price per square meter in Moscow

Today we will tell what the cost of the work on the roof insulation of the mineral wool is made of. With this information, you will become savvy in the issue of roof insulation material. When contacting a construction company for this service, you will be able to understand whether you are being offered a real price or are trying to impose an extra price. This will optimize the cost of refurbishing or repairing the roof.

price per square meter in Moscow

Laying mineral insulation - developed and standardized technology

What influences the price

For roof insulation the price is square meter is determined by several main factors - the material used, its quantity, the list of works (laying in one or two layers, the presence of pre-finishing and finishing finishing operations, etc.).

What happens mineral wool

When deciding to insulate the roof with mineral wool, it should be understood that the following materials are combined under this term in modern construction:

  • slag (the cheapest material, for residential housing now almost never sold),

  • glass wool (price from 1000 to 2000 rubles. Per cubic meter);

  • stone (basalt) wool (price from 3,500 to 7,000 rubles per cubic meter).

Slag wool is made of blast furnace slags and is generally not used for warming residential and country roofs. Today, it is mainly used in industrial construction due to its low price and good thermal and sound insulation properties. Therefore, for the insulation of homes usually use stone wool or glass wool.

price per square meter in Moscow

Warming of the roof with glass wool should be done in a respirator and gloves, this will protect the lungs and hands

Since glass wool has an increased fragility at It is necessary to be extremely careful when working with it so as not to injure the mucous membranes and skin. A respirator is required to protect the lungs.

The amount of material and the complexity of the work

How much a roof insulation will cost will be influenced not only by the selected material (slag wool, glass wool, stone wool), but also by its specific brand and modification. Therefore, when choosing a heater model, you should focus on those models that are designed specifically for roof insulation. And even better for a specific type of roof and region (climatic features). This optimizes the cost of warming the roof from the inside of the mineral wool. The price of work in this case will be minimal, so a specialized heater is the minimum of the main and auxiliary materials and less difficulties for installers.

price per square meter in Moscow

Properly selected fiber insulation will save money and provide optimal parameters.
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The amount of material per square meter will affect not only the cost of the heater itself, but also the complexity of the installation of slabs or rolls of mineral wool. For the installation of thermal insulation with a thickness of 100 mm 100 rubles per square meter - the average market value of insulation of the roof with mineral wool. The price for the work will increase to 150-200 rubles, if you need a insulation thickness of 150-200 mm. Why in the second case is it more expensive to insulate the roof from the inside? The price for work for this case is determined by labor costs, and there will be more of them, since it will be necessary to nail several layers of mineral insulation.

In addition, how much it costs to insulate the roof directly affects its shape. The simpler it is, the less the cost of work The most inexpensive in terms of installation of insulation is flat roofs, then in ascending order go sloping, dual slope, chetyrehskatnye (including hip varieties) and roofs with a complex configuration.

price per square meter in Moscow

The more complex the shape of the roof, the more expensive it will have to pay for the installation of the insulation of their mineral wool

The technology of thermal insulation of the roof with mineral wool includes the following operations:

  • arrangement of frame and sheathing for rolls or insulation boards;

  • installation of vapor barrier , the price of vapor barrier membranes is about 15-20 rubles. per square meter;

  • mechanical fixing of plates or rolls of mineral wool using screws or nails.

  • laying another layer of vapor barrier membrane on top of mineral wool;

  • pre-finishing and finishing finishing .

In this connection, planning the cost of thermal insulation, in addition to the cost of mineral wool and the price of its installation, it is necessary to provide for the cost of a vapor barrier film (about 40 rubles per square meter) and payment for work on the device frame and crates.For this you need to pay about 100 rubles per square meter, if you have your own material and about 170-200 rubles, if it is lumber from a construction company.

price per square meter in Moscow

For laying glass or stone wool, you need to spend money on the frame and the
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Finishing of the interior under the roof (plastering, plasterboard finishing with painting, clapboard, etc.) should be ordered from the same company that did the insulation work. Its cost will be determined by technology and selected materials.

What should be considered when designing roof insulation is shown in the following video:

Advantages of insulation with mineral wool

Main advantages of insulation with the use of mineral wool are:

  • high fire safety and the creation of a fire barrier due to the incombustibility of mineral wool;

  • low cost both of the material itself and of the work on its installation (even taking into account auxiliary elements);

  • excellent parameters for sound insulation and heat insulation;

  • absence is difficult Stages when installing ;

  • environmental safety;

  • long time operation;

  • lack of interest in insulation in insects and rodents .

price per square meter in Moscow

Appealing to professionals will provide the desired result for a relatively small cost
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General conclusion

Payment for work on the arrangement of roof insulation using glass wool or basalt wool does not require significant funds. This is due to the simple installation of rolls or slabs of mineral wool. Therefore, it is not necessary to save and do everything yourself, if this heater is already selected. Professionals will do all this faster, better and will help you choose the most optimal model of mineral wool, which takes into account climatic and architectural factors.

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