Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

In a private house, a brick brazier is often preferable to a regular metal one. The article discusses the features of brick braziers, their structural differences that affect the choice of laying pattern, the materials used, the choice of site for construction and the stages of the construction of the stove. After reading the article, it will be easier for you to choose the optimal design of the barbecue, depending on the requirements imposed on it.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Brick barbecue oven - multifunctional construction

No modern country house or summer cottage can do without a barbecue grill. Convenient functional brick constructions, which are a whole complex for cooking meat, fish and vegetables on an open fire, are indispensable for organizing a friendly meeting, a small picnic or emotional get-togethers with friends in the midst of the countryside.

Ordinary metal barbecues can no longer satisfy all the needs for cooking various delicacies on the fire, because they assume the use of only skewers. A brick grill, which is a stationary construction made of refractory materials, comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing, will help to diversify the menu.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Brick grills are not always made in the open air - the construction under the roof can be used in any weather

Brick barbecue, the first impression , basic materials

There is an opinion that barbecue stoves are significantly different from ordinary barbecues. There is no fundamental difference between them, and both devices are designed for cooking food on fire. However, the brazier is a common, primitive device, while a barbecue is a whole complex built of brick, often with walls, roof, chimney, shed. Cooking in such a furnace is possible with the help of both skewers and grids, or even heat-resistant sheets.

At your site, you can order the construction of a simplified model of a brazier that has just walls or a complex structure that resembles a kiln in its functionality.

A barbecue complex is made of refractory bricks that will easily withstand high temperatures and not lose its visual appeal. As a rule, fireclay bricks produced from clay with high thermal properties, to which quartz and graphite ingredients are added, are used. Chamotte brick is often used only to create roaster, chimney, interior walls of furnaces. It is fired according to special technologies, therefore it is well resistant to temperature changes, retains heat for a long time.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Special fire-resistant bricks are used for the construction of furnaces
Note! Fireclay bricks are made not only of standard form , but also blocks with various sizes and a design. This will allow to implement almost any of your project.

For the rest of the barbecue complex it is advisable to purchase a ceramic brick that does not have voids and holes. In addition to high performance properties, it is characterized by high aestheticism, which further excludes the veneering work.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Exterior, not very warm parts of brick barbecue, made from ordinary red brick
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Design features of braziers made of brick

Brazier designs can be found a lot, the appearance of some models sometimes causes delight and surprise. However, the main design features, however, are typical for all barbecue ovens.

A brick stationary brazier consists of of such elements:

  • of the foundation;

  • of the base;

  • side and rear walls;

  • niches for storing firewood;

  • braziers;

  • chimney;

  • canopy.

This is one of the simplest designs that can be added to tabletops, stoves, various niches, sinks, etc.

In addition to the undoubted functionality and utility, barbecue dishes from bricks will look great on your country plot, perfectly fitting the landscape. In addition, having ordered the construction of a barbecue, you can work with him to get a comfortable and picturesque corner for relaxation, which will become a real oasis on your suburban area.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Properly designed brick barbecue dishes will not only become a place for relaxation, but also complement the landscape

where and how to place a brazier out of bricks

As a rule, the landlord decides where to arrange a barbecue place.However, one should be guided not only by one’s desire, but also by the whole set of rules , which must be observed when placing objects with open fire.

  • There should not be fruit or ornamental shrubs , trees, hanging branches, wires near the site for the construction of a brick barbecue , since they can easily catch fire and cause a fire .

  • Mandatory takes into account the location of the structures : houses, barn, garage, bath. They should not be in close proximity to the intended resting place.

  • At the same time as the previous item, you should place the outdoor oven not too far from the kitchen , since you will often need to go for food or dishes.

  • It is desirable to take into account the direction of the prevailing winds in the area, so that smoke and sparks cannot reach neighbors or potentially fire-hazardous places.

  • Place barbecue should be avoided next to the playground , sports complex, swimming pool.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

The ideal option, from the point of view of security, is a completely closed construction
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Brick barbecues, how to choose a suitable project

Since street brick stoves and barbecues are not capital buildings, their choice and construction are not too stringent. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of technical parameters, trying to focus not on the beauty and attractiveness of the model or its saturation with various functions and devices. The outdoor stove must be functional, comfortable, must solve the tasks and fit into the design of the site.

Today there are a huge number of barbecue projects, such as corner models, with a roof and chimney, with a gazebo, a cauldron, a smokehouse, a hood. At the request of the customer, such a complex can be equipped with a hob, sink. Such complex projects should be carried out by specialists, since even a simple brick grill with a very simple construction requires laying the foundation with a depth of 50-70 cm, not to mention complex complex models. Each of these projects should be well thought out, weighed and worked out so that you do not pay extra money.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Any brick stove is a rather heavy structure for which you need a foundation

Construction stages of a brazier made of brick

When ordering a construction service of a barbecue complex made of bricks, it is necessary to consider that the basis of the building is the supporting walls with a brazier and a place for storing firewood. If desired, additional extensions can be built on the sides of the central structure: worktop, smokehouse, Russian stove, hob, tandoor, sink.

  • The very first stage: development of the design of the project for which the furnace dimensions and the brick laying method (order), which guides the master stove-setter when installing walls, are selected.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

The order of the barbecue oven shows how, where and how much it is necessary to put bricks
  • One of the most important issues is determining the place for a barbecue oven . Most often, the owners of suburban areas prefer not just a stand-alone structure, but a whole recreation area with a rammed platform, a gazebo and a convenient, safe place to install the stove.

  • The purchase of building materials must be entrusted to specialists, since the barbecue oven will need various types of bricks, fire-resistant and facing, clay to bond bricks, durable fittings, necessary fittings, including in itself corners, pallets, lattices for coal and cooking, and also, various devices facilitating work with a brazier.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Exterior walls are only the visible part of the furnace, which actually consists of a set of
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  • The next stage of construction - site preparation for the brazier and installation of the foundation . The quality and durability of the structure will depend on the quality of the foundation. Therefore, preparatory and excavation work should be given special attention. After installation of the foundation, it is necessary to let it "settle", starting the next stage of work only after a few days.

  • The next step is brick laying . As a rule, masters are guided in this process, especially for large and complex complexes, by drawing-orders, which indicate in what sequence and how the brickwork is made.

You can see the whole process of the furnace construction in the video:

  • The most important stage of work is masonry brazier . It is advisable for her to use the most heat-resistant brick (chamotte). For the construction of the rest of the structure, ceramic or clinker bricks are used.

  • If necessary, a canopy, a chimney is made, an extractor hood is mounted, a sink with the necessary communications connected.

  • The final stage is decorative trim . It is necessary in the case when the construction was used draft brick, and you want to elevate the appearance. The decoration can be made with the help of artificial and natural stone, ceramic granite, facing tiles, terracotta.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

Stone trim is a classic that always looks just great

Which brick to choose and how much necessary for the construction of a barbecue complex

Before the start of construction work, it is necessary to calculate the number of bricks that will be used in the installation of the outdoor stove. This parameter depends only on which model you choose, simple, with a minimum of functions or a whole complex.

The order drawings, which are developed together with the design project, will be of great help in this. These drawings indicate how many bricks, what brand and in what sequence will be installed during laying. Standard brick block sizes are 25x12x6.5 cm, so based on these data and the size of the future structure, it is easy to make a fairly accurate calculation.

Outdoor BBQ oven: diagrams, drawings, stages of work

In order, the number of bricks will be accurately known even for a furnace of complex shape

Safety rules for the operation of a brick brazier

Since a brick brazier stove is an object of increased fire hazard, its operation should be guided by certain rules.

  • It is prohibited to use gasoline or kerosene when igniting . Well-dried firewood will burn perfectly and without flammable liquids. If the firewood does not flare up well, it is recommended to use special mixtures.

  • The ignition compositions are not intended for impregnating firewood, they can only be sprayed on the surface.

  • In the immediate vicinity of the place of cooking there should be no dry grass , climbing plants, bushes.

  • When cooking, you must use special tools , tongs with a long handle, a poker.

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The brick brazier will become a place where the whole family will be happy to gather for rest and cooking delicious and very tasty dishes. And your friends will appreciate the functional and aesthetic properties of the building, especially if everything is done with high professionalism and according to your wishes.


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