashkina often gives names to her gardens, each of which speaks for itself: "Silver Garden", "125 steps down", "House on seven hills", "Tyrolean tunes". After the garden got its name, it is easier to move on to other stages of its creation, to fill the space with details.

Arrange your garden

Even a small, but well-planned flower bed improves the appearance of even an exhibition house without a garden

Why invite a specialist to develop landscape design

As Elena Astashkina explains, a landscape architect always takes into account several factors at the same time: the wishes of the client, the nature of the terrain, and the characteristics of the existing architecture on the site.

When landscaping a landscape architect relies on special knowledge of geodesy, dendrology and other sciences , but this is usually not enough. The landscape architect also has to be a psychologist who feels the customer subtly, knows how to explain his idea to him and make him a co-author in the work on the garden.

In turn, it is important for the client to rely on the professionalism and experience of the landscape architect, to whom he entrusted the creation of his garden project. It is then that there is a chance to be surprised at the results of the work of a specialist: a miniature area will suddenly become more visually, and the disadvantages of the area will turn into pleasant features.

Turning to the landscape architect, it should be remembered that his work does not consist in planting plants, but in creating a harmonious complex of the buildings on the site and the area around them. His business is precisely the organization of space, and not simple gardening.

Arrange your garden

Chinese-style roofs look especially good in the garden or on the shore of the lake

How much will it cost to equip your garden

The cost of landscape architect services depends on many factors, ranging from the degree of complexity of the project to the name of the specialist you are hiring. On average, the price of one designed weave is 7 thousand rubles. And work on the arrangement of the garden, including preparation, earthworks and construction work, landscaping and materials, will cost about half the cost of the box at home.

For ideas on creating a beautiful landscape design, see the video:

When designing your own garden, it is important to come up with in all seriousness and not try to save on everything. Changing a garden is always more difficult and ultimately more expensive than laying a garden from scratch on a project developed by an expert taking into account your wishes, terrain features and architecture. That is why it is better to immediately contact the landscape design professionals.

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