What risks does unfair competition pose to consumers?

There is competition in any market, and it is this market that moves this market forward. By competing for a potential consumer, companies make their product better, more affordable, and better. Suburban real estate market is not an exception, however, there is unfair competition, which operates by opposite methods.

What risks does unfair competition pose to consumers?

It is regrettable, but a fact - in the case of unfair competition, the interests of the end consumer think last of all

What does such unfair competition

With unfair competition, no one improves the product or moves the market forward. The dishonest companies are trying to denigrate competitors, squeeze them out of the market, or simply stick to their success. And unfortunately, it is difficult for a simple consumer to understand these backstage games and determine which company really deserves respect.

There are two types of unfair competition: reporting inaccurate, more advantageous information about yourself or, conversely, belittling competitors. Both types of competition fall under federal law No. 135 “On the Protection of Competition”, which clearly states that the state pursues any actions aimed at disseminating false or distorted information that can cause financial losses to competing firms or undermine their business reputation.

In addition, the law includes dishonest, custom ratings, incorrect information about its own product, its production and quality, as well as plagiarism of the name of the organization and its trademark.

But even here it should be understood that the law prosecutes only proven actions that are aimed at obtaining those or other market advantages.

What risks does unfair competition pose to consumers?

Examples of unfair competition that are proposed to be pursued at the legislative level

False information about yourself

We are used to that by advertising their product, companies often report only its advantageous properties and do not focus attention on the disadvantages. This is an advertising move known to the consumer. Here we can not talk about deception. But there are cases when companies report inaccurate, better information about a product. Of course, this is done intentionally to promote yourself. And this is a hoax.

For example, in the real estate market this can often be found when it comes to the profitability of a particular location or class of an object. Some developers like to talk on their websites and in telephone conversations not about the true transportation situation, but about the embellished. Almost everywhere driving time to the Moscow Ring Road or even the Kremlin is reported without taking into account traffic jams. And when in Moscow and the region you can make such a trip? That's right - never. In addition, this “ideal” time is often not true.

False information about the product and prices

Inaccurate information may also be contained in the description of the product itself. Thus, Sergey Tsygamenko , President of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Association of House-Building Technologies SIP”, says that very often unfair competition in the market occurs when selling a house from SIP-panels. Construction companies sell such houses under the advertising slogan "House for a Million". However, for a million, a good house cannot be built with this technology.

What risks does unfair competition pose to consumers?

The price of a product or service, which is significantly different from the market average, always means saving on quality

This slogan sells either at home without a floor, or without a ceiling, or without partitions. In short, the client acquires a semi-finished product that will require completion and, consequently, additional funding.

Sometimes, wanting to raise its own status, a company attaches itself to the successes of others, indicating well-known and respected firms as its partners.

In order not to fall for the tricks of such companies and not become a victim of this type of low-quality competition, one must always carefully study the market, product and construction firms. In addition, it is necessary to delve into all the documents, especially in the contract of sale and technical specifications for the house under construction. Experts pay attention to the possibility of attending free seminars, they are conducted by associations, construction companies. At such seminars, they will not only tell you how and what to choose, but also answer questions regarding the construction of a country house.

If it turns out to be worse, then I will seem better ...

Another type of unfair competition is to blacken a competitor. Agree, the path is very easy, especially in a world where information rules, where the opinion about the company spreads with lightning speed thanks not only to the media, but also to modern technologies.

What risks does unfair competition pose to consumers?

The first impression is often the most memorable - the first one to tell about his advantages and / or someone's minuses gets the advantage of

Reviews on the forums

One type of such competition in the real estate market was met by everyone. These are negative reviews on the forums.Of course, there are negative posts about the activities of a company deserved, but not always.

Very often in different forums you can read exactly the same reviews, cursing a certain developer. Sometimes this is done more or less expertly and it is not so easy for an ordinary person to understand that they are being led by the nose. But most often it is clumsy work that is easily revealed. For example, scolding statements can be repeated word for word on all Internet sites. And sometimes these reviews are left by the same person, even without changing their own name.

That is why studying a construction company should read the forums thoughtfully. Always remember about competition, about what to blacken others on the Internet is easy and free, that the temptation to take advantage of them is irresistible for some.

Custom-made publications and reports in the media

But there are companies that use more hidden methods that are not so simple and cost money. For example, it is not a secret that custom-made articles paid for by competitors may appear in the media, where a logical and conclusively interfering company may not be presented in the best light.

What risks does unfair competition pose to consumers?

Crushing a neighbor and sprinkling ashes on the bottom is not always just “black” humor

Not only articles are custom-made TV shows, where the competitor's product will be “exposed” as poor quality or will occupy the bottom lines of some rating. Of course, this deception is difficult to identify for the consumer. Here a lot depends on the construction company itself, which should be interested in its reputation. Such organizations track all information about themselves, see such material and struggle with it. Firstly, they require the publication of a refutation, and secondly, they defend their image in court.

The same method of unfair competition can be attributed to when a rival is said to be poorly veiled, especially about its product. It seems like they do not scold, but diminish. For example, we all remember the advertisement "Kvass is not a stake, drink" Nicola "" or "Any chemistry boycott, drink" Nicola "all year round." Other companies do not swear here, but there is a clear message that Nicola kvass is an order of magnitude better than any other beverage. Also in the market of country houses can be advertising, where one village speaks about its advantage, downplaying other well-known country projects.

Obviously about unfair competition, see the video:

How to get an adequate assessment of the product / service

So, unfair competition is. You should be aware of it when choosing construction firms for the construction of your country house. Composing your own idea of ​​the developer, do it comprehensively, study the information and on the company's website, and in the media, and on forums, as well as on the sites of the tax service and arbitration court. If possible, talk with past customers of companies, see for yourself the already existing products.

Unfortunately, unfair competition will grow in a crisis. Now the suburban market is not the best of times, the demand is small, building materials have increased in price, and the solvency of the remaining potential buyers has decreased. Against this background, not all companies have the opportunity not only to offer the best product at an affordable price, but also to fulfill their previous obligations qualitatively. And here unscrupulous companies can fight for the client, spreading false information about more successful rivals.


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