Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

The article contains information on the size of rolled lawns, their types, weight and dimensions of one unit in the folded state. After reading, you will know how to choose the size of the lawn for the site, select its thickness and calculate the total weight of the material for the choice of transport equipment.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

Rolled lawn

Parameters for choosing a transport

The lawn is transported by road, to order a car you need to know the total batch weight To do this, examine the types of rolls, their weight and size. The lawn is transported on pallets, for the convenience of calculating the weight you need to know the weight of one pallet. The thickness of the turf and other parameters depend on the method of forming the rolls:

  • Standart rolls . The compact size of the turf lawn has made him very popular among the owners of private houses. The length of each strip in the rolled condition is 2 m, width - 40 cm, the thickness of the sod - from 2 to 3 cm. In the rolled state, the lawn is stacked on pallets of 75 pieces. The size of each roll is 40 * 25 * 25 cm. A small weight of the roll (18-26 kg) allows you to attract a small team of workers to perform the installation.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

Total weight of one pallet 1300-1700 kg
  • Slab . It is supplied in the form of layers, it does not curl into rolls, it is popular for gardening small areas. The reservoir size is 1 m long and 0.4 m wide. The thickness is about 2 cm. The weight of the smallest turf is 10-12 kg. Fits on pallets of 50-60 pieces, the total weight of 500-700 kg;

  • Smart rolls . Large rolls are used for laying in public areas (parks, squares, the area in front of an apartment building, etc.). The width of the roll is 55 cm, the length is 26 m. The width and height of the rolls vary from 80 to 100 cm. One roll is occupied by a west pallet. Due to the large thickness of the lawn (5-7 cm), the rolls weigh a lot, from 250 to 360 kg. Laying the coating of such a mass requires the use of special equipment, so Smart rolls are not cost-effective to use for private gardening;

  • Big rolls . The biggest rolls. The size of a cloth is 1,2 * 26 m. In the curtailed state one roll of 100 * 120 * 100 cm in size takes the whole pallet. Weight 540-780 kg. Used for laying lawns in sports stadiums, golf courses, for landscaping large objects.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

The largest rolls

In which rolls pack a lawn

they allocate to the destination several types of turf. Each of them has its own purpose, the specifics of laying and care:

  • Parterny lawns look very presentable, have a uniform color and low herbage, consist of narrow-leaved low cereals. You can order an elite lawn in standard and large rolls (Standart rolls and Smart rolls);

  • Universal cover are used for landscaping parks, gardens, areas in front of houses, alleys. They are resistant to cold and drought, are not susceptible to diseases (decay, rust, spotting). Stacked on platforms of any size and shape with a slope of up to 70 degrees. It is delivered in rolls of Standard rolls, Smart rolls, Big rolls and in the form of Slab layers;

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

Universal coatings are resistant to cold
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  • The sports coating is highly resistant to trampling and drying. Consists of a mixture of unpretentious cereals that can tolerate prolonged lack of care, drought and a high level of mechanical stress. Dense turf easily displaces weeds. It is characterized by a small height of the turf after mowing. This type of coating is indispensable in the construction of sports facilities (football, tennis, etc.). This lawn covers impressive spaces, so it comes in large batches in rolls of Smart rolls and Big rolls;

  • The shady lawn feels good in wet and shaded areas, while it grows slowly, so it does not need frequent cutting. It is enough to level the top layer of grass about once a month. When caring for such a coating, it is important to create oxygen access to the roots by piercing the topsoil with special aerators or ordinary forks. It is used for laying in small areas and is delivered in Standard Rolls and Slab seams.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

Shady lawn

Transportation rules

Rolled lawns are grown in special nurseries in for 2-3 years, then transported to the site.For the convenience of work and guaranteed good results, the owners must follow several rules:

  • Removing, transporting and laying rolls must be done in 72 hours . After the expiration of this period, the rolled lawn becomes useless, on it appear dried or rotting areas, diseased grass. After 72 hours, the rolls are unsuitable for laying on the site;

  • When transporting the car body should be aired , you should not carry rolled lawn under a sealed awning;

  • With long-term transportation of material (more than 48 hours) and air temperature over 20 degrees, the refrigerator will help keep the grass fresh. For transportation over long distances, the lawn is cooled to 1-5 degrees;

  • In cooled rolls can wait for laying up to 10 days.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

Rolled lawns are grown for 2-3 years
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How to choose

The selection of a turf begins with defining its use. From the purpose of the coating will depend on its parameters, features of installation, cost and a set of necessary equipment. Among the same technical characteristics of the rolls, it is necessary to select the highest quality lawn:

  • Manufacturers try to hide the defects (dryness and diseases) of the grass by too short mowing . The recommended height of the green part is 3-5 cm (an exception is made for a sports lawn, the length of its grass is 2.5 cm);

  • Pay attention to the root system . The more white healthy roots, the easier it is for the grass to settle down on a new place;

  • When rolling and rolling out rolls , grass and roots should not crumble ;

  • The quality of the soil depends on the amount of sand, stones and clay . Their content in quality coverage is minimal;

  • Buy only rolls with grass that are densely and evenly sown, large pleshin larger than 10 cm are not allowed.

The freshness of the rolls is very important. You can determine it by the absence of an unpleasant smell from them. Only recently cut rolls should be purchased; they take root more easily, do not deteriorate during transportation, and are easy to fit.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

The quality of the soil depends on the amount of sand, stones and clay
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Where to order

It is possible to order a rolled lawn in the nursery. In this case, the buyer can be sure of the freshness of the purchased goods. In any case, before paying you need to visually assess the quality of the purchased coating. Laying can only be done by skilled workers. The consequence of low professionalism of workers will be uneven coverage and damage to the material.

In order to calculate delivery correctly, you need to know how much a lawn roll or one full pallet weighs, the amount of material multiplied by the weight of one unit and, based on this figure, the machine is ordered. It is very convenient to buy a turf with delivery. In this case, the company will be engaged in growing, cutting and moving the material. This will save customers a lot of time due to the lack of permanent material transfers between different firms.

Rolled lawn thickness: transportation rules

You can order a turf in a nursery

Before purchasing a cover, you need to determine its quantity. For this, the area of ​​planting is measured, the type of coverage, the composition of grasses, and knowing the size of the roll of turf, you can find out their number.

From the video you can find out which lawn is better to choose:

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The acquisition of high-quality coverage for landscaping is the first step to creating a cozy space for living and recreation. But we must remember that a lot depends not only on the quality of the grass itself, but also on the correct transportation. The best way out will be to turn to professionals who know all the nuances and give a guarantee for all the work done.

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