work price per square meter

The article provides information on how to properly order the repair of the roof of a private house. You will receive information on prices for basic procedures performed during the roof repair process. This will help to order the optimal and reliable repair of the roof of your house, so that after work the roof will get a beautiful appearance and become more functional and durable.

work price per square meter

Preventive repair of the roof should be carried out to avoid serious problems

Why you should not postpone repair of the roof

It is very important to perform the procedures for the reconstruction of the old roof in time. This is due to the fact that if a large amount of moisture gets under the roof covering, the roof system will start to rot. Insulation, soaking, becomes more conductive. Therefore, the house will be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Pay attention to the fact that if you take a long time to repair the roof, then you will have to spend much more money to carry out major repairs.

If you order the repair of your roof from a professional on time, they will quickly and reliably complete all construction work. Now she will sparkle with new colors and will regain her properties.

work price per square meter

Replacing a small section of the roof will cost less than replacing the entire roof

Specialized repair companies are always ready to help you with this. business All you have to do is call and call home professionals. They will make all the necessary measurements and evaluate the state of the system. Repair of the roof of a private house price for work directly depends on this stage.

Important! If you turn to roofing professionals, all defects and faults in your roof will be tracked and fixed. After all, people who are engaged in roof repair every day know well the weak points of various types of roofing and structures.

How much does it cost to repair the roof of a private house

Let's see what the price is for the work on repairing the roof of a roof of a private house. For a start it is worth noting that this item depends on a large number of factors, such as the complexity of the roof, the number of ramps, the type of roofing material. It is necessary to choose a repair that will not only be the most economical, but will also meet all the necessary requirements for the quality of the roof. So, take a look at the basic price offers.

work price per square meter

Relying only on the price, you should not forget about the quality of work
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The slate roof and the roof of the folded surface

Installation of the folded panels on the dual-ply roof will cost 448 rubles m 2 . Installation of the same materials on the roof with a complex truss system will cost 627 rubles per square meter.

The running meter of a junction to a wall or chimney costs an average of 420 rubles for a roof with two slopes and 550 rubles for a complex roof. Install a drip meter on the junction will cost 140 rubles. Experts will install you drains at 420 rubles per meter. But this is for a dual-slope roof, for a complex installation it will be released at 550 rubles.

The device of the end costs about 400 rubles per square meter. End strips attach you to 280 rubles per square meter. The same price was established for the installation of eaves slats.

work price per square meter

The slate roof is not always required to be completely replaced; it is enough to renew the damaged section.

Metal roof

Now the metal roof . Such repair will not only be more economical and faster, but also cheaper. So, installation of a square meter of metal tiles costs about 190 rubles. The running meter of junction to the wall will be priced at 280 rubles. The same cost was established on the arrangement of the valleys. Installation of end and eaves slats costs 220 rubles per meter. The cost of mounting kapelnik will be 140 rubles per square meter. You may notice that installing a metal roof is more profitable. Therefore now the metal tile and a professional flooring gets the increasing popularity.

work price per square meter

The roof of metal tile is less in need of repair.

It will be quite expensive to install ceramic tiles. This process requires qualifications and special experience. It is worth laying a square meter of such material costs 500 rubles.

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Soft roof

Next, soft roof. Shingles come into use and is popular in the modern world. After all, it is practical, durable, and also has a price that matches the quality.

So, laying a soft tile costs 220 rubles per square meter for a dual-slope roof and 300 rubles for a complex roof. Specialists will lay lining materials in just 40 - 50 rubles per m 2 . They will also equip the junction to the walls and chimneys for 300 rubles. The cost of mounting the eaves or end slats is 220 rubles per meter.

work price per square meter

Repair of a soft roof is most often needed in case of violation of pressure, when moisture begins to erode the layers of the coating

When performing construction and repair work important article is the arrangement of supporting structures. Therefore it is worth considering the prices of such procedures. If you are planning to repair the roof of the roof of a private house, then such information will be useful for you.

Installation of a power plate costs 400-550 rubles per running meter, depending on the type of roof and the complexity of the supporting structure. The running meter of the truss system will cost an average of 600 rubles. Laying a vapor barrier costs 60-70 rubles per square meter. The same price was established for the installation of sparse crates. Insulation set at 90 rubles per m 2 . The square of the draft ceiling will cost you 90 rubles.

Such information will be useful for a person who plans to order a roof repair at home. It includes the main aspects that are important in the work on updating the roofing.

Definition of tasks for the repair of the roof

The average roof is designed for about half a century. After this period, destruction and deformations begin, as well as damage and malfunctions. But It is worth noting that the service life of the roof depends largely on the materials selected during the construction process.

work price per square meter

Before calling the exact cost of the work, builders need to determine damage parameters.

Some types of roofing can remain suitable for 100 years. . However, such nodes as Endov, drains or drips will require constant updating due to the fact that they account for the main load during precipitation. Therefore, the first task in carrying out repairs is to assess the condition of the roof and identify the elements that need to be replaced.

After the condition of the roof has been evaluated, a certain type of repair is selected. Emergency means the complete restoration of all without exception of damaged areas. Maintenance is suitable in the case when most of the roof does not require renovation, and it is enough, for example, to simply apply patches. Overhaul is to dismantle the entire structure and completely replace it with a new one.

work price per square meter

Sometimes it’s enough to repair a roof to patch a small area
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The third task is to determine the price for the work on repairing the roof of a private house. At the planning stage, such a process is of great importance because it gives a direct idea of ​​the financial costs of the work.

Now you just have to contact the construction company, which will take the responsibility for the repair work. After that, the issue of repair will be directly addressed by professionals.

Modern types of roofing

Repairing the roof of the roof of a house is quite a responsible and difficult job, requiring experience and experience. Do it carefully and carefully. In addition, to perform repair work will require a whole set of special equipment for different types of roofing. Choosing materials for the roof, it is necessary to take into account all environmental factors and climatic conditions in the area. Also need to consider the type of construction. Some materials are better suited to repair the roof of a country house, and some, on the contrary, are better combined with technical buildings. Now the market has a large variety of roofing, so there is an opportunity to make a choice in favor of the material that is right for you. It is necessary to choose from such options as:

  • Metal tile

  • Decking

  • Ondulin

  • Shingles

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Roll roofing

work price per square meter

When completely replacing the roof, you can choose a different material to cover the roof.

Of course, before choosing which particular coating to use, you should definitely read with its properties and styling features.

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The process of complete replacement of the roof is shown in the video:


Roof for any construction - This is one of the most important components, which performs many necessary functions. That is why it is very important to correctly and accurately repair the roof and select a new coating, which will be distinguished not only by high performance, but also by good decorative qualities.


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