Support service for the construction of your home

Support service for the construction of your home

For everyone who has time to leave a request before the end of the year (31. 12. 17) - the service will be provided for FREE!

The service includes:

  1. Consultations on the choice of construction technology, project, budget.
  2. Support when choosing a company - checking for debts, ships, reviews (some companies provide tours of the plant)
  3. Supervision of the construction of your house .

The supervision includes:

  1. Assistance in drafting an agreement for construction with a construction company (introduction of guarantees, penalties, SNIPs and GOSTs into the contract, payment terms)
  2. At least 5 visits to the object at each stage of construction
  3. Checking the construction of the house for compliance with design and contractual documentation

If you are interested in this offer - there are three ways to get in touch with us and be one of the first lucky people who will not be sick with nothing and from the site:
- leave request using the form below on this page , or write to us on Facebook / VKontakte.
- write to info @ m-strana. ru . In the subject line, specify "Expert from the exhibition"
- call +74952152051, talk in person with the expert and arrange a meeting.

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Support service for the construction of your home

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Support service for the construction of your home

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Support service for the construction of your home

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Support service for the construction of your home

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Support service for the construction of your home

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