Construction technology - LSTK

What do people dream when they plan to build a house? No one wants to stretch this process for a long time. But dreams in the spirit of "build and forget" are much more common.

There are construction technologies that can realize the dream of fast and high-quality construction. One of the popular options is frame technology. At the exhibition "Low-rise country" every third visitor comes in search of a house built on its basis. Today we will focus on the youngest of them - LSTC (light steel thin-walled structure). This technology began to actively develop in the world since 1950. In Russia, it appeared in the 1990s. Let's tell what features the technology LSTK has, what it is in general, and how reliable it is.

Construction technology - LSTK

Steel profiles are the basis of LSTC houses


  • Geometric accuracy by the size of profiles

Often, the owners of both houses and apartments complain that in a newly built house "there is not a single parallel-perpendicular plane and even angle". After building walls, you need to spend a lot of money and time to level them. The houses built on technology LSTK, are deprived of this problem by definition. You can immediately sheathe drywall and glue wallpaper.

  • Installation according to factory instructions

Presence of a housing kit, precisely cut at the factory for a specific project of a house with a full set of standard fixings (bolts, screws, screws, etc.) and collection instructions. Nothing needs to be cut, and no welding is required. This allows you to build a house quickly and without errors.

  • The ease of building a house

LSTC technology allows you to put your house on a lightweight foundation and save money and time. This is especially important if the construction of the house is planned on a plot of land with weak soil.

Construction technology - LSTK

A house from LSTC profiles can be built on a pile foundation

In addition, the weight and volume of the profile required for building a house allows bring a complete house set from the factory at a time with one machine. No need for heavy construction equipment such as a crane. Savings on transportation and handling.

  • All-seasonality of the assembly

When erecting the frame of a house, it is not necessary to cover it from rain and snow. The frame can be erected and left for the winter without a roof and sheathing - nothing will happen to it.

The absence of wet cycles during its construction gives independence from water sources, as well as from ambient temperature, therefore, the frame can be assembled in frost.

  • Short construction times

A house, depending on the complexity of the project, can be built in less than one month. LSTK-profile does not need to be treated with antiseptic.

  • Communications inside the walls

You can build electricity, ventilation, water and heating pipes inside the walls and don’t waste additional funds on the shtrobleny under communications.

  • Lack of shrinkage

After the walls are erected, you can immediately begin to finish the house, both internal and external.

Construction technology - LSTK

The finishing of the exhibition house from StroyDom, built using the LSTC frame technology, was finished immediately after the construction of

  • Duration of operation of the house

The profile from which the house is built is galvanized in factory conditions, which protects the metal from corrosion. Also, the metal is not subject to rotting, fungus and bark beetle, it does not crack and does not crack.

  • The material is environmentally friendly

Galvanized steel is completely inert to the effects of the environment.

  • The LSTC-profile is universal in use

It can be used for erecting both the walls of a house and floors, mansards roofing It is also good for the construction of any outbuildings, such as a garage, a carport over the pool, etc.


  • The main stereotype is associated with fear: "times metal, it means it will be cold. "

It should be noted that for the construction of a house using LSTC technology for external walls a thermal profile is used, which completely solves this problem. Often, experience is brought about in this case: one end of a piece of thermal profile is brought into the hands, and the other end is heated with a soldering iron or cooled with ice. The sensation of heat or cold does not reach the opposite end of the thermal profile. To reduce heat loss in the LSTC profile, additional perforation is made.

Construction technology - LSTK

LSTC perforated profile has a reduced heat transfer coefficient

  • Walls are thin and fragile.

Thin walls create the false impression that the house will be cold or unstable to strong winds. Or that the frame of the house will not withstand heavy exterior trim. However, it is not.This proved the exploitation of houses built on LSTC technology in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and other northern regions of Russia. And how warm are the houses from LSTK; the responses of the owners speak only about the positive aspects.

The profile is very durable; you only need to accurately calculate the load and draw the project of the house. And the exterior of the house can be absolutely anyone - from siding and a blockhouse, to the lining of the house with brick or artificial stone.

At the same time, thin walls are rather a plus of technology - they save meters of internal volume at home.

  • Inside the house is bad with a mobile connection.

Metal in houses built according to LSTC technology is even smaller than in monolithic houses that use fittings. So no problems with mobile communications will not create a house from LSTK.

  • Design complexity.

It seems to many, especially when they first meet with such a design that it is difficult and time consuming to assemble. However, in reality this is not the case.

  • The impossibility of embedding furniture.

It is considered that in such houses it is problematic to hang shelves, cabinets or put a built-in cabinet. These restrictions are associated with plasterboard walls.

Construction technology - LSTK

Since the frame has a certain shape, with built-in furniture there can be difficulties

Solution: you need to think in advance about the layout of the house and place taking into account mounts on the wall. In these places, transverse platforms made of boards are installed in advance, or fibrolite plates are used instead of drywall.

  • Flammable.

The metal does not burn. The test report shows the second degree of fire resistance of houses from LSTK. Much will depend on what will be done to finish the walls, floor, ceiling, as well as what will be filled profile - insulation is better to take non-combustible.

There is also an opinion that due to strong heat during a fire, the LSTC design will not stand, melt and fold. It is important to bear in mind that houses from LSTC are fireproof in the case of using a thermal profile.

  • The only, in our opinion, reasonable downside can be that not all projects can be implemented from LSTC.

This minus is rather related to the limitations of the technology and is that unsupported ceilings can not exceed 6.5 meters, the height of the wall can not be more than 4.5 meters, and farm limit is 12 meters. If you wish, of course, you can increase the size, but at the same time the metal intensity of the project will increase greatly, and hence the price.

Construction technology - LSTK

The possibility of implementing some projects should be clarified with the specialists

Review the owner of the LSTC building about the construction in the video:

Where you can see the house LSTC

At the exhibition "Low-Rise Country" you can see the finished house, built on LSTK frame technology. Specialists of the construction company will show you the house and answer all your questions, so that you can make a decision on the feasibility of building an LSTC cottage on your site.


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