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A block container is a squared metal or wooden box with a flat roof. It has a door and windows and can be welded or transformable (collapsible). From collapsible blocks, by combining them, buildings of various quadrature and complexity are created. More recently, modular buildings were considered exclusively temporary structures that can serve as cabins, warehouses or non-residential buildings - shops, offices, etc. But lately, country houses are increasingly being built from a block of containers designed for seasonal recreation or year-round living. What can be a modular home: photos and descriptions of examples in our article.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

House of containers for year-round use

Use cases unit of containers

The container is a metal or wooden frame with a crate for thermal insulation of wooden beams around the perimeter. Structures from containers are characterized by a high level of thermal insulation, durability and reliability. Of them erect:

  • trade pavilions;

  • stalls;

  • houses on tourist bases;

  • cottages for year-round living;

  • country houses;

  • production buildings;

  • warehouses;

  • modular offices;

  • workshops;

  • security posts.

This is not a complete list. In fact, the modular technology is suitable for the construction of any low-rise structures. Containers are sold fortified and insulated, with communications originally laid in them. All this allows you to receive buildings of any purpose at the minimum cost of time and money.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Block container for building houses

Construction features

Modular homes are assembled as a children's designer. Each block of container is an element of the overall structure of the building, which is fully completed by the manufacturer. At the construction site, the modules prepared according to the project are interconnected. The process of building a modular structure consists of several stages:

  • construction of the foundation;

  • delivery of containers to the site;

  • installation of containers on the foundation;

  • connection of containers according to the scheme;

  • connection of communications.

The building is assembled using established technology and does not take much time. If you use modules with exterior and interior decoration, after the cottage is assembled, you can move into it. But often developers use containers without decorative finishes. This allows you to choose facing materials to your taste.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Building a house from a container block

A year-round cottage or summer cottage can consist of a different number of modules. There are many options for combining containers. In addition, the building of the modules can be supplemented with a frame extension, or, for example, a traditional attic roof. With the help of cladding, you can "disguise" the building under construction from any building material. From the modules you can build a very stylish and solid cottage, looking at which no one would think that this is a pre-fabricated transportation building from containers. A variety of options for modular cottages provided by the variability of combining containers.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Compact modular house

Pros and cons

Modular construction is a new direction in modern low-rise construction. Like any other technology of construction of architectural structures, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


The main advantage of modular cottages is the speed of assembly. In just a few days the house can be installed and prepared for the introduction. The blocks are made airtight, so they can be installed at any time of the year and in any weather. Since containers are delivered immediately with windows and doors and communication lines, the process of preparing for the installation is reduced and simplified as much as possible.

Another important advantage is the ability to complete the building by adding new modules. You can attach it both horizontally and vertically - setting the container on top, the second level.

The most attractive for private developers, plus, is the low cost of modular buildings. Containers can be delivered and assembled using simple and inexpensive rental equipment. These processes are often assumed by container manufacturers.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Transporting a block of containers
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of modular houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Despite the simple form of the containers, with a competent combination of them, the architects design very spectacular modern cottages. The most original and attractive are modular homes in a modern style. But if the future homeowner loves the classical architecture more, he can choose the design of a container dwelling with a traditional gable roof. In this case, the building takes on the appearance of an ordinary country house, which harmoniously fits into any environment.


The main disadvantage is that the factory units do not retain heat well enough. For construction in the southern regions it does not matter. But when building a modular house in the suburbs, attention should be paid to additional weatherization of containers. The fact is that modular buildings are still mostly temporary or summer. However, some manufacturers today produce warmer containers that are quite suitable for the construction of permanent housing. How much will such a warm house from containers cost? Projects and prices for them can be found on manufacturers' websites. But on average it will cost 2 million rubles.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Modular cottage container

Containers made by unscrupulous manufacturers have many drawbacks. They are unreliable, poorly insulated, and materials used as insulation and interior decoration may be unsafe for human health. Therefore it is necessary with great care to choose a company in which modules for the cottage will be purchased. It’s better to do this together with an experienced specialist, he will at least begin by showing and telling how a container house, photo and projects can be, and the specialist’s prices for them always correspond to the present time.

The cost of construction consists of two components - the price of the modules themselves and the cost of their delivery. If the container manufacturing enterprise is located too far from the place where the house needs to be built, then in general, the amount will be too large. This is rather not a minus, but a feature of modular construction. If there is no enterprise for manufacturing quality containers in the vicinity, it becomes not economically viable.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Module loading with a manipulator
On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building modular houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".


The appearance and the interior of the cottage for permanent residence are subject to rather high requirements. Unlike country houses and temporary buildings, it should look solid and attractive. Containers are usually sheathed outside with a galvanized metal sheet, and inside with clapboard or plywood. These coatings are covered with more aesthetic decorative materials.

The facades of modular houses can be decorated using ordinary painting. But in order to give the building a respectable appearance, panel facial materials are used. If you wish, you can even veneer a modular house with brick or decorative stone, but this solution needs to be calculated even at the design stage of the foundation, as facing brick or stone will make the house much harder.

Decorative panels are also often used for interior decoration. If you want to get a smooth surface, you can decorate the interior with plaster, paint or wallpaper.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Interior decoration of the house from the container block

Types of modules

As modules for building a house you can use:

  • module with steel frame;

  • wooden frame module;

  • shipping container.

The last option with a sea container is relevant only in regions where you can cheaply buy and deliver used containers for transporting goods by sea. Such a container has only a skeleton, and all the filling, including insulating materials and materials, and the covering should be laid independently, and this requires qualified specialists.

When choosing between a container with a wooden and metal frame, you need to take into account the peculiarities of their use. Metal modules retain heat well. They make real thermos-houses. But in order for such a house to form a comfortable microclimate, it is necessary to think out a good and expensive ventilation system. Houses made of wooden containers do not need extra efficient ventilation, but when building them you need to pay more attention to insulation.

By the size of the block, containers are divided into standard sizes. Their length can be 3000, 6000, 9000 or 12000 mm. In width, they are 2500 mm or 3000 mm. The height of different manufacturers may vary, but in any case it must be at least 2400 mm.It is worth noting that not all container manufacturing companies strictly adhere to standards, but the proportions of the modules are approximately the same for all.

You can clearly see the block containers in the video:

9 and 12 meter long containers are quite expensive, and they are also inconvenient in transportation. Therefore, modules with a length of 3 or 6 meters are most often used.

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Modular construction in Moscow

Residents of Moscow and its suburbs have very wide possibilities in the construction of container cottages. On the territory of the capital there are various companies for the design, manufacture, assembly and installation of modular homes.

In the suburbs of Moscow, modular houses from the container block become more and more every year. Most often it is summer cottages that do not require additional insulation. But the big cottages are also being actively built. With proper design and high-quality construction, very stylish and comfortable buildings are obtained.

Currently, Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region can acquire modern beautiful cottages for the price of 1 000 000 rubles. For this amount, the customer receives a fully finished cottage with high-quality planning and stylish design. Prepared for the introduction of the house from a block of containers, the projects and prices of which are immediately indicated by the construction company - this is an ideal way to quickly and cost-effectively build comfortable housing.

More about modular homes for permanent residence in the following video:

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Project Options

The design of a modular home is tied to the parameters of the containers. This complicates the task of the architect. However, if an experienced professional takes on the job, he can create such a modular cottage, in the planning of which there will be no flaws.

A house from one block-container

A dwelling consisting of one block of a container can hold everything you need to live. Spacious can not be called, but if necessary, get a compact and economical house, this is the most appropriate option.

A standard medium-sized container fits a full bathroom, kitchen area and bedroom. This type of housing is ideal for the construction of budget hotels and hostels.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

Project of a house from one container

House of two block containers

By combining two containers, more spacious houses that are quite comparable in size with city apartments. In addition to the bathroom and the bedroom, such housing has a comfortable kitchen-living room. If you install 2 containers parallel to each other at a distance of 3-4 meters, and build up the void as a frame structure, you can get a pretty solid cottage.

Modern architects are designing rather unusual modular houses from two units of containers. 2 containers can be combined in the original way. For example, they can be put one on another. But in this case, you need to use large modules. Another option is to combine the modules with a small vertical offset.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

House of two containers

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

House of two containers and a skeleton frame

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

A house of 2 displaced containers
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House of three block-containers

Three containers are enough to build a standard-sized cottage. If you make a frame living room in the center, you get a cottage with a comfortable layout and expressive exterior.

projects and prices, construction features and benefits, photos

House of three containers

House of four block containers

The four-block cottage can already be called a solid dwelling increased comfort. It can be one-story or two-story. Combine blocks can be a variety of ways. Most often they are lined up in one row, resulting in a square building in the plan.

What a house of four container blocks looks like, see the video:

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Modular construction technology has recently been applied in the construction of low-rise housing. Therefore, many private developers refer to it with a certain apprehension. However, the most courageous experimenters around the world have for many years been constructing modular houses from containers and proving their reliability, durability and practicality.


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