price and expense calculation

The article contains information for the developer who wants to know what MP 20 professional flooring is: the characteristics of material marking, what it is made of, advantages over other types of roofing. Which sheet thickness is better to choose on the roof and on the fence. The calculation of the material consumption, the approximate cost. It also explains why galvanizing without a polymer coating is relatively inexpensive.

price and expense calculation

MP-20 Professional Sheet

Characteristic of MP-20 Professional Sheet

You can find the same materials in stores with different markings, for example: MP 20 and C 20 professional sheets. The profiled steel for construction is different only by the manufacturer. The letters MP mean - Metal Profile, an enterprise located in the city of Lobnya, Moscow Region. All other plants mark their products with the letter "C" and the corresponding numbers. The profile is made according to the same technology, it meets the requirements of the Technical Specifications - technical specifications common throughout the country.

A profiled sheet is made by cold deformation, which strengthens the metal. To protect against corrosion and damage, the entire surface is coated with hot zinc. A decorative polyester film is applied from above only on the front side - A, or both planes - AB.

A sheet with a width of 1150 mm has a profile with 8 recesses in the form of trapezoids along which water flows. At the same time, they are stiffening ribs giving the sheet strength. Extreme bends are designed to overlap profile overlap. Professional sheet for the roof of the MP 20 is calculated by the useful width - 1100 mm.

price and expense calculation

The shape and main dimensions of the profiled sheet coated with polyester "chocolate" are shown in the photo

The profiled sheet of the MP-20 brand is produced different thickness, from 0.35 mm to 0.8 mm. Standard polyester coating is made on one side. Both leaf surfaces are laminated to order.

Price and calculation of professional sheet consumption

In shops for MP 20 professional flooring the price is usually indicated per 1 sq. M. You can calculate the amount of flooring by measuring the roof area or the length and height of the fence. With a useful width of 1100 mm, the length of 1 square meter is 87 cm, respectively, in one running meter 1.1 square meter.

On your own you can only roughly determine the consumption of material and its cost. It is necessary to consider cutting. The length of the roof is not a multiple of the width of the profile and will have to add. On chetyrehskatnyh and with a complex configuration of the roofs underlay kerchiefs is done in place. To determine the number of sheets and their sizes need a professional.

Depending on the thickness, for MP sheet 20, the price varies from 240 to 550 rub / sq.

When buying, you need to know not only the total amount of material, but also the exact length of each sheet. The profile is difficult to cut off with just the usual tool. Cutting is done on special scissors in the size of 0.5 - 12 m.

price and expense calculation

The order is placed in a list, indicating the required number of sheets of each size
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Use of MP-20 professional flooring

Profiled steel has a wide use in construction, it is used in the following qualities:

  • facing for facades;

  • as roofing material;

  • canvas for the fence;

  • wall floors in non-residential buildings.

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication depends on the thickness of the sheet. For cladding the facade using thin profiles of 0.35 mm and 0.4 mm. They do not carry any load and must have a minimum weight.

If you need to buy MP 20 professional flooring for the roof, choose sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm and 0.55 mm. They are strong enough to withstand the load of snow, rainwater flows.

A fence with a vertical profile and racks at a distance of one sheet width will be sufficiently strong from 0.4 rolled. If you need increased protection from the penetration of outsiders into the yard, and the height of the fence exceeds 2.2 m, you should choose a sheet with a thickness of 0.6 mm. Given the location on the street, should be ordered profiled with double-sided coating.

price and expense calculation

A thick profile is used for floors, in the construction of walls of industrial buildings
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MP 20 profiled sheeting can be purchased for both construction work and roof repair. In any case, the following material characteristics are taken into account:

  • resistant to moisture;

  • not lit and not afraid of fire;

  • looks beautiful;

  • durable .

Given the size of the professional sheet, the professional team will cover the roof in 2 - 3 days.Fragile slate will have to be laid for a week.

The lifetime of a MP-20 series professional sheet is 50 years.

Features galvanized profile

Budget option, suitable for covering the cover of the garage or utility room - galvanized profile with a thin coating.

price and expense calculation

It can be purchased at a price of 230 rub / sq. M.

The size of the professional galvanized sheet standard for the MP-20 series. Width - "a" in the photo, 1150 mm, length - L is cut to order, sheets up to 12 m.

Without protective lamination, zinc begins to crumble in 6-8 years. In addition, its evaporation is harmful to health, so galvanized in residential buildings is not recommended.

In the video, you can see the characteristics of the MP-20 Professional List:

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The professional sheet of the MP-20 series in many cases will be the optimal choice as a roof covering. The main thing is to understand exactly the conditions under which the material will be operated, then you can accurately select the required characteristics.

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