projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

Houses from profiled timber have been occupying one of the main niches on the market for modern low-rise construction for several years. What you need to know about the construction of houses from this material? What are the features of design and implementation? All this is discussed in the article.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

Modern house from a profiled bar

Projects of wooden houses from a bar and their varieties

Manufacturers and architects have developed An infinite number of projects for every taste. Having chosen the one you like, future homeowners will promptly proceed to its implementation. Appeals in this case are appeals to specialists who are ready to build a house on a turnkey basis or under shrinkage.

If the customer doesn’t like the already existing standard projects, then for him the designers of architectural bureaus make changes or create a completely new project.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

Typical design of a house from a profiled bar

Turnkey wooden house

This is a house from a bar in which possible settlement immediately after delivery. This building, erected on a foundation and defended the required period of shrinkage. After a natural shrinkage period, the company does all the extra work:

  • conducts communications inside the house (hot and cold water supply, sewage, electrical, heating, etc.);
  • installs windows and doors.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

House from prof. turnkey timber

Houses for shrinkage

This is a finished house, built on the foundation. Do not insert doors and windows into it, since the period of shrinkage (drying) of logs is still ahead. Such a house is being built very quickly. The period of drying the tree takes about 6-9 months.

Typology from the point of view of design

It is obvious that the projects are created not only different in size and height, but also different in design terms. So, wooden houses are distinguished:

  1. In the modern style there are medium-sized projects, usually in two floors. In such projects, a spacious terrace is calculated immediately.
  2. In classical style - standard forms, triangular roofs, a small terrace, classic bay window is possible.
  3. In high-tech style, projects of rectangular houses. Mostly double-decker. Projects usually include at least two balconies. A lot of space is given to panoramic windows.
  4. Country house in the style of a chalet - projects of spacious houses, often one-story with a triangular roof. The tree is left mostly intact, without finishing.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

Chalet-style house project

Bar project implementation technologies allow designing a dream house in any style without problems.

Main types of projects

You can buy a ready-made house from a cant and order its construction to be built cheaply or to build a turn-key, using the services of a specializing company for the project. Projects are divided into several types:

  1. Typical. Ready drawings, calculations, layout of rooms inside the building. In such projects of houses from a bar all expenses for material are already counted.
  2. Finalization. Based on the model project, at the request of the customer, modified housing is projected. Adjustments can be made both to the layout of the rooms and to the external parameters of the house.
  3. Customized. When the future owner of the house wants to get a completely unique housing with a personal exterior, draw an individual project of the house from the profiled bar.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

House on an individual project

Each quality project, in addition to drawings, must have a list of recommended materials, as well as a number of visualizations.

The advantages of a house from a bar

Wooden houses from a bar, due to the fact that wood has special properties, are endowed with numerous advantages. Which made them incredibly popular and popular in Russia.

From the general list of advantages, the following are highlighted - the main ones:

  • Eco-friendly housing as a result. Due to the fact that the production of profiled timber does not use chemicals, glue and other additives, housing is built and operated without harm to humans and the environment. During construction only natural material is used.
  • Useful microclimate inside the dwelling. Thanks to the tree's ability to "breathe," the air in the rooms is especially filled with oxygen and a favorable indicator of humidity. This has a positive effect on the health of each tenant.
  • House from prof. The timber perfectly retains heat inside in the cool and winter time and maintains a refreshing coolness on hot days. This is possible due to the high thermal insulation properties of wood.
  • Accommodation is perfectly protected from noise and outside sounds from the yard. Wood is a soundproofing material.
  • The performance characteristics of the timber are great. The house turns out strong and strong, such which will stand many years.Provided that the processing of wood for the purposes of prevention and care is done regularly and correctly, the period of suitability of the erected housing reaches several centuries.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

A small house from prof. bar

There are many directories with projects of houses from the profiled bar. It is possible to order such a house simply by phone or via e-mail. The stages of building a house from a bar are not difficult, but it is better to entrust the construction to professionals. As for the timing, the specialists build the house very quickly.

Whether to order the construction of houses from a turnkey bar?

The sale of houses from a profiled bar is gaining increasing relevance. Today buy a house from prof. timber is possible with a mass of pluses:

  • delivery to any region of the Russian Federation;
  • the cost of the final product is acceptable to an average person;
  • during turnkey construction there is no need to pay to the project a lot of time;
  • ordering materials is easy, and with delivery to the site.

So, building a house from a profiled bar in the Moscow region is now quite common. A timber is the leader of wooden housing.

You can see how such houses are built in this video:

What prices to expect

Naturally, you have to take into account individual parameters for each case. However, we will consider the cost of building houses from timber according to standard designs. So, a house from a profiled bar measuring 8 by 7 meters and an area of ​​83. 2 m 2 , of which living 54. 1 m 2 , will cost (depending on the selected tree size) :

  • Profiled timber 150 * 150 mm - 540000 rub.
  • Profiled bar 145 * 145 mm - 607000 rub.
  • Profiled timber 195 * 195 mm - 778,000 rub.

Construction takes only 40 days.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

House Project 7 by 8

Consider another example of a house from prof. timber and prices that are relevant to it. The total area of ​​this house is 158 square meters. The price, depending on the choice of one of the four options for wood of profiled timber, will be:

  • 145 * 145 - the assembly in the "warm corner" - 1,246,000 rubles.
  • 145 * 145 - assembly into a bowl - 1 432 000 rubles.
  • 195 * 195/145 - assembly in the "warm corner" - 1 505 000 rub.
  • 195 * 195/145 - assembly into a bowl - 1,730,000 rubles.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

The project is a house of 158 sq. M. m

The cost depends on the type of house, its size and additional elements. So, popular models are on the market:

  1. Houses 6 * 6 or 6 * 8.
  2. Houses from a professional bar to 100 sq. M. m.
  3. Houses at a price of up to 500,000 rubles.
  4. Single or two floors.
  5. Country type.
  6. With an attic, terrace and bay window.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

House with a bay window and a terrace

On the websites of construction companies there are usually presented options with prices. Approximate table of the value of the house of prof. timber depending on the size of the house has the following average values:

Parameters of the length and width of the sides of a standard house, in meters Approximate price of a project set of profiled timber, in thousand rubles
6 * 6 From 235
6 * 8 From 310
7 * 10 From 390
8 * 8 From 350
8 * 12 From 430
9 * 9 From 399
10 * 12 From 480
11 * 12 From 500
12 * 12 From 520

So, we can conclude that the price of houses from a profiled bar is their undisputed advantage property, because the house of similar areas of most other materials will cost much more.

Arguments in favor of order

Advantages of timber as a material for the construction of a country house:

  1. High strength.
  2. Fire resistance. Due to the special processing of raw materials in the production process in comparison with other types of building materials from wood, the refractoriness of the timber is much higher.
  3. The size of the timber and its shape are so convenient that both simple and complex ideas of the architect are available for translating with it.
  4. Texture. Lumber does not require finishing at all. Designers often create stylish spaces with untouched walls or with minimal use of finishing materials. And beautiful, and economical.

And again it is worth saying that such houses retain heat very well, which will allow significant savings on heating during the cold season.

Stages and technology of construction of log houses

Construction of houses from prof. timber can be completed in one season. Observing the technology, construction is carried out in several steps:

  1. After the project of a house is selected from a bar, manufacturers organize the delivery of materials to the city of the customer or directly to his site.
  2. By this moment, the 1st stage of construction should be prepared - the foundation for the house or the summer house. Most often set pile-screw, which can be done in 2-3 days. Also applicable: pillar, slab and strip foundations.
  3. When the foundation is ready, walls are made of prof. timber. They are also called the box at home. Each design of prof. the beam is assembled using the “Warm angle” or “Sheep-Paz” technologies. External walls are made of material 90 * 140, 140 * 140 or 190 * 140 mm.
  4. As an insulant, use an intervential one.
  5. When the box is ready, they build a roof for a wooden house.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

Building a house from a profiled bar

The house is ready. If the timber is properly dried and made, then settling is possible immediately without waiting for shrinkage at home.

Characteristic features of the roof for the house of the timber

The roof in a wooden house can be made different. Depends on the wishes of residents and the climatic features of the building site. In the houses of the roof bar can be warm and cold. So at home, equip with insulation or do not use such material in the assembly of the house. According to the form, they are divided into:

  1. Gable - a classic triangular shape, simple installation.
  2. The gable is broken - its slopes are at the top of the construction with a small slope, and from the middle they change it to a steeper one. Suitable for projects with an attic.
  3. Three-Pitch - the design is complicated by additional trusses. It is often installed in Russia.
Important! When deciding what type of roof to use at the facility, you should carefully select the angle of the roof for your house.

The solution should be based on the climate conditions in the area under construction. So, for example:

  • 40-45 degrees made in regions with significant rainfall. In winter, the snow from the roof under this slope will go perfectly.
  • 20-25 degrees are used when the terrain is windy.

When choosing a house project from a profiled bar, it is not recommended to neglect the rules for using the corresponding slopes of ramps for the sake of aesthetic wishes. The reliability of the building is more important.

projects, prices, benefits, construction stages

House project with a gable roof


When buying a project from a reliable company, you can be sure comfort and safety of housing. All projects of houses from such manufacturers are created by several specialists: architects, designers, builders, etc. Before ordering, it is better to carefully study the information and feedback about the company to which it was decided to apply.

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