site preparation and installation nuances

The topic of today's article is to install a pool in the country. We will tell you what moments you need to pay attention to when ordering the installation of the pool. Knowing these nuances, you will be able to track the work of masters and will know what to ask when discussing various current issues. But the most important thing is that hack work won't pass by you.

site preparation and installation nuances

The frame pool in the suburban area

We must pay tribute to the manufacturers who attach detailed instructions for assembly and installation to the pool equipment. After reading it, you will in general know how to mount the tank. But it should be noted that these products (inflatable or frame) contain a large amount of water. They are able to withstand a large load without problems, and the pools are designed for this. But everything depends on the small nuances of installation, which affect the quality of the final result and the continuous operation of the hydraulic structure.

And the main requirement is a properly constructed platform for a pool in the country. First, it must be even, free of defects and flaws. Secondly, horizontal. Small deviations are allowed within 2-5 mm per 1 m length. Such stringent requirements are due to the following nuances:

  • defects in the plane on which the pool is installed can lead to rupture of the material under the action of a large load of water poured in;

  • distortion of the structure leads to deformation of the walls.

site preparation and installation nuances

Swimming pool on level ground

Site preparation (site)

Let's start with determine the place of installation. Immediately make a reservation that the place must be chosen once and for all. It should be convenient for the use of the pool itself, as well as to the construction there should be a minimum distance from the sources of water supply and electric power.

Now for the site itself. For many inflatable models there is no need to carry out complex construction operations. For them, it is enough to choose the soil to a depth of 20-30 cm, fill the pit with sieved sand, level and compact the sandy layer. The main thing is that there are no pebbles or other strong granular materials left on the sand. Because even a pebble of gravel with rounded edges (not sharp) causes a rupture of the rubberized material. After all, the pressure of several tons of water to the bottom of the structure is enormous.

site preparation and installation nuances

Inflatable version filled with water
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With frame models, everything is different. Under them need a solid foundation. Therefore, a slab foundation is poured under the pool of this type. This is done in several stages:

  1. Dig a ditch to a depth of 30-40 cm. It should be 30-50 cm larger than the pool on each side.

  2. Level the bottom .

  3. Sand is covered with a thickness of 15-20 cm, which is tamped and leveled.

  4. Lay the polyethylene film as a waterproofing layer . Use a film thickness of 200 microns (0.2 mm), placed in two layers.

  5. Pour concrete solution to the edges of the excavation without installing formwork.

In the formation of the basis for the pool in the country, you can not use a reinforcing frame. Although if the masters put it, then the foundation will only become stronger. Even a plastic mesh with medium-sized cells can be used as the reinforcement cage. If it is decided to apply the mesh, then first pour the concrete with a thickness of 5-10 cm, then lay the mesh, and then pour the foundation completely.

site preparation and installation nuances

A pit covered with sand

Some manufacturers recommend flooring to be constructed of polystyrene foam boards for the pool. If such a requirement is present in the instructions, the insulation is placed on the bottom of the sand pillow, starting from the center, moving to the edges of the structure.

Pay attention to the design of the pool. If it has a sink located in the bottom, then in the process of forming the foundation you need to think of drainage. Usually for this, even at the stage of filling the sand cushion of the master, a plastic pipe 100 mm in diameter is laid. Installation is carried out at an angle to the sewage structure or towards the plantings for their watering.

site preparation and installation nuances

Slab foundations for the pool
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Semi-buried models and structures on the podium

There are non-standard options for the device. To do this, dig a pit to a depth of 1.5 m. The bottom is formed in the same way as in previous cases. It is important to pay attention to the walls of the pit.If the suburban area is sandy, that is soft and mobile, then the walls will have to be strengthened. For this usually use banner material. It is simply placed inside the pit with a call at the edges of the structure, where the material is sprinkled with soil or sand.

site preparation and installation nuances

Semi-depth basin design

The convenience of this design lies in the fact that only a small part of it sticks out of the ground. That is, there is no urgent need to use a ladder or other devices in the form of an elevation. In addition, sand is poured at the edges of the reservoir, creating a kind of beach strip.

As for the podium, most often it is a wooden structure that is assembled flush with the edges of the pool. Let's face it, construction is not easy, but easy to use. If it is right and with fantasy to approach its construction, then a small recreation area can be organized on the podium. In addition, this is a fixed structure that does not require dismantling for the winter.

site preparation and installation nuances

Pool on the podium with a seating area

Installation of the pool

So, with the pool under the pool at the cottage decided . We proceed directly to the installation. Each design has its own way of assembly, because a different type of frame is used. Consider the simplest pool - installation on the top frame strapping and racks.

  1. The pool is spread on the platform , having previously cleaned it of debris and dust. The main thing - to collect pebbles and other granular objects.

  2. Close the plug with the drain hole.

  3. Connect the pump through hoses and nozzle.

  4. The inner planes of the tank are better cleaned of dust . If the pool design includes a circulation pump with filter elements , then it is not necessary to wash the tank. All contamination will remain with the circulation of water inside the filters.

  5. Set the upper trim element . These are usually pipes made of metal or plastic, which are interconnected by special tees.

  6. Under these tees they install racks from the same pipe, the lower end of which is closed with a cap in the form of a wide support.

  7. The pump is turned on, the pool is filled with .

The simplest construction is shown in the video:

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Conclusion on the topic

When installing a frame pool, assembling the tank and preparing the site for it are equivalent stages of work, the quality of which determines the comfort of using the whole structure. As practice shows, many are trying to save on such an important component of the future basin, as a competent arrangement of the surface under it. Take this stage seriously. Or look at the proposals from manufacturers who offer products for which it is not necessary to construct pits with sand or concrete structures of slab type. It is enough that there were no stones and other small objects on the site.

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